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New Year Already?


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Happy New Year everyone! Well, not quite but you know 😀 So, I know it’s really cliché but I’ll be doing my New Year’s Resolutions today! I’ll probably do a bit of chatting and whatnot too but we’ll see.

So, onto my goals for 2016!

Keep up to my blog schedule!

As you probably know, I blog am supposed to blog every Monday, Thursday and weekend. But a lot of the time, I don’t blog on those days… Mainly because of homework or family stuff going on. But when I think about it, I managed to do 10 days of blogging without missing a single day… So in 2016, I’ll try to keep it up as best as I can

Drink More Water

I am terrible with drinking water. I don’t actually like the taste of it, which a lot of people think is really weird because “water doesn’t taste of anything” But, I can taste something when I drink water. And it is not appealing… A few weeks ago, I started to drink more water (around 2-3 bottles each day) and I still do that today. Now, I want to carry on throughout the New Year because I feel better after drinking it, my skin is less dry and I’m less thirsty (well, duh)

Be More Active

First of all, this is not because I want to seem ‘thin’ with all of the popular girls. I’m about average weight for my height anyways. It’s because, I am always, sat at my computer, blogging, watching YouTube and playing Sims all day. I’ve decided that it probably isn’t a good thing for me. In 2016, I want to get outside more often, and off my desk chair for that matter, but I need to get more fresh air, and actually move. I’ve been on a few walks with our dog in the last few days, I just want to keep it up!

Meet up With Bob More

For those of you that don’t know, Bob is my best friend, but we go to different schools *cry*. This year, I saw him twice. Twice. I need to see my best friend more than twice a year! In 2016, I want to meet up more often! That could help with my last one too!

Forgive and Forget

A lot of you will know, my friend Regina, said some quite nasty things about me behind my back, which ended up with me having some sort of panic attack… Read  my Help, Help #2 and What Exactly Happened Last Night posts (the last two are probably more useful) if you want to know about that, because I’d rather not explain it all. But anyways, in the last few weeks, it’s become quite clear that she’s trying to make it up to me. And I want to forget what happened. As difficult as it might be, to forget how I felt, I want to try as hard as I can, to put the past in the past.

Learn to Lucid Dream!

Since my mum bought me a book on this, I really, really, want to be able to master it. Hopefully, 2016 will be when that happens!

That’s my New year’s resolutions! What are yours? Let me know! As for what I’m up to tonight, I think I’m having a family buffet/party thing and then lurking around until midnight… Not so eventful but I don’t mind. And Dave is coming today (check the codenames tab) I think…

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