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Liebster Award


I’m Just Average Teen Me. So, I was nominated for the liebster award by scoutingtheyearaway (check out their blog! 😀 )! Thank you SO much for that by the way! Anyways, into the award.


The rules are:

Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you and include the Liebster Award sticker in the post.
Nominate 5-10 other bloggers and notify them of this in one of their posts.
All nominated bloggers are to have less than 200 followers.
Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator and create 11 different questions for your nominees to answer. Or, you can repeat the same questions.
Copy these rules into your post.

The questions that I was asked are:

What is your favourite season and why?

My favourite season would probably be winter. I am not a summery person, like I explained in one of my previous posts, the heat doesn’t go well with me… And I love the smells of winter too! Plus there’s Christmas and snow! Who doesn’t love the excitement of Christmas-time?

What are your favourite bands/music genre?

I would say my favourite genre is pop sort of? My favourite singer is Lea Michele, with Taylor Swift at a close second! 😀

What languages can you speak?

I speak English (obviously) and at the moment I’m taking French and Spanish lessons. I’m actually okay in French! I’m taking it as GCSE but my Spanish is horrendous. I can’t do it, or really be bothered to… So yeah, I can speak fluent English and a little French. OH MY I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING! I had a really posh English teacher last year, and on my end of year report, I was told that I was fluent in Standard English. STANDARD? ‘SCUSE ME?!?!? Is that an insult? I’m not even that bad in English! 😀

What’s the weirdest food you have ever tried?

Well, I don’t really see it as weird, but you know corndogs? Well, my dad makes them but with thin sausages in the middle, and pancake around the outside in the deep fat fryer, then we dip it in golden syrup and it is FIIIINNNEE!

Do you have any plans for Halloween?

Usually I have parties with my friends so I’ll probably have one at some point! I’ll be dressing up as Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time.

What is your favourite way to waste time?

Haha, I actually love this question! I do this thing, where I’ll type what I’m feeling like into the google search bar and then type quotes. So I’ll just read quotes that I can relate to for like 15 minutes… Not so productive eh? A lot of the time, it makes me feel even worse if I was googling something depressing…. 😦

What job would you like in the future?

I’ve wanted to be a pediatrician (a child doctor) for quite a few years now, so hopefully I’ll get there! 😀

Do you have any unusual talents/tricks?

Not really, I can click my thumb weirdly and play guitar but that’s pretty much it… Oh and I can do a good Octodad impression!

Favourite tv programme?


What is your favourite type of sweet?

Well, since I’ve had braces for like 2 years now and still have another to go, I don’t eat many sweets. I like sourpatch kids though, and minstrels! Minstrels (galaxy) are amazing! 😛

If you could spend Christmas anywhere in the world with anyone, where would you go and who with?

Not that I would ever be allowed to on my own or anything anytime soon, but I’d love to spend Christmas in New York. Don’t  you just love how pretty it looks in the snow? It would feel magical! I’d love to go with my best friend Bob (Codenames) and my family if we could ever afford for EVERYONE to come!

Again, thank you SO much for scoutingtheyearaway for nominating me, and creating such great questions! I honestly think that was the most fun I’ve ever had answering questions! So thanks for that!

Here are my questions for the people that I will nominate:

  1. What’s your favourite joke?
  2. If money didn’t exist, what would you do in a day?
  3. What is your biggest fear?
  4. What do you think should be taught in schools which isn’t already?
  5. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to? Why?
  6. How would your friends describe you?
  7. Pet peeves?
  8. How many pillows do you use at night?
  9. Are you a clean or messy person?
  10. Where is your favourite place in the world?
  11. Anything you wish would come back into fashion?

That’s all! Hope you have fun answering them

Oh and here are the bloggers I nominate:

Speaking My Mind

Life of an Anxious Teen

My Irrelevant Thoughts

So Ingenious


That’s all of them! Feel free to join in though, even if you weren’t nominated! 😀

Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me



Hi, I'm an anonymous British blogger, hiding behind the name Awkwardsaurus. I'm a fan of Sherlock, which you should probably know. Oh, and I'm the kind of person that replies with "you too" when someone says "happy birthday". Hope to see you around ;)

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