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I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today’s blogging 101 challenge was to use prompts. Here is the link to mine. Anyways, the prompt was to do with heroes. And who my hero was when I was little…

Obviously besides Cinderella (Seriously, who didn’t DOESN’T want to meet a Prince Charming and become a Princess??), my hero when I was little, was probably my parents. He was strong, and could lift the whole toybox! And he always had interesting stories from when he was younger.

When I was little, probably around 5, I saw my parents as superheroes, I thought they could do anything. They were taller than me – much taller. And stronger, like the hulk. Faster like Spider-Man. And very clever like Mr Fantastic! Obviously they didn’t have superhuman powers or anything – I think I’d be scared if they did! But, to 5 year old me, they pretty much did!

Nowadays, I wouldn’t really say I have a hero…. Just sort of look up to people. Like Lea Michele (she was in the whole of glee) who stayed strong in difficult situations despite lots of media attention, anyone who always is kind and nice to people (Jeez this sounds really cheesy… Sorry about that 🙂 ) and my Aunty. She’s a doctor, and if you have read my Bucket List blog then you’ll know that I too want to be a doctor.

Thank you for reading! This post may have been a little boring, the prompts were actually quite difficult to spark an idea but this one seemed the most interesting…. Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog (thanks if you do by the way. I’m almost at 30 followers! I think there are about 27 of you! That’s crazy!) Who are your heroes? And who do you look up to??? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye! 🙂

-Just Average Teen Me