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Blogmas Day 8!


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Welcome to Blogmas day 8!




It’s Christmas Eve Eve Eve! We’re almost there guys! For today’s Blogmas post, I’ll be showing you a little DIY (not sure if you can call it DIY but I will)

What am I teaching you to DIY? Well, it’s nail stuff. I figured, since most of my readers are girls, we’d all benefit from a nail hack? Right? Although, I will admit, that I am not a nail art fan! However, I do actually plan on using this either Christmas Eve or Christmas! That is, if I ever manage to find any nail polish!

So… Let’s get on with it!

For the Christmas Nail DIY, I’ll be showing you how to get these nails but Christmassy.


I was thinking they would look really festive if you used red and white? Maybe a splash of green?

So, to do this, you’ll need:

More than one colour of nail polish

Clear nail polish would be good (but I don’t actually have any soo…. We’ll see how that turns out!)

A toothpick or something with a small, poky end like a sharp pencil??

Masking tape (or medical tape whichever you might have! Or normal tape but that probably won’t work as well!)

Room temperature water (Not cold or warm! Just in the middle! So that when you put your finger in it doesn’t feel cold or warm)

And that should be it! So, onto how you do it!

Disclaimer: I am no nail expert! Actually, I’m probably the opposite! I haven’t used nail polish in forever 😀

Okay so first of all, you’re going to get a cup or bowl (if you’re using a cup, use quite a big one with a wide rim so you have room) of your room temperature water. Have that somewhere you don’t mind spillages or anything! Just in case 😉

Then, drop some of your nail polish (one colour) into the water. If the water is the right temperature then it should sit on the top – not sink… If it sinks then it’s too cold I think..

After you have done the first colour, you’re going to want to put in your other colour! Drop it right in the middle of your first one! It should stay on the top too!

Then, do the same with another colour (or the colour that you used first) and keep going until you have quite a bit of nail polish in there!

At this point, the nail polish might be sort of drying/ going like a plastic bag. Then you use your toothpick, to drag the polish around, and make swirly patterns! Use your imagination!

When you’re happy with your swirly patterns, you should do a base coat to your nails. It’s a good idea to use something like white!

Then when the base coat is dry, it’s time to use your tape. Stick it around your finger, but leaving your nail exposed. This is so that you don’t get nail polish all over your skin.

Slowly, dip your finger, nail first (flat) into the nail polish. Hold it there for a couple seconds, and then try to take it out without ruining it all. Sometimes twisting it might help. Or using your toothpick to get rid of excess polish.

Then, take off your tape and clean around your nails. Voila! You have pretty nails! I hope 😀

You just need to do that on them all! I know, it’s a lot of effort, but it looks really pretty and like you spent loads of time doing it! When actually, you might have, but quicker than you could have done!

To finish, go over them in a clear nail polish so they don’t peel of as easily!

They look perfect for Christmas! And Candy Cane-ish! So, what do you think? I’d love to know if any of you try this out! Let me know!

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Happy Blogmas!


Just Average Teen Me