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How to: Revise


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I’m in the middle of revising for a Religion exam tomorrow, but I wanted to get this post out today; I’ve missed way too many lately. Since I have been revising and the topic is fresh on my mind, I decided to write a post giving you some tips on how to revise effectively! So, let’s start!

Mind Map

I’m not a huge fan of this technique but I know that it does work really well for some people! If you like things to be visual, then this is a great method for you! Just whack out some colours and highlighters and get all of your notes down outside a big bubble. If you’re quite creative and artistic then you could draw a few pictures to help you remember things easier!

Chewing Gum

I’ll admit, I’m definitely not a fan of this method either. Chewing gum and braces do not mix at all. Neither do Jatm and chewing gum but that doesn’t matter. If your school allows chewing gum during school and lesson time then this tip might just be really helpful! If you chew a certain flavour while you’re revising, and then have it again during the exam, then you’ll subconsciously remember your revision easier! Brains are weird, right?


I mentioned this in my previous post – November Favourites – but since it really helps me I thought I’d share it again just in case nobody saw it last time. Basically, I use a whiteboard to write down all of my revision notes, so that I don’t have pieces of paper everywhere or used up notebooks stacked around that I can never use for anything else…. If you’re like me and you write out everything, over and over again to remember it, then you really, I mean really, should get a whiteboard and some pens! It helps SO much! ❤


Listening to music while you’re revising can be really effective if you do it right. Stress on the if you do it right. I have found that listening to soundtracks is so, so much better than listening to songs with lyrics. If you’re trying to get words into your head, then it probably isn’t a good idea to be distracted by the words coming from your speakers, or headphones… Soundtracks to your favourite TV show or film are a great idea! Once Upon A Time have a great soundtrack (and it’s here on youtube) so if you aren’t sure what to listen to while you’re revising then give that a go!

Cartoon Characters

You’re all going to think I’m crazy when I tell you this. For my last physics exam, I made up characters to help me remember things… They were all weirdly unique (there were only 3 so I didn’t get confused): one was a wheel barrow; one was a weird alien thing and the other was a measuring scale… Yeah totally weird but it kind of made it a little less boring and a bit more light-hearted! Try it!

Flash Cards

Personally, I don’t use these but Ashley uses them ALL the time and finds them really helpful! It’s just pieces of paper (she likes to use coloured paper) with writing on them to help you remember key points. Usually, she has questions on one side, and answers on the other. That way she can test herself, or make other people test her.

Eat and Drink Well

I know that if you’re mid-revising, it’s a whole lot easier just to grab a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar, but really, all’s they’ll do to your brain is slow it down. The sugar rush will hit you for a moment, but then it goes and your brain feels tired. Obviously that makes it harder to concentrate and get the right stuff into your head. So, eating things like fruit, or yoghurts is a better option if you want to snack on something. Drinking a lot is a good idea too. You want your brain to be hydrated! You know that feeling when you shake your head when you haven’t had much to drink? That pain? That’s your brain crashing into the sides of your skull. Get some water in there to make it less painful!

That’s everything I have! If you have any other good tips then please share them in the comments!

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