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Life Hacks?


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I know that I’ve started way too many posts like this in the past, but I’m sorry for not blogging yesterday. I would give you a good excuse, but the truth is that I forgot. My thoughts were occupied elsewhere and blogging didn’t cross my mind until I looked up at the time, realised I still had to make sure I was ready for school and then have a shower… 😦


Anyways, onto the actual post for today. I thought it would be fun to share some little ‘life hacks’ with you. Although when I actually thought about it, what do I even do that’s a life hack? And really I have no clue, so this post might as well be called ‘Stuff you probably already know and do but I’ll tell you again’. YYAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Here we go then!

Brush your eyebrows with a beauty sponge

I know this sounds totally crazy and random, but it seems to work. If you don’t own a brow brush, like myself, but your hair above those beautiful eyes of yours is an absolute mess then I suggest dragging out your beauty sponge (if you own one). Coming from someone who has quite dark, and fairly bold eyebrows, it works. Just don’t use the side that you use for actual makeup? I’m not sure why it works, but I just kind of slide it along in the direction I want the hairs to go in and there we go. 😀

Just buy jeans that are too long

Obviously, don’t go ridiculous and have them trailing down to the floor or anything, but if you’re buying skinny jeans, don’t let the length put you off. I like to have mine quite loose/gathered at the bottom. Having them longer means you can get away with turning them into boyfriend jeans too! Just roll the cuffs up! 😀

Keep your earrings together

This one was really difficult to summarise so I just ended up using that. Anyways, I like to keep my earrings together so I don’t have to search for the match of the one I have out (I have quite a lot of pairs). To do this, I just take the back off one of them, poke the pin into the little circle thing (kind of like a butterfly) on the back of the other earring and put the back onto that one…. That made no sense…. I hope you can somehow try it, because it’s super useful!

Use a shoebox for school books

If you have a bunch of school books lay around making a mess of your room, I highly suggest digging out a shoebox from somewhere and using it to store your books. Just don’t pack it with stuff that really doesn’t need to be in there… If you want, you can stick things on the outside of it, or use your amazing creative talents to decorate it by hand! It definitely helps to clear up books that are just thrown all over your bedroom! 😀


To make symbols like that using the keyboard, you can hold Alt and a number from the number pad!

Just get Spotify

It saves money, it’s awesome, and that’s about it. ❤

That was 6 of the life hacks I came up with… There are probably more, but it’s getting late and this post isn’t up so I should really hurry up… Also I’m craving biscuits… 😀

Thanks for reading! Leave any comments or suggestions in the comments! Make sure to let me know of any life hacks that you know of!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me