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Primary School Things


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today, I wanted to do another post like my ’44 Teenage Girl Things’ and ’44 Childhood Things’ posts. Not sure if I’ll be able to come up with 44, which seems to have become quite the tradition… But we’ll see! And just in case you were wondering, this might kind of merge with the Childhood one, but I want to focus on things that actually happen at school. So here we go!

  1. The worst, most corny jokes in the entire world…. “Where do cows go on their holidays?…. MOO YORKK” -.-
  2. Being weirdly sentimental…. I kept rocks… From the playground….
  3. The absolute genius who changed the name of that game that was banned from the playground so you weren’t breaking the rules – at all.
  4. Dare we get started on love letters 😀
  5. Or the rumours where “someone KISSED someone else! :O “
  6. “It’s not cold” says the P.E. teacher stood in a billion layers to the children in shorts and a polo shirt -.-
  7. Feeling like the most important person in the school when you get to take a note to another teacher
  8. Those blue P.E. mats that did not do anything to cushion your very ungraceful landings…
  9. Clip Art everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
  10. Not being able to sit at the back of the coach because you’re travel sick 😦
  11. AAAnd having to sit next to a teacher with a bucket at the ready repeatedly asking “Are you going to be sick” LIKE DON’T REMIND ME GO AWAY
  12. Covering your test results with your pencil case because you’re a genius like that
  13. That one kid (in my case, Bob) that was already terrified for GCSEs but was also able to chant the periodic table whenever, wherever
  15. Those gooey aliens! Although I was the only one that didn’t like them
  16. And high school musical… I didn’t like that either… Literally the only girl that didn’t crush on Troy 😀
  17. Speaking of crushes, girls crushing on just about every male teacher there is
  18. You haven’t had the full primary school experience without some hyper kid pulling their pants down or something :’)
  19. Stories of a kid that died from swinging on his chair 😀
  20. Starting every story with “Once upon a time….”
  21. The struggle of choosing which WordArt to use 😀
  22. Finding out all of the teachers’ names
  23. That kid who had an iPhone in year 4 :O
  24. Wet paper towels everywhere
  25. Looking at shoes in heads down thumbs up, but everyone’s shoes were basically the same 😀
  26. That brief moment of insanity when a dog somehow gets into the playground and everyone goes nuts
  27. Snazzy new pencil cases making you literally the Queen
  28. Black on the end of a yellow felt tip… A moment of silence please…
  29. Those few times you were in the staff room and oh my goodness life was amazing
  30. That kid with the Nativity costume that didn’t fit in at all 😀
  31. Gggggooooooooooood Moooooooooorrrnniiiiiiinnng Mrrsss lalalalalala
  32. You know Christmas has come early when you have fruit winders in your lunchbox!
  33. ‘Shatterproof’ rulers that definitely weren’t shatterproof…. One of mine snapped into 5 pieces 😀
  34. Snow day!
  35. Writing two whole pages for a story and it doesn’t get a stamp… WHAT IS LIFE?!?
  36. Smuggling toys into your tray 😀
  37. Getting to sit on the benches in year 6 and finally reining over the little peasants
  38. Being just so crazy when you come into school with nail polish on :O
  39. Crayola pens everywhere!!!!!!
  40. Buttercups to the chins!
  41. Carpet places everyone!
  42. When the teacher goes on a rant about how “gluesticks are very expensive” OH DEAR HERE WE GO AGAIN
  43. That tiny party the year 6s have at the end of the year that is legit the prom

That’s all! I managed to get 44! I guess it really is a tradition! I hope you can relate to them! ❤

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BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me