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You’re Beautiful


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Before you skip passed this post, because it’s ‘just another post trying to make you feel better about your life’, you need to know this. People forget it too much.

I know I’ve done a couple of posts like this before, but everyone needs a reminder every now and again.

Maybe someone has said something bad about you before, and you’ve never forgotten, even if it might have been years ago – trust me, I know how you feel. They’re wrong. They have no rights to make you feel any less than perfect. Nobody does.

Something I wonder a lot is if one day, I’ll make someone feel like the songs that I listen to. Someday, someone will grin when they see your name pop up in their notifications. They’ll look to their feet when you’re around because they’re nervous. They’ll love that cute, quirky laugh of yours, and strange sense of humour.  They’ll get butterflies when you walk through the door. You might be the person they think about when they can’t sleep.

They’ll love you.

For being you.

Everyone has things they aren’t happy with about themselves. Me? I’m a ridiculous daydreamer. May or may not have just lead to me stepping in dog doo about half an hour ago… You might not be good in social stuff (neither am I, let’s be friends). But you must have something you are happy about with yourself?

As much as it can become a pain, I’m incredibly optimistic…. While it does mean that I can never give up hope on marrying my celebrity crushes (or normal ones for that matter), it does make me an all-round happier person. Plus it actually helps with stuff I want to be good at.

You might furrow your eyebrows at what I’m about to say, but… smile. Just smile. Right now, wherever you are, looking at whatever screen this is – smile. You smiling? You are! Nobody in the world has that smile except you. Only you. And that’s one of the things that makes you so uniquely beautiful. Remember the feeling that smiling gives you. It feels good, right? Even if perhaps you don’t feel so good anyway. It makes you forget for a minute.

So basically, you’re beautiful. I hope you believe that. I know I don’t always, but I hope you can. I hope you can one day write your initials in the sand with your soulmate and look at your phone to see texts from someone who was thinking about you at night.

Also, I love you 🙂 ❤

Thank you SO much for reading, and not skipping on if you got to this point. Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!


Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I hope you marry your celebrity crush because wouldn’t that be awesome? Unless we have the same crush… That wouldn’t be awesome 😉