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Hello World!


I’m Just Average Teen Me. This is my very first blog post so I might not be very entertaining. I’ll try to improve on that in other posts. Anyways, this blog is going to be anonymous. For privacy reasons. I started blogging today because I feel like I need someone to talk to. But not someone that I really know. A way of making friends without knowing much about them. I don’t know. It just sounds exciting for me. I will give some details about me in future posts but nothing so obvious that you could tell who I am.

Soooooo….. Um…. Well… I guess this can be the end of my very first blog post. Leave any suggestions of what you would like to see me blog about soon and I will try to blog about whatever that may be. Thanks for reading… If anyone has. 🙂

Bye xoxoxoxoxox

-Just Average Teen Me 🙂