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Guest Posting?


I’m Just Average Teen Me. You might have noticed that I was supposed to be posting on Monday, but I didn’t…. Sorry guys… But I have been thinking about how I am going to do a post. I should be doing a guest post over on Elm’s blog! YAY! Keep an eye out for it, and go follow her because she’s just amazing like that 😀

BUUUTT (haha butt), I have no idea what to write about…. I was thinking to do something relatable like back when I did that ’44 teenage girl things’ post… But what else could I do like that? And would Elm’s viewers like it? Aghhh someone help me! 😀

So, I was thinking, why not do some guest posts over here? If you would like to guest post, you can either tweet me @justme292929 (It has the same icon as this blog so you’ll know it’s me) or email me at .

Make sure to leave a comment if you decide to email me asking about blogging (or if you tweeted) and then I’ll know… I’m not the best at checking emails really…. 😀

Thank you so much for reading ( I know this is only a short post, but I’ll try to get back once my guest post is written and stuff)…

BYE! 😀
Just Average Teen Me