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I’m Just Average Teen Me. A couple of days ago, I tweeted about a certain experience I had on Monday, and I thought it would be fun to let you all know what went on.

Let’s set the scene, then. It was in the afternoon, at school, in a library/classroom, and we were planning a role play/drama thing that everyone had to do in groups of about seven or eight. I was with Britt, and a bunch of guys from our year. Why were we with the guys? Well, there were too many groups, so our group got split into the others. Thankfully, I still had Brittany.

Since Britt and I don’t like acting, or being in front of a lot of people (there were about 35 other people, excluding our group), the guys assigned us to ‘atmosphere roles’, which basically meant walking around so it didn’t look like they were stranded in the middle of nowhere. While they were planning out their roles, we talked about the girly stuff that girls talk about and whatnot.

A couple of minutes in, one of the guys, let’s call him Noah, came and joined us, in our little corner beside a bookshelf. Apparently he’d been assigned to ‘atmosphere role number three’. Britt stood there awkwardly, because frankly, we didn’t want anyone else knowing about what we were just discussing. Well, not any guys for that matter.

After an awkward silence, I said something along the lines of

“You’ll be third wheeling us, then.” And his reply was

“No, Brittany will be third wheeling us!” Yeah…. Not subtle at all… I ended up looking to Britt, who was looking at me. We both raised our eyebrows synchronised, which is something we seem to do quite often, and I looked back to Noah saying something along the lines of “Alright then”. At this point, I was probably too shocked to completely commit myself to the conversation, so what he said next didn’t quite sink in, but I definitely heard him say “attempt at flirting” and laughing. By then, I had zero clue if he was actually being serious or not, and still, I have no idea. I haven’t brought it up to Britt, because I’m not sure if she even remembers.

After then, there was a good bit of intense eye contact when he was explaining what was going on, which kind of made me feel like he was drilling a hole into my head, so I looked away every now and then.

As far as my own flirting goes, well, it’s not very far. I find myself laughing at a lot of stuff, accidentally to people that I don’t even crush on… As for the person at school that I do have a slight crush on, he’s only ever said one word to me, which was “Sorry” as he was squeezing by me. But that’s only because he’s in the year above me… and has a girlfriend.

HOWEVER, I am pretty much certain that myself and a specific celebrity are soulmates aaaand one day we’re going to get married, so it’s kind of difficult to flirt with him at the moment! 😀

What are some of your experiences??

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me