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Dear World


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today, I’m just going to try and get what I think out into the world – for the world. As most of you will know, Paris was attacked last Friday. So, I’m writing a letter to the world.

Dear World,

Stay Strong. We’re here for you. The pain you are feeling must be immense. But I can only hope that some day, we will have recovered from this. Some day, I hope that terrorism will be banished. At that point, the world will truly be a place of peace. But will we ever get there? It’s up to us. The whole world. To change our actions. To speak out. And to protect you. The terrorism attacks on Friday were absolutely appalling. And I hope that one day, those left in shock will recover, and that those affected by the murder of their loved ones will find peace. It is completely disgusting to think that some people can walk into a place, a beautiful city called Paris, and destroy the lives of innocent people, without thinking twice. These people must be seriously messed up in the head. But I hope that one day, they realise that what they have done is terribly wrong.

Let’s not forget about elsewhere. Paris isn’t the only place that this has been going on in. This group of terrorists have affected many more countries. Some people have to do everything that they can to protect their families and more. And sometimes, it isn’t enough. People are dealing with the loss of their loved ones every day. Whether they were killed on that day or not. I hope that one day, these people can find a point where they can deal with their losses and keep going on with their lives.

We can’t fight back at these people out of anger and hatred. But we can show them that we are good people, unlike them, and we fight fairly, and in honour of the people that they killed.

I apologise, on behalf of all of us, that people have done this to you. We as humanity should have been better. On the inside, these terrorists are no different to us. They have a brain, two lungs and a heart. But whether they listen to what’s right in their heart is the difference. Hopefully, one day they will realise that what they are doing isn’t right, and stop all of the killing. Because whether someone is of a race that they don’t like, or aren’t fighting with them, we are all the same.

Pray for Paris

Pray for Syria

Pray for Iraq

Pray for the World

From Jatm

That’s just some of my thoughts on the terrorism situation at the moment. I hope some of you can relate to this. I hope any of you that may have been affected by terrorism in your life can find peace, and move on. ❤

“When Paris turned out it’s lights, the rest of the world turned theirs on” ❤

Bye ❤

Just Average Teen Me