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Monthly Look Ahead – March!


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As a lot of you will know, today is the last day of the month (happy leap year!) which means I’ll be writing my monthly look ahead. My one for February was super boring, sorry about that, but I think this one will be much more eventful.

So let’s get on with it then!

That spot that I spoke about last time? Ha, yeahh it’s still there…

As I said in my last post, I had a spot (I’m sorry, it’s gross but I don’t know what to say) that I had co-existed with for over a week. Quoting myself, I said:


So, for the last week, if not more, I have been living with the most annoying spot on my face (I know, maybe a bit too much information but seriously). And it’s fairly big. I realised this morning, that it has finally started to go down, which means that in February, at some point, it won’t be there, and I won’t have to use a bucket of concealer to hide it. Or the redness at least.”

I had no clue, that a whole, entire, COMPLETE month later, that ‘freaking spot’ would still be on my face. As of right now, it’s just a pink circle. So I guess that look-ahead thing has rolled over to March.


Last time, I was excited about bagels, purely because my dad had just bought them from ASDA, but this time, my dad just announced he was making chocolate pancakes for tea. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t the floppy, thin ones; they’re big fluffy American ones and they are HEAVEN! So there you have it, my food one. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another about food 😀 Who doesn’t love eating nice stuff, right?


So, on the 6th March, OUAT is back!!!!!! I literally can’t contain my excitement but I’m gonna have to because there’s still a week to go! I can watch it on the 7th, because I’m not in America and actually, as it’s on TV I’ll be sleeping. But I might wake up at 5 am to avoid spoilers… Hmmmm. Either way, it’s going to be amazing, I can’t wait. And yeah 😀

My Birthday

Haha, yeah, I’m an actual person, with a birthday, not this internet entity that floats around the blogsphere. It’s weird to think that we’re all real people. But anyways, I won’t give away the exact date of my birthday, because that would probably make it super easy to guess who I am, if you know me (not that it already is or anything). So I’m thinking my blog birthday can be 31st March, because then it’s happened already? What do you think?

Friends Birthday!

One of my friends also has a birthday coming up! Which is fun because me and my other friends can discuss birthday presents, who knows maybe she’ll have some form of party?


So, since my family is Catholic, we celebrate Easter, but I’m guessing other people do too? They have Easter Eggs right? But anyways, having all the Easter eggs is AMAZINGGGG! Who doesn’t love chocolate!!!? Plus, with my brace it takes forever for me to eat it all, so I can make everyone jealous with all the chocolate I have left. I know, I’m a terrible, evil person but it’s in a light-hearted way!


So, as much as I love the cold, wintery weather, it seems a bit pointless lately, because we haven’t even had snow. And it’s at this point that I just accept: We aren’t getting inches and inches of snow. At least not this winter. So, standing at the bus stop in the cold for however long the bus takes to arrive is not fun when I could be warmer. Spring will be a nice change! Plus there’s all of the daffodils on their way up!

School Holidays

Since Easter is coming around, we’ll be off for 2 weeks around the Sunday! As quick as this term has gone, I really can’t wait for another holiday! I’m getting tired! And I really miss not being able to sleep in every morning… I can’t even sleep in at the weekends, at least not for as long, because my brain decides to wake me up at 7 every morning now…

So there you have some of the things I’ll be looking forward to in March! There are probably more, but that’s all I can think of right now.

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BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me