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Who I Am And Why I’m Here


I’m Just Average Teen Me! As you may already know, there is a blogging u / blogging101 going on here on WordPress. And since I’m a new blogger, I thought this would be a good chance to improve my blog and get it on track. Maybe even gain a few followers! Anyways blogging101 send you a blog to complete within the day (you don’t have to do every one of them but I thing I’m going to give them all a go)! And today’s blog is a ‘Who am I and Why I’m here’. I know I’ve already done somekind of post like this already (It was my first one – Hello World) but let’s face it. That wasn’t the best. So today I thought I’d re-try this blog post to give you some insight on why I started Just Average Teen Me.

First of all, if you don’t know me, I’m Just Average Teen Me, a teen blogger living in the UK. If you would like to know some random facts about me, you could go check out my previous blog post – 10 Facts about Me. So, I started this blog because I thought I needed to get my thoughts out, being totally myself, without the fear that someone I know would find it and judge me…. That’s why this blog is anonymous.  And, the thought of writing in a diary is pointless to me. You write words, maybe to be looked back on, that will never get a response. Unless you’re like Anne Frank and get it published all over the word. But I’m not Anne Frank. So….. I decided to start a blog. Also, because I don’t have too much to do during this summer holidays.

In this blog, I will be blogging about personal life things, maybe a few blogs featuring some of my favourite things. But mostly girly things, thoughts and problems. So if you’re looking for someone to update you on the latest football scores – you couldn’t have come to a more useless blog 🙂 . But if you’re a teenage girl who likes to chat, you have definitely come to the right blog.

Via my blog, I would love to connect with other bloggers – and viewers – from all around the world. Like a little community with people from all around the world in this teeny, tiny part of the HUGE internet 🙂 . So far, I have had views from the UK (that’s where most of my views come from), USA and the Philippines. I never thought that I would get any views outside of the UK (let alone IN the UK…..), but the thought of having friends from all around the world is just so exciting, I can’t help but smile thinking about it!

If I keep my blog for the next year, I would like to reach 30 followers, and 100 views. Most of all, I want to have developed a friendly community for teen girls (or other people) to chat and share our thoughts with each other. I think we can do it! Especially now that I’ve started blogging 101. By the way, It lasts until the end of August and I won’t be posting at weekends…. I don’t think….

Anyways thank you so much for reading this far, Sorry it’s a bit lengthy but…. At least it’s better than my original ‘Hello World’

Bye!! 🙂 xxx

-Just Average Teen Me