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Things That Annoy Me


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today’s post is going to be about things that annoy me. I know, not so positive but it won’t be as dull as it seems. I was thinking about calling this post Pet Peeves, because I know that’s the actual name for things that annoy you, but it sounds creepy and I don’t like it so this will do.

Anyone that knows me, and knows me well, has probably at one point make a joke about OCD towards me. Just to clear this up, I don’t actually have OCD, I just, it’s difficult to explain. I guess you could call it being a perfectionist in some cases, but in others it’s just that things get on my nerves. 😀 Some of these will probably be very passionate, so I warn you ahead of things: prepare for rants.

The first thing that came to my mind, was plug sockets turned on, when they aren’t being used. Just that little red flick, exposed to the world, without a plug. -.- It really annoys me. For example (haha formal eh?) in Chemistry, I sit in front of a row of plug sockets, which are sometimes turned on. Aaaand that means, that I feel the need to flick it back off. As loud and off-putting that may be to the rest of the class 😀

Another that’s super annoying, is people that BITE a chocolate bar. NO THAT ISN’T HOW YOU DO IT! Agh, I really don’t like it when people bite into chocolate bars, because they’re so nicely organised, and kind of pre-cut into little squares that fit nicely into your mouth, but then someone has to go bite straight into it and ruin it all. Don’t worry I don’t hate you if you are one of them

Cringing ready for this one! Nails on things. Literally anything. Ah it’s just so cringey. I hate that horrible feeling of nails on a METAL nail file, or against those pictures that move, or when you get Vaseline in them or along a guitar string (YEP DEFINITELY THE WORST LITERALLY CRINGING HERE). Basically nails are not a good thing to stroke (creepy, I know) things with.

Speaking of cringey, Cold juice/water on your teeth. This one is equally as cringey, and horrible as the last. Don’t worry, this post won’t be about everything that makes me cringe; this should be the last one for cringiness (nope probably not a word). I’m not sure if this is just me, but when I have a drink, that is quite cold, and it touches my teeth (usually the back of the bottom ones at the front) it kills me.

I’m sorry, I know I said the last one, but I just remembered another thing that makes me cringe. Knives against plates. That sound. Oh my goodness, it is like bullets through my head. People that do that, and scraping chairs across hard floors (since that makes a similar sound) reaaaallly get on my nerves sometimes. I don’t care if they did it by accident, that was unnecessary. 😀

Onto more social/peoply (yep, definitely not a word) ones.

The first of these is when people tell reaaally obvious lies. And then expect everyone to believe it. Last year, a girl came up to me and a friend and said that she was “Bitten by a poisonous snake” and held up her wrist, with two dots (that looked like pen). Now where I’m from, we don’t have poisonous snakes lying around. “OH HEY! ROB! COME LOOK AT THIS SNAKE ON THE FLOOR” no that doesn’t happen. So, I just had to go with it, and be sympathetic which was tooo awkward.

Another that I’m not sure how to put into a sentence but I’ll try. People that ask questions and then act like they didn’t want to hear it. This is really annoying. Today, I got asked, by a friend, if I got 100% on the maths test (it was just a little ‘End of Unit’ one) and I said yes. After then she seemed really annoyed or something, and was making it seem like I just told her out of the blue, that I got 100%, to gloat. YOU ASKED ME THE QUESTION DID YOU WANT ME TO LIE?


This one, which is actually inspired by the same person who inspired the last one, is, people that constantly feel the need to be better than everyone – at everything. I know, people want to do well in things. But constantly trying to make yourself look amazing by putting others down is not the way to go. Sure, you’ll be better at certain things than other people, but can you not get into your head that some people will be better than you at other things!? This one is one of the things that I find the most annoying out of everything.

Okay so I’ve just realised that I’ve done a good few of these, but I really want to do ONE more so…. yeah you’ll have a longer post!

Saying something, and then it’s set in stone. This one cropped up just yesterday and today. I’m not sure of an exact moment. Basically, one of my friends was talking about how she wasn’t completely sure if she was 100% straight. We all knew that she definitely has some straight in her, because of all the obsessions with guy celebrities she’s had. Now, she has never, ever spoken of a female crush, yet questions her sexuality. A few hours later, a text came saying that she was “gay”. I have nothing wrong with being gay, but what about all the obsessions, that she even says she still likes? And everything has become rainbows and unicorns now. It’s like that one thing has set off a whole craze for her… And yeah. I guess that’s that? I’m not sure if she’s exaggerating it for the attention or what.

There we have it, those are some of the things that annoy me the most. Can you relate to any of them? And what annoys you?

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BYE ! 😀

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