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An Apology


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As a lot of you will have probably noticed, I haven’t been blogging for quite a while. I’m not actually sure when I did my most recent post, but I know that it definitely wasn’t too recently.

Since exams, I kind of got into the habit of not posting, and I haven’t quite got out of it yet. I’d say I’ve been busy over the holidays but I haven’t. Most of it has been spent playing sims, watching YouTube or wandering around Tumblr. My family have been upstairs quite a lot which makes blogging quite difficult with this whole anonymous thing I have going on.

I don’t like doing posts like this because I feel like it’s kind of depressing, and shows me as a lazy person that might not care. I do care. And I’m one of the least lazy people – I promise. I’m usually organised and ready early. Lately I’ve had a lack of inspiration and ideas for what to put in my posts, though.

During my little hiatus, I wondered if people would notice if I never blogged again and just left my blog as it was this morning, without this post and the ones to come in the future. But then I remembered that I need the blogging community. You all have helped me get through a bunch of stuff, and it hasn’t even been a year yet. I know there’ll be much more I want to share with you all and much more you can share with me!

I have missed blogging.

I just don’t realise until I’m back. ❤

I’ll see you again in the near future, either tomorrow or the day after.

Thank you so much for reading

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me