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Monthly Look Ahead: June


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Yes, I have made it back to my blog on time! What a shocker! Another shocker: We’re in June. June. It feels like a couple weeks ago that I was writing my February look ahead! Off the top of my head, I’m not completely sure what’ll end up in this post, but hey, let’s see!

Summery Food

If you knew me, you’d know that¬†I don’t really like Summer, and that I much prefer the cold. I’m still in denial that it’s actually warming up, and am currently sitting here in my long sleeved Hogwarts shirt and full length skinny jeans. Clearly, I’m not one for Summery clothes. But I am definitely one for Summery FOOOOOOD! Over the school holidays (half term, which is 1 week for those of you in other countries), I’ve had several barbeques, and loved every single one of them! I’m a huge fan of burgers and have probably become slightly unhealthy due to eating so many ūüėČ

Lighter Hair

No, I’m not dying my hair. The colour of my hair is kind of awkward to describe, but it’s somewhat blonde. In Summer, the sun enhances (I guess you could say) the blonde in it, and I just prefer it to what it normally is. It seems to suit me a little better too.

Getting my Braces Off!

After several reschedules, I am finally going to have my braces off! When the time comes, I might do a little post about it to let you know how it’s going! In one word, I would probably describe my emotions as ‘Terrified’ because I’ve had braces since about October of 2013. It’s almost been three whole years. For someone who isn’t a massive fan of change, it’s scary to think of not having these metal wires and brackets on my teeth. Of course, I’ll have a retainer during the night, too. If any of you guys have had any experience with braces, let me know in the comments! ūüėÄ

Guitar Exam

Something that a lot of you probably don’t know, is that I play guitar. I have lessons, and do exams. In the last week of June, I’ll have my Grade 5. For those of you who don’t understand music grading, I’ll give you a little explanation. Basically, you start on Grade 1, and work your way up to Grade 8. Each Grade typically takes around a year (give or take depending on how quick a learner you are, and how much you practice). During the exam, you play three music pieces and have to perform several scales (up and down the notes in rather pesky orders) and then a few other¬†music knowledge stuff. I’ve been working on this one for just under a¬†year, so it’ll¬†be nice to get it over and done with (crossed fingers I keep up the standard of my Grade 4 results!)

Exploring the Realms of Tumblr

Recently, I¬†installed the app for Tumblr. I’ve had an account for quite a while, actually, but never used it because¬†I can’t be bothered signing in,¬†and I didn’t really understand the computer layout. Both of those problems have been eliminated now, though, since I don’t have to sign in every time, and then because I¬†do understand the phone layout. Unfortunately to some, I can’t give away my¬†username, because that would kind of be leaking my identity, which kind of ruins the point of being anonymous.

That’s the¬†main things I could think of! What are you excited¬†for¬†this¬†June?

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BYE! ūüėÄ

Just Average Teen Me

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