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Monthly Look-Ahead: JULY


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Another month has whizzed by, and my brain has exploded with it. This year is going insanely quickly, and we’re already over half way through the year! HOW?! Anyways, obviously this calls for a Monthly Look-Ahead! Unlike other months, however, I already have a bunch of ideas, and I can tell this post is going to be quite long! Grab a snack, and enjoooooy! 😀


First and foremost, the one-year anniversary of my blog is in July, although it’s pretty much at the end… I haven’t yet planned how I’ll celebrate it, but maybe you have some ideas? I’ll save the cheesy writing for then, though, so you don’t have to deal with it in this post!

School Holidays

If you’re in America, then you’ll already be off school, right? Well, for us Brits, we have school right through to mid July. Usually it’s around the 17th that we end up leaving for the Summer holidays. Anyways, I can’t wait for that time to finally come, where I can sleep in every morning, and not have to worry about homework!

Getting Back Organised

As I mentioned in a previous post, A Fresh Start, I’ll be trying to get back on top of my blog, and making sure I A) get posts up on time and B) make sure that I read the posts in my reader. The Summer makes that a lot easier, because lately, school has definitely been getting in the way! I can’t wait! I was also thinking about starting a Summer series for my blog, but I’m not too sure yet. Let me know what you think!

Travel Day

At our school, we have an annual travel day, where every year group get on a coach (not all on one, obviously) and head out to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Being the rollercoaster fanatic that I am, this is one of my favourite days of the year, beside the awkward experience I had in year 7 when I had no friends… ANYWAYS, I’m super excited for that!

Lakota’s Birthday

If you don’t already know, I have a big sister – Lakota. Well, not really Lakota because that’s her codename on here… You get the idea. Anyway, It’ll be her 20th birthday next month, and a birthday is always something to look forward to, right? Although, fun fact: I don’t like my own birthday. It’s probably because I’m quite the introvert and don’t like all the attention being right on me… Hence why I prefer Christmas – or other peoples’ birthdays!

Very little (or no) Homework

The time of year has finally arrived, where teachers at last start to slack off a little, and let loose, rarely setting homework. Again, this means for more time doing whatever the hell I feel like doing, and getting more blog posts up and running! Actually, that time seems to have already started, because I’ve only had one or two homeworks to do over the last week…EXCITING!

Guitar Exam Results

As I write this post, I have yet to take this exam. However, I am currently on a break from practicing. Tomorrow will be my Grade 5 in guitar and yep, I’m starting to freak out  a little. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll have done the exam, and will probably be awaiting results, which is always the worst part! I’ll add in a little update on this post once I’ve done the exam.

UPDATE: I’ve done the exam. I guess it could have been worse… The pieces (songs) went  well, other than a slight muck-up at the very beginning of one of them. Scales were fine. Musical knowledge was alright-ish and Sight Reading was disastrous – but I already knew that would happen. I don’t think it will be quite top marks, or as good as my last, but I should have passed. I’ll let you know when I find out!

The Secret Life of Pets

So, the creators of Despicable Me have made another film, not related to the minions, as far as I know. Basically, it’s about what pets do when you aren’t at home. Since I’m both a Despicable Me and animal lover, it’s only logical for me to watch this film when I get the chance. I was thinking about maybe asking Bob if he’s up for an adventure to the cinema… We’ll see!

And there we have most of the things I’m hyped about for July! What are you looking forward to? Also, what are your thoughts on a Summer series?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me