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A Little Update On My Life


I’m Just Average Teen Me. It’s been a while since I actually told you guys what in the world is going on with my life, so I thought it would be a nice change to do just that today. As far as planning for this post, or thinking about what I’m going to write, I’ve done zero. Which should make this kind of weird, but hopefully more laid back and chilled out than normal.

Mainly, it’s just been school. As for school though, it’s been fairly straightforward, not too many exams or tests of such. Although now that I mention it, there’s an exam week coming up fairly soon which should be fun… especially with a form teacher that fails to keep us updated on anything.

Friends-wise, I’ve been doing well. For some of you who’ve been here for quite a good while, you’ll know I had a few problems with a certain someone named Regina (by my codenames) and stuff got kinda cray cray. Basically, Regina has been awesome lately, and I really have tried to forget everything that’s happened in the past and move on. Which as difficult as I thought it would be last October, is really easy. She’s been super awesome since about December and yeah everything is gooood! 🙂

As for another aspect of friendship, I’ve been hanging out with my ‘squad’ a lot less since 2016 started. I have mentioned before, but someone I’ve been hanging out with a lot is Brittnay. I eat with her every lunch time, along with her friend – let’s call her Tessa. Hanging out with these guys is a lot more relaxed, because of way less drama! Don’t get me wrong, I still spend time with my squad, and our friendship groups cross over a lot of the time (some days, Penny eats with us and we’re all friends in general). Obviously Bob is still my best friend though… I sound like a 7 year old 😀

Just in case you were interested, I am actually keeping up with my new years resolution of drinking more water, which is quite the achievement! It’s gotten to the point where I don’t dislike water anymore! Tell that to me this time last year and I’d probably mimic vomiting!

A good fraction of my life has been taken up by crushing since that post I did on the topic. I’m not going to go into it, because I’ll sound cheesy and cringey and like a creepy little fangirl but yeah. One dude is from school, the other is a celebrity. The celebrity however, I am rather optimistic about and am quite set on marrying him 😀 ❤

How’s your life going? I’d love to know!

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BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. One of my headphones literally just fell from my ear at random… I’m not even moving. :/