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Back to School Haul


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I’m back from school so I thought I’d do a Back to School haul, since it’s the first weekend of this school year (guessing most of you have been back by now?) !  🙂 The last 2 days have been alright, I have alright teachers… Some are really good, some are the same as last year, some are all ‘down-with-the-kids’ and it REALLY gets on my nerves…. Teachers aren’t really supposed to try and be your friends… Unless it’s your form teacher. Then that’s fine. But my English teacher just seems like he wants to be all funny and friends with the pupils and it’s just plain awkward… ANYWAYS! Let’s get into my new stationery!

*Disclaimer* None of my stuff is from anywhere fancy… I just went to Asda and Tesco.. 🙂 *Disclaimer done*

  • Paper Mate InkJoy pens (Blue)

I got these from Tesco in a box of 50… So they should last a while! Usually, I end up having no pens left a few weeks before school is up, because I let people ‘borrow’ them. When I say borrow, I mean steal forever and never give me them back… 😦 They’re actually really comfy in your hand and they weren’t too expensive either! Dammit I just knocked them over…. ARGH PENS EVERYWHERE!

  • STAEDTLER Noris pencil set (HB)

Okay, so this comes with 10 pencils, a ‘Mars Plastic’ rubber – I’ve no idea what that means or what it is but ok… – and a basic sharpener. Not much to say about pencils really. They work! And seem to sharpen well… 🙂 The branded ones like these are usually better! 🙂

  • Tesco Maths Set

Basically quite self-explanatory.. It’s a set, filled with maths stuff… It’s got: A stencil (No idea what that has to do with maths but whatever); two of them triangle things that I’ll end up using as a ruler by the end of the year once I’ve either snapped or lost mine; a protractor; a small (15cm) ruler; a teeny tiny rubber, a sharpener, a compass (them things you use to draw circles), a tiny pencil and a compass with two pointy ends. I have no idea what it’s used for… Does anyone know?? I’d love it if someone could tell me… 🙂

  • Bic Kids (yes kids) Tropicolours 2

These are kids but they work so… Might as well! Basically, they’re coloured pencils for colouring in. There’s dark brown, normal brown,  orange, pink, purple, dark green, normal green, dark blue, light blue, red and yellow… I think that’s it… 🙂 They aren’t made out of wood (not sure how that happens or what they’re made of instead but hey!) so they sharpen easier than normal ones. And they have stripes instead of solid colour so it’s easier to tell what’s purple, blue or black. Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s really hard to tell the difference between them? They’re super bright too! 🙂

  • Black bic biros (no idea what the actual name is…. I threw the packaging away…)

These are pretty much just your average biro pens, from bic, in black. It says ‘Bic Medium on then all, but I have no idea what that means… I usually get these sort of pens, I did last year too, and they seem to last much longer than other pens… Unless someone comes and ‘borrows’ them forever… Anyways, these came in a pack of 10 I think? I’m really not sure… I gave some to my sister… And anything that goes into her room, will probably never come out again 😉 .. Oh and by the way…. Most of the stuff I have after now, I probably don’t have the actual names for…

  • ‘Delete’ rubber

Okay, so this is possibly one of my favourite things this year even though it’s so simple. It’s an oval shaped rubber with ‘delete’ on the front in typewriter style writing. I just think it’s so cool! And it works really well, so that’s a bonus too! It’s about 6cm long so it should last most of the year. I hate them tiny rubbers that get so small that you can’t even use them anymore, and them gigantic ones are just too big to fit in your pencil case…. But this one’s a good size 🙂

  • Whiteboard markers

So, I have a noticeboard, that I’ve had for almost 3 years. 1 half is for pinning things up on it. I use it for homework sheets and random stuff I want to pin up. I have a superdry tag and a bunch of theme park wristbands. The other side is a whiteboard, so markers come in handy! My old ones had gone completely dry… They lasted just over  year which was alright actually but I’m hoping these last a bit longer! They’re in black, green, blue and red. Usually, I use the whiteboard side to check off stuff I need for the day and to write down what homework I have… No homework yet though! YAY! 😀

  • Classic Fluorescent highlighters

These are basically just highlighters. Again, I split them with my sister and I don’t know the names of them.. Sorry.. Hope you don’t mind that… Anyways, yeah, they’re just normal highlighters, in normal colours, so pink, yellow, green and orange I think… 🙂

  • Pritt coloured mini glue stics

These came in a 4 pack of red, green, blue and yellow. They’re probably about half the size of a normal one. Pritt glue sticks are usually better than other brands… I don’t know… I usually find they’re stickier than the rest 🙂 And the colours are cool!

  • Foldy ‘Oxford’ ruler

Okay, so by that name, you can probably tell that I have no idea whatsoever what to call it, but ‘Foldy Oxford Ruler’ pretty much sums up what it is! It’s one of them clear rulers that you can fold in half and it clicks together. And it says OXFORD on it in capital letters. One side has millimetres and the other has centimetres. They go up to 30cm/300mm. HOWEVER! Yes there’s a however. When it’s unfolded, the middle parts don’t line up properly. I don’t know if they were all like that or if I just picked the dodgy ruler… 🙂 But it is SOOOOO annoying… Stuff like that drives me mad! No I don’t have actual OCD but sometimes I get annoyed with stuff like that… 🙂

  • Flower pencil case

This is just a flowery pencil case with flowers. This year I was looking for a more flat ish pencil case because my one from last year was huge and really circley… And I couldn’t really fit it in my bag flat. It would just stick out. But this one fits in nicely, holds all of my stuff and it feels like it has padding, sort of on the edges… My laptop is crashing and loading really slow because this is a really long blog post… 🙂 If there aren’t any pictures in the end, then that’s why 🙂

  • Clear Plasticy Sticky Notes

I don’t really know what these are actually meant for but they looked cool in the shops. They look like sticky notes, but they feel quite plasticy… They come in different colours and shapes. There are small rectangles (green and orange), big ones (pink, green and yellow) and arrows (pink, green, orange, yellow and blue. I’m guessing you can stick them over revision or notes because they’re see-through… Not sure if they even have a specific purpose. They’re cool though! 🙂

  • Handy Notepads

These are amazing! They come in so many amazing, bright colours! I got the pink one, and the purple on. I usually use stuff like this for revision, and then end up completely wasting all the paper on making origami….. But I’m promising not to for these! They also have this part before the margin sort of area where you can pull the paper out without having all the annoying notepad stuff on the edge 🙂

That’s all my stuff for 2015 – 2016! Actually, I’ve probably missed something along the way but that’s ok…. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you enjoy my blog and leave any comments or suggestions in the comments! I really wanted to add pictures, but I think this post is too long… It’s not really working… Sorry! 😦

BYE! 🙂

Just Average Teen Me



Hi, I'm an anonymous British blogger, hiding behind the name Awkwardsaurus. I'm a fan of Sherlock, which you should probably know. Oh, and I'm the kind of person that replies with "you too" when someone says "happy birthday". Hope to see you around ;)

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