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When I’m Home Alone


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today (well not actually today; it’s Thursday as I write this, because I’m out with Bob on Saturday) I wanted to blog about something light-hearted, hopefully funny -but it probably won’t be because I can never come across as funny in words – and maybe relatable to you all.

I was home alone on Tuesday, for around three hours. And I thought I would go through some of the crazy things I did – and the not so crazy and rather boring. Firstly, I actually love being home alone; I think it’s really chilled out, and I feel like I can kind of just explore and do whatever I want. Which is a powerful feeling when you’re used to a house with nearing on ten people and dogs.

The first thing I did, was let my hair down. That might sound kind of weird because a bunch of people wear their hair down anyway, but mine is quite long (down to just above my hips), and I RARELY wear it down. If I do, it blows in my face and just gets tangled so quickly. But, the rare exception was Tuesday. I let it down and wait for it… I ran around the house. Yep. Insanity right there. It’s just so nice to feel the wind rush through your hair and imagine that you look something like this:


When in reality you actually look like this:


So yeah, that’s the first thing I did. After that, I did some EXPERIMENTING!! Break out the goggles and the Bunsen burners. Haha no don’t worry. For someone that doesn’t wear much makeup – at all – it’s quite intriguing to know what makeup is really like, and what I would look like wearing it. So, I went through my sister’s bedroom (sorry), quite intensely and found any makeup I could. Turns out she took most of it to university, but she left some old mascara, some lip glosses and a ‘technic mousse foundation’. From my experiments, I found out:

  1. I have really long bottom lashes
  2. Sometimes lip gloss really tastes gross
  3. You can’t blink hard wearing mascara
  4. And it’s really difficult to wash the mascara off
  5. Finally, mousse foundation looks so weird and literally cake

At the end of my experiments, I stuffed away all of the makeup, where it was before and headed downstairs.

Cake time

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I ate a mug cake, which you can read a review on here. When I’m home alone, eating seems to be something I do quite a lot 😀

After my cake adventures, I came up to my room, put my hair back up, attempted to break into my sister’s iPod and then resorted to playing Lego Harry Potter on mine And sims.

So, that’s some of what I did when I was home alone. What do you do when you have the house to yourself??

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BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me