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Help #2


I’m Just Average Teen Me. So, for this TTTS post (yeah I know it’s took me forever…  I had loads of homework…) we got given the word Friends. So I thought why not let you get to know some of the details about my closest friends. None of them know about this blog by the way, so I’m hoping none of them read it already… I don’t think they do!

But, before I get into the actual blog post, I need some advice. If you have read my post on the Regina situation (I suggest you read that before this or it won’t make as much sense) then you’ll know that I had a few problems her. And at the moment, I need some advice…

Well, once we were back at school everything seemed to stay okay, and the world was nice and happy 😀 . But after a bit, she started to get on my nerves a bit, and I think she was doing it on purpose… But anyways, there was the WhatsApp group chat but then some of our friends’ wasn’t working so now it’s just me and Penny on WhatsApp…. So, since the only social media that we actually all have – and use – was twitter, I decided to make a twitter group chat. And all was well. We were using the twitter chat 🙂 . But after a bit, Regina left the chat with no explanation…. So I added her back and pretended it never happened. And about an hour later she left again. So I added her again. And then, later that night, she changed the name of the group chat to something quite inappropriate and offensive. And it had some quite strong swears in it. All of my friends know that I don’t swear, and that it actually really annoys me other people swear for no reason…. So I’m quite sure she did it because of that…. But I changed the group name back.

And guess what? She left again (this is still the same night by the way…) so I added her back AGAIN. And the next day, she left again. So again, I added her back.

But then a couple days afterwards, I was talking (on the chat) about how I was installing new stuff for my sims, and she was basically just being really annoying again. Like, she replied with just Okay, and with Good for u…. And then she left again…. So I added her back. And then she changed the name to another inappropriate and offensive name…. 😦 So obviously I changed it back.

So…. I think you get the idea. She keeps leaving and I keep adding her back, she keeps changing the name to something offensive and I change it back, she is negative towards pretty much everything I text and I try to ignore it. She’s negative in real life too. I’ve realised now that I look back on how school has been that everything I have said to her, has involved her coming back with something that makes what I said wrong or bad. Or she just tries to get on my nerves on purpose. Like, she knows (well all of my friends know) that I am an absolute perfectionist, and I have to do as well as I can possibly do. Well, in English a couple weeks ago, we were analysing stuff in pairs, and the class had to vote for which one they thought was best. Mine, Ashley’s and another person from our ‘Squad’ got chosen. But Regina’s didn’t. Anyways, the teacher leveled them, and since I had been out of lesson for my guitar lessons a couple times, I wasn’t as up to date with the work as everyone else. So mine wasn’t the best out of them all.

I’m getting to the point now. Since Regina knew that something like that would really make me feel quite gutted, and kicking myself, she took advantage of the fact that I had been away for some of the lessons and said “HA THESE TO BEAT YOU! YOURS DIDN’T EVEN DO THE BEST!” It actually really made me feel awful.I know that I shouldn’t feel so bad because it wasn’t my fault – I had my guitar lessons but stuff like that really gets me down. Especially coming from someone who is supposed to be one of your closest friends.

On another English lesson, I won a prize for something. And suprise suprise, Regina told me that it was a false win, that I shouldn’t have won and that my prize was rubbish anyway. By the way, it was a Kinder egg with a toy minion inside! I thought that was amazing! I love Kinder eggs and I love minions!

There have been other things going on but one of them is that our R.E. teacher, Mr R.E. teacher, just so happens to teach one of my favourite subjects. R.E. I’m not super religious or ……………………………………………………… WOW. I don’t know what a panic attack is like but this is probably close. It’s been about 10 minutes since I was (oh god I can’t type I’m shaking so much….) Okay………….. I’m okay…

Well, Penny just sent me a screenshot of what Regina had just said about me….. It was pretty awful…. Most of it she had no reason to be saying… And now I’m kind of freaking out. I’m shivering and shaking and I feel awful. The thought of going back to school terrifies me….. I can’t face her again…. I’m so glad I have real friends that will stick up for me… Have any of you ever felt like this???? I’m gonna have to end the post here…. I need a break. I’ll make sure to post the TTTS one as soon as possible.

Please don’t worry about me. Just leave any advice you might have?

BYE! 😀

-Just Average Teen Me

P.S. Sorry I really don’t feel like checking for typos…..