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Allergic-To-O Challenge!


I’m Just Average Teen Me. And today, I thought I’d try the ‘Allergic to O’ challenge’…. First of all, thankyou SO SO SO much to Ananya for helping me find this post! If you’ve seen my previous post (here) you would  As I am writing this, I’m realising that this is actually going to be really hard…. Like, I’ve already used 4 O’s (5 now!) (6)!! Anyways, the challenge of this challenge is to write a paragraph – without using the letter O. At All. I wasn’t nominated but I decided to because of Hann’s post. Check it out here! So… Here goes!

Hi. What can I even write here? Me, my sister and my mum were all dying last night at ‘Anti-funny-things’. Basically, they are ‘funny-things’ because they definitely aren’t (can I say that?? There’s a ‘ instead???) I’ll add an ‘anti-funny-thing’ when I’ve finished this paragraph. This is hard… I like cake… And sweets. But I can’t have many sweets because I have braces…. I’ve had them a year and nearly a year again. Yep.. 😦 This is just seeming really random weird…. I can’t make it seem natural…. .HALP MEH PLEASE! 😀 I NEED MENTAL HELP! 😀 I’ll be finished in case a human dies because I am being very cringey….

There! That was my Allergic to O paragraph…. I have read it so many times and I seem to find a sneaky o in it somewhere each time!!! I will admit.. It was really hard to come up with something to write as well as to write something without the letter O in it!!!

Oh and here’s an anti JOKE for you (feels so good to be able to say joke instead of ‘funny-things’. That one was driving me insane!!! :D)

Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? It was dead.

Why did the second monkey fall out of the tree? It was stapled to the first monkey.

Why did the third monkey fall out of the tree? It thought it was a game

Why did the refrigerator fall out of the tree? It had no arms

Why did the little girl fall off her bike? She got hit by 3 monkeys and a refrigerator… 😀 😀 😀

Yeah…. I know it’s evil but I died laughing when I read it yesterday! Do you know any good jokes??? I’d love to hear them in the comments!!!

I think that’s all for this post! Thank you for reading! Leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments below (and your favourite jokes of course). And sorry about my fail of an ‘Allergic to O’ challenge! Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog!

Bye! 🙂

Just Average Teen Me

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I’m Just Average Teen Me. Just a quick question… I just did a post. Saw it on my blog. And now it’s disappeared! Does anyone know why? Has it ever happened to you??? It’s happened once before this but I thought I’d just forgotten to post it…

Just in case you were wondering…. The post was the allergic to O challenge. I spent a while proof reading and everything… But now it’s all gone 😦

If anyone knows how to fix this I will love you forever!


Just Average Teen Me