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What Will Food Be Like in 100 Years?


I’m Just Average Teen Me. It’s Thursday, which means that it’s time for a blog post! Today, I thought I’d blog about something that I thought would be really interesting, and might spark a conversation between us all in the comments! From the title, you’ve probably already guessed that I will be thinking about what food might be like in 100 years. I have so many ideas in my head but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get them down before I forget! Well, let’s get started to prevent that!

So, I was thinking… Who actually has any idea!?!?! It depends on the technology that we have at the time really… But for all we know, we could be eating hologram pizzas! And they might be 100% healthy! Who knows! Maybe scientists will find a way to make unhealthy food, as healthy as fruit and vegetables! I’ll be sad if I don’t live till then… 😦

Maybe the food could be digital sort of? Like if anyone has ever had on of the Furbys where you can get the app that goes with them, you’ll know that you can slide food from your phone/iPod to the Furby… That would be cool! But then we probably wouldn’t be able to taste it as much… BUT there would be WAY less dishes! And I’ll take that bonus any day! 😀

Oh and maybe it could be really tiny food, that makes you full so you don’t have to spend a long time eating if you’re in a rush! Or maybe it could be really huge food that takes forever to fill you up and doesn’t make you huge! All in favour raise your hands! *raises both hands and drags up another person’s hands too*

We could end up with food that has extra taste, if that makes any sense…. Like, the taste could be enhanced to be the same taste, but even tastier! So, hot chocolate (I love hot chocolate by the way… I have at least one a day!) that tastes even more like hot chocolate and even tastier and everyone can be happy and swim in hot chocolate everywhere… Well, maybe not the swimming… But WHO KNOWS?!!? Maybe someone will make a big theme park sort of place like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where everything is food! We could have burger plants, and pizza trees! That sounds amazing! I would for sure visit!

Or maybe people will own the technology that can just make food that has the texture of one thing, with the taste of another! So, melting chocolate texture, with the flavour of chips (or fries wherever you’re from)! Actually, I don’t think I’d eat that…. But imagine us all with Grandchildren making their own special food and everything and we’ll be like “oohhh back in the day we never had this much variety” 😀 😀 😀

Because of new technology, we’d be bound to have new ways of cooking food too! We might have like a scanner that scans the food and BAM it’s cooked! No more waiting for the oven! WHOOP!

Or maybe (well this would probably be in more like 1000 years) we could just imagine what we wanted to eat and it would appear! Now that would be just magic! We could all be whisked away to Hogwarts and just learn magic forever and be amazing 😀 . I would actually love that…

ANYWAYS… Getting off topic…. What do you think food will be like in 100 years? I’m really excited to see what some of you guys think! And try to reply to other people’s comments too! I love to see when you are having conversations with each other!
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BYE! 😀
Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I’m gonna go read 🙂