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I’m Just Average Teen Me. And no, I’m not turning my blog into a fanfic. I just thought it would be interesting to discuss it today!

As a teenage girl in the 21st century, of course I’ve read fanfiction. Fanfictions that I have read are mainly fabrevans, who if you didn’t read my post on OTPs, are my favourite ship ever. I love them way too much. Also just to clear things up, it wasn’t a dirty fanfic. Just cute and sweet.

I know that some people take fanfic really seriously, and write a lot of it. There are some people who write whole books, right?

As for writing fanfiction, I know that my friends do. Some of them anyways… Probably most of them. And I guess you could say including myself.

Before you ask, I’m writing myself and Rachel (a friend) into Glee, for myself. We’re both massive fans and if anyone, she’ll be the only other person to read it. I wasn’t sure if it counted as fanfic, but I guess it probably does. Penny said so anyways.

Penny’s fanfiction is another story. It gets rather intense, should I say… To put things frankly, she once wrote about some guy doing ‘press ups’ on her. Fun. Mine is mainly eavesdropping on the people around McKinley (Glee school) and attempting to write myself as friends with Quinn. Honestly, I love her and if I could be friends with any TV character, she wins by a mile.

What do you think of fanfiction? Do you write it? Do you read it? Let me know in the comments!

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BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me