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I’ve Joined What?


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today,  I just wanted to tell you all, that I have joined a few things. I’m not sure what to call them… Are they events?? Challenges?? I don’t know…. Anyways, obviously I’ll keep going with blogging 101.

First of all, on the last day of every month, I’ll be posting a ‘Monthly Look-Ahead’ where I will say a few things I’m looking forward too in the next month! This one is organised by CoolBeans4! Check out the original monthly look ahead post here! Maybe some of you could join!

Monthly look ahead
The Logo!

The second thing I’ve joined is the Teens Tell Their Story, which is a weekly thing, organised by Sherina and Caitlin! Check out their blogs! They’re great! So, each week I’ll be posting something with their logo (below) to do with teenagers, prompted by Sherina and Caitlin (they alternate each week.) 🙂

Their Logo
Their Logo

I’m so excited to start posting these! Go ahead and join one or two of them too! 🙂

Thanks for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you enjoy my blog and leave any comments or suggestions down below! Are there any other ‘events’ that you take part in? Let me know! I’ll be back with a normal blog post soon!

Bye! xx 🙂

-Just Average Teen Me

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I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today’s blogging 101 challenge was to use prompts. Here is the link to mine. Anyways, the prompt was to do with heroes. And who my hero was when I was little…

Obviously besides Cinderella (Seriously, who didn’t DOESN’T want to meet a Prince Charming and become a Princess??), my hero when I was little, was probably my parents. He was strong, and could lift the whole toybox! And he always had interesting stories from when he was younger.

When I was little, probably around 5, I saw my parents as superheroes, I thought they could do anything. They were taller than me – much taller. And stronger, like the hulk. Faster like Spider-Man. And very clever like Mr Fantastic! Obviously they didn’t have superhuman powers or anything – I think I’d be scared if they did! But, to 5 year old me, they pretty much did!

Nowadays, I wouldn’t really say I have a hero…. Just sort of look up to people. Like Lea Michele (she was in the whole of glee) who stayed strong in difficult situations despite lots of media attention, anyone who always is kind and nice to people (Jeez this sounds really cheesy… Sorry about that 🙂 ) and my Aunty. She’s a doctor, and if you have read my Bucket List blog then you’ll know that I too want to be a doctor.

Thank you for reading! This post may have been a little boring, the prompts were actually quite difficult to spark an idea but this one seemed the most interesting…. Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog (thanks if you do by the way. I’m almost at 30 followers! I think there are about 27 of you! That’s crazy!) Who are your heroes? And who do you look up to??? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye! 🙂

-Just Average Teen Me

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Premio Dardos Award


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I’ll admit, I don’t really have much of an idea on what I’m doing right now… But anyways, Kathy Mays aka An Old Dog Learning to Blog (check her blog out if you like!) has nominated me for the Premio Dardos Award. I’m not entirely sure on what I’m doing, because this is the first time I’ve been nominated for anything so please tell me if I have missed anything in the comments.

premio dardos blog award
Premio Dardos Award

Basically, Premio Dardos means ‘Prize Darts’ in Spanish as I have read. No idea how that links to blogging… Anyway, it’s an award in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing… A bit confusing but hey! It sounds cool to say I’ve been nominated for it! 🙂

The rules for the nomination are:

  1. Include the Premio Dardos Award Picture and the name of the person that nominated you (Include a link to their blog)
  2. Nominate 15 other blogs and notify them!

Here are my 15 nominations!

  1. In The Universe
  2. Eleased
  3. lackinginexcitement
  4. Alittlepinkrose
  5. lifeofateenchick
  6. Storyshucker
  7. Just Call Me Elm Or Something
  8. My Blog
  9. So ingenious
  10. Speaking My Mind
  11. EimzPink
  12. Hann
  13. Alwaysopinionatedgirl
  14. A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts
  15. Everything and Nothing

That’s them! Thankyou to Kathy for the nomination and for everyone I nominated, GET BLOGGING!

Just realised this is actually very similar to this morning’s post…. Nevermind! 🙂

Bye! 🙂

Just Average Teen Me

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My Favourite Blogs


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today, I thought I’d share some of my personal favourite blogs. Just a quick disclaimer, these are definitely not in a particular order. Just the order it says in my new widget at the bottom of the screen (but backwards). Check that out too, and let me know if it’s working… 🙂 So, I’ll start now….

All of these blogs are amazing! You should check them all out and make sure to follow any of the ones you like!

Oh and quick announcement, we’ve hit 200 views! YAY!

Anyways, make sure to like and follow if you enjoy my blog, and leave any comments or suggestions down below! Who are your favourite bloggers?? 🙂

Bye! 🙂

-Just Average Teen Me

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I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today’s post is inspired by Speaking My Mind’s blog about people changing. You should go check out that blog! It’s amazing and so creative! One of my personal favourites! 🙂

Anyways, the main point of that post (I will link it at the end so you can check it out too) is that people don’t change easily, if you have told them to. Someone isn’t just gonna change because you want them to. As I started High School, I went through a really difficult time, mainly because of someone changing.

All through Primary School and a little before then, I had two best friends. I won’t be naming them so I can keep this blog anonymous. One of the best friends was the guy I was talking about in my ‘Soulmates’ post (check it out if you like!). He was loud, outgoing and very brainy. We just clicked. And were best friends after a few months of knowing eachother. That was strange for me, mainly because I was (well still am) quite a quiet person, and to be best friends with a louder person isn’t really what anyone would have expected. My other best friend was more like me. Shy, reserved and quiet. We got along great since we met in a playgroup. People saw us as inseparable, even one of the teachers once called us “hip and hip”. I had been to her house countless times, and she’d been to mine too.

But in the Summer Holidays, before high school started, something changed. Dramatically. It was like aliens had abducted her, brainwashed her, and replaced her personality with someone else. She wasn’t quiet and shy anymore. She became one of the “cool girls”  (as me and my guy best friend called them).

So, she kind of drifted away from me. We were different. We have nothing in common anymore. So, I ended up having to find new friends because my guy best friend had gone to another school. 😦 We were still in touch. And still are. It was really hard (me being the socially awkward person I am 🙂 ) But now I have some of the best friends I could ever have asked for (except my guy best friend obviously)

That’s my story done. I’ll stop before you all fall asleep… 🙂

Anyway, my point is, that people change. And it’s hard to get them back to who they used to be. So don’t pry. Don’t try and change someone back, if they aren’t going to change. Just like how when you get into a new habit, it’s really hard to get out. Sometimes, you’re just meant to find better people.

A quote I especially love from Speaking My Mind’s post was one from spongebob.

“No one can change a person but a person can be a reason someone changes

On that note, thanks for reading this far! And thank you to @speakingmymind for my inspiration. You can check out the original blog post here. More positive posts for the future! Leave any of your thoughts on people changing and any suggestions in the comments below. Make sure to like and follow if you (for some reason) like my blog!

Bye! 🙂 xx

-Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I need a code name for my guy best friend so I don’t have to keep calling him ‘my guy best friend’… Any ideas???

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My Bucket List


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today I thought why not share some of the things I want to do before I get too old and wrinkly to do anything other than sit and knit and socialise with my cats. 🙂 I don’t have any cats yet by the way. But I plan on getting one when I’m older…

First of all, I would like to become a doctor… Me being the geek that I am I thought it would be fun. And being honest… They get paid quite a lot… 😀 Specifically though, I want to be a paediatrician (fancy name for a children’s doctor) and I want to completely STEP AWAY from the scalpels. I find operations quite gross… So I don’t plan on being a surgeon. My mum is always telling me that I’d be a great one though – because I have quite steady hands. But when I would be about to cut into an ACTUAL ALIVE HUMAN I think my hands would be shaking like crazy!

Another thing I think would be quite cool is to run a marathon. I’m not really the most sporty person – except for tennis, long jump (I have quite long legs) running. I have no idea why, but for some reason in this crazy world I ended up mildly good at those three things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not like Andy Murray or Jessica Ennis level, just compared to how good I am at the other things in sports, I’m a lot better… Put me ANYWHERE near a netball and I will completely embarrass myself infront of the whole team…. Once I tried to run with the netball.. Don’t judge 🙂 How else is it supposed to get anywhere? You can’t bounce it like in basketball (I’m not good at that either). Just joking… I know the rules… Sort of… 🙂 And if I ever hit a ball in rounders, I literally die from shock inside and then get stumped out because of my delayed reaction to set off running.. :/ Basically, sports and me do not merge… Unless it’s running, tennis or long jump. So running a marathon would be really hard, but a TON easier than playing in a professional netball team… Plus, it’s great to be able to say you’ve done it! And it keeps you fit! 🙂

I’d like to visit some specific places around the world too.. I haven’t been on a plane since I was 4, when I went to Disneyworld Florida (it was AMAZING)!!!! Have any of you guys ever been??? Anyways, when you’re littler, you tend to think about things going wrong much less, but when you’re a bit older, things seem to crop up on the news quite often, about this plane or that plane crashing or going missing out at sea. I can’t imagine how horrible that would be… I know that it’s very unlikely, but since I’ve not been on a plane in so long, I feel like when I end up doing at some point, I’ll probably be terrified.. Does anyone else feel like that?? Back on topic now, I’d like to visit Aruba. If you don’t know where that is, it’s a really pretty, beachy island in the Caribbean-sort-of-area with palm trees and blue seas and it’s always sunny and warm ❤ . I would LOVE to go there! I want to go to New York too… And a specific hotel… The Waldorf Astoria. The bedrooms are amazing and have super fast Wi-Fi, room service 24/7 AND they allow pets. It’s pretty amazing. But it’s VERY expensive. So hopefully I’ll be able to afford it someday.. 🙂

I’ll stop there so I don’t end up rambling on forever and boring you all to death 🙂 …. Anyway, thank you for reading this far. Please leave a like if you enjoyed and would like to see more posts like this, and make sure to follow if you like my blog and you haven’t done already. Leave any suggestions down in the comments below. I’d love to hear some of the things on your bucket lists too! Let me know in the comments.

Bye! 🙂 xx

-Just Average Teen Me

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Errr…. Whaaaaat? THANK YOU!


I’m Just Average Teen Me. This is just going to be a quick announcement blog. Somehow, I’ve already gone over my target for views in about a week, rather than a year….. THANK YOU GUYS! I’ve ended up with 131 views! I know that really isn’t much compared to other bloggers out there but to me, that’s insane! I thought it would take MUCH longer than that! Also, I’ve got half of the followers (ish) I was aiming to get for next year! And I have had views from SO MANY countries it’s incredible! I love that it isn’t just one country all reading – that it’s people from all around the world! I’m smiling right now just thinking about people around the world, reading this blog, MY blog and I still can’t believe it!

Basically, thanks for helping me get here. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. 🙂

Anyways, follow me if you like my blog and haven’t already, feel free to share it and help me reach my goals! 🙂


-Just Average Teen Me xx

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44 Teenage Girl Things


I’m Just Average Teen Me. You’ve probably guessed it – I’m back home now. And that means – I’m back blogging! 🙂 Anyways, today I thought I would try and blog about something relatable to you guys. Who I’m guessing are mostly teenage girls – like me. So I’m going to be discussing random stuff that just seems to go through my head!

44 Teenage Girl Things

  1. Bubble Wrap
  2. When the tampon advert comes on the TV… :/ (even worse when you’re with your parents….)
  3. When your mum starts using words like ‘amazeballs’
  4. When the group chat gets intense
  5. Realising that your celebrity crush is married…… 😦
  6. Getting your tweet favourited by someone verified!
  7. Organised, colourful stationary
  8. TV shows being highest on your list of priorities when there is a pile of homework nearby….. 🙂
  9. Keeping random things…..
  10. Nice friends!
  11. That notification that means no more apps….. 😦
  12. Waking up on a Monday when you think it’s still weekend 😦
  13. When you and your best friends make codenames for people 😀
  14. Having a BUNCH of clothes but only ever wearing 3 outfits….
  15. Hand warmers in the winter ❤
  16. Eating loads and having an excuse at Christmas 🙂
  17. When a parent takes ‘your side’ rather than a sibling’s 😉
  18. Just random cute things…. I have a cat purse and it’s FREAKING ADORABLE!
  19. Cheap clothes from Primark…… 🙂
  20. Laughing with younger siblings at the naked statues 😀
  21. When Vaseline only makes your lips drier…
  22. Feeling BEAUTIFUL after shaving your legs 🙂
  23. Not shaving your legs but really can’t be bothered to….. 😦
  24. When Starbucks write your name on the cup thing!
  25. When your makeup is on point 🙂
  26. When your makeup HATES you…. 😦
  27. Eating ANYWHERE in public with braces……
  28. Expensive shop sales! 🙂
  29. Minions
  30. When you just finished watching 4 seasons of a TV show and you have to wait a whole week for a new episode and you have no idea what to do with your life…
  31. Being called every other name in the family before your grandma gets it right 😀
  32. When you are rubbish at selfies….:(
  33. New bed sheets 🙂
  34. Posters, posters, POSTERS
  35. Having the signature of a famous person 🙂
  36. When your phone has no front camera….. :/
  37. Other girls your age acting 5 years older than they really are….
  38. Late night conversations with your best friend
  39. Too much homework… 😦
  40. Too much noise…. 😦
  41. Still having that weird YouTube thing on your ancient iPod because you aren’t about to delete Temple Run and lose that high score that you’ll never beat, just for the new iOS
  42. Hot chocolate when it’s cold 🙂
  43. When you and your squad all have ‘other names’ that you use when you’re in public…
  44. No Wi-Fi……. (

Basically, there’s LOT. Us teen girls have a BUSY life 🙂 . Anyway, thanks so much for reading. Let me know what you think of this list in the comments below or even some ideas that I missed! Thanks!

BYE xx

-Just Average Teen Me

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Just A Quick Message


I’m Just Average Teen Me. The blogging 101 challenge today, is to edit your blog title and tagline, but I think I’ll be leaving mine as it is. Anyways, that’s not what I was here to tell you.

I will be going away for about 3 (ish) days. I’m not going to give any details, other than it’s still in the UK. So I should be back on about Thursday. I’m not too sure though. As for blogging101, I will do 3 posts on the Thursday, depending on how late I get back. If it ends up being too late, I’ll just do some on the Friday!

Bye! (for 3 days!) xxx

Just Average Teen Me.

P.S, My goals from yesterdays post have already gotten closer! We are about halfway to how many views I wanted and a third of the way to how many followers I wanted!  Thankyou guys sooooo much! 🙂

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Who I Am And Why I’m Here


I’m Just Average Teen Me! As you may already know, there is a blogging u / blogging101 going on here on WordPress. And since I’m a new blogger, I thought this would be a good chance to improve my blog and get it on track. Maybe even gain a few followers! Anyways blogging101 send you a blog to complete within the day (you don’t have to do every one of them but I thing I’m going to give them all a go)! And today’s blog is a ‘Who am I and Why I’m here’. I know I’ve already done somekind of post like this already (It was my first one – Hello World) but let’s face it. That wasn’t the best. So today I thought I’d re-try this blog post to give you some insight on why I started Just Average Teen Me.

First of all, if you don’t know me, I’m Just Average Teen Me, a teen blogger living in the UK. If you would like to know some random facts about me, you could go check out my previous blog post – 10 Facts about Me. So, I started this blog because I thought I needed to get my thoughts out, being totally myself, without the fear that someone I know would find it and judge me…. That’s why this blog is anonymous.  And, the thought of writing in a diary is pointless to me. You write words, maybe to be looked back on, that will never get a response. Unless you’re like Anne Frank and get it published all over the word. But I’m not Anne Frank. So….. I decided to start a blog. Also, because I don’t have too much to do during this summer holidays.

In this blog, I will be blogging about personal life things, maybe a few blogs featuring some of my favourite things. But mostly girly things, thoughts and problems. So if you’re looking for someone to update you on the latest football scores – you couldn’t have come to a more useless blog 🙂 . But if you’re a teenage girl who likes to chat, you have definitely come to the right blog.

Via my blog, I would love to connect with other bloggers – and viewers – from all around the world. Like a little community with people from all around the world in this teeny, tiny part of the HUGE internet 🙂 . So far, I have had views from the UK (that’s where most of my views come from), USA and the Philippines. I never thought that I would get any views outside of the UK (let alone IN the UK…..), but the thought of having friends from all around the world is just so exciting, I can’t help but smile thinking about it!

If I keep my blog for the next year, I would like to reach 30 followers, and 100 views. Most of all, I want to have developed a friendly community for teen girls (or other people) to chat and share our thoughts with each other. I think we can do it! Especially now that I’ve started blogging 101. By the way, It lasts until the end of August and I won’t be posting at weekends…. I don’t think….

Anyways thank you so much for reading this far, Sorry it’s a bit lengthy but…. At least it’s better than my original ‘Hello World’

Bye!! 🙂 xxx

-Just Average Teen Me