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Monthly Look-Ahead – SEPTEMBER 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. August is about to come to a close, which means it’s nearly September! I really don’t feel like it should be, though. This year is going so insanely fast! Anyway, as you’ll probably know, I do a Monthly Look-Ahead at the end of every month. This month, it’ll be quite school-themed, with back to school and all that jazz. But let’s get into it anyway!

Back to School

For people in the UK, we’re just about to go back to school. Sure, it means there’ll be piles of school books against that wall of my room that’s been pleasantly empty for the last seven weeks, but I’ve missed my friends. I’ve missed having the goals to strive towards. I’ll do a whole post on school tomorrow, but for now, just know I’m pretty excited!

Once Upon A Time Season 6

If you’ve read quite a few of my blog posts, you’ve probably come across “Once Upon A Time” or as I may have referred to it: “OUAT”. After the several month hiatus, season 6 will return on September 25th, although I’ll be watching it on the 26th; UK friends where you at? If you haven’t seen OUAT, I’ll briefly explain it (it’s actually really difficult so I’ll just go to Season 1). All of the fairytale characters (Cinderella, Snow White, Prince Charming and the rest) are all living happily in the Enchanted Forest, when The Evil Queen casts a curse and they’re all living in our world, without a clue of their ‘fictional’ identities. It’s probably easier if you just Google it or something! 😀

New Timetable

With the start of every school year, we get a new timetable. I’m trying not to describe too much in just this post, so that I’m not completely repeating myself in tomorrow’s post. There’s something so refreshing about having a new schedule to follow; like a fresh start – a clean slate. Plus, we get to leave behind our teachers from last year and get some new ones! 🙂

Looking after Year 7s

If you didn’t already know, I’m just going into Year 10 now (bombshell dropping here, I know. But other anonymous bloggers do it, don’t they? Please don’t hunt me down.). As one of the older years, we help with the Year 7s (newcomers, for those of you that aren’t in a UK high school). It normally includes going to some of their classes, and helping them… I’m really not that sure. Anyways, I remember seeing the older years as so much bigger when I was in Year 7. And to think that this year’s Y7s will see me like that, is insaaaane. I do plan to take advantage (in a good way, of course) of that, because it isn’t very often that I feel older than the people around me. XD

Seeing My Friends Again

Aside from going into the town centre with my ‘Squad that I don’t actually hang out with at lunches anymore but I’m still in it and we’re still all great friends’ yesterday, I haven’t seen any of my other friends (trust me, there aren’t that many others) in over a month. Thanks to WhatsApp, I’ve been keeping in touch literally every minute with Penny and Britt, so we weren’t utterly separated.

Surprising Said Friends With My Brace-less Teeth

So, about two weeks ago, I parted with my braces. Parts of my teeth hadn’t seen the light of day for three whole years, so as you can imagine, they felt (and looked) very odd. At first, I was convinced I looked like a horse, but I’m pretty much used to it now, thank goodness. Penny, Rachel, Ashley and Regina have already seen them, but Britt hasn’t. She doesn’t even know I’ve had them off. I’m not sure if she’ll notice straight away, but I think she’ll be quite shocked when she does 😀

Trying Out My New Concealer

While I was out yesterday, I bought a new concealer; my Collection Lasting Perfection one ran out. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that concealer, and it works wonders when you need it to. But the one downside was that it seemed to be a little drying on the skin. I’m not sure if anyone else that’s used it has dealt with that, or if it’s just me. Anyway, I was looking for something that might be a little better in that department, when I found the Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer – and in my shade! It claims to correct, illuminate and hydrate for 24 hours. If that doesn’t sound like the whole package, I don’t know what does! I haven’t tried it out yet, but I will be doing as soon as I’m back to school!

That’s most of what I’m looking forward to in September! What are you doing next month?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I had a lot of fun writing this post, for no apparent reason, but hey, thought I’d let you know! 🙂

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Optimism VS Pessimism


I’m Just Average Teen Me. If I’m being honest, I have zero clue how to open up this post so I’ll just get right into it.

With the Rio Olympics coming to a close, there are a bunch of people back in their own houses, regretting everything they did in their event. As much as the Olympics is where people have their dreams come true, it’s also where people have them crushed, in front of them, on live TV.

It’s also results day, for anyone who took their GCSEs this school year. There will definitely be people with a line of A*s, but there’ll be people that didn’t pass a single exam, too.

Al of those people can be split into two groups: the ones that dwell in their mistakes, and those who strive to do better next time. Basically, pessimists and optimists.

Stuff goes wrong in life. In everyone’s life. I could tell you several times that I wished I had time-travel powers so that I could fix the mess I just made. Like, the time I said happy birthday to one of my teachers in a corridor and he just stared at me blankly. Turns out, it was his birthday (wipes sweat from forehead) and he’s just a bit socially awkward so I think he panicked… 😀

Anyways, what we take from the bad things that happen is what’s important. In the men’s 10,000m (I have literally no clue how they can do that… I can barely do 1,500), Mo Farah tripped over and was on the floor, as his teammates ran over him. Somehow, he got back up, and won gold.

Maybe you’ve tripped over once or twice (not literally, for goodness sake), and not picked yourself up. Instead, you sat there, hopeless, watching the world go by. If you just stand up, and take the challenge of getting back up there, you can. Mo Farah won gold, probably because he told himself he could. If you tell yourself that your life is over, just because you messed up on an exam, you won’t be able to get back up.

If you’re being more optimistic, and tell yourself that it’s just an exam, and you can take another if you really want, then you’ll get back up, and who knows, maybe you’ll be right back at the top.

The future is how you perceive it. It isn’t set in stone. Your outlook on life can change your life.

Good luck to anyone with their results today, and just know, it isn’t the end of the world if you’ve gone wrong somewhere.

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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Confidence in Beauty

Before you read this, just know that I wrote it at least a week ago, so I’m not nearly as agitated. I just needed to re-reade it in a normal mood to make sure it’s okay to post 😀


Go ahead, read it now.


I’m Just Average Teen Me. So, this post will more than likely be a lot of slightly annoyed ramblings but please, just go with it. Heck, I’m not in the best of moods at the moment, but don’t we all have our down days?

To set the scene, I have a younger (by two and a half years) sister, who has been ‘tidying her room’ all day. Supposedly. Said sister’s reason for not wanting to take ze dog on a walk with my mother was just that.

Extra info: my foot has been hurting pretty bad the last few days (pah, when doesn’t my foot hurt, seriously. My big toe was broken a couple years ago and the bones have healed but the stuff around isn’t quite right. I think it’s the ligaments or something? Doctors are pretty useless with this particular thing so I just cannot be bothered with going back again and again. It’s normally not that noticable, but I’ll have certain weeks where it just hurts.)

Enough about my dodgy toe. So, there I am, walking my rather large dog. It’s cold. It’s raining slightly and basically I’d just much rather not be there at all.

When I’m in that sort of mood, I just don’t really want to talk. Howeverrrrrr, since my facade must have been pretty good, ze mother was talking. Deep sigh. At one point, I ended up managing to change the topic to diving. I blabbered for a good three minutes straight about it, and how I hoped the next events would go. My mum really doesn’t care for diving, so she was kind of not really replying.

Picture a teenage girl, with a sore foot, who had just been told she had to walk the long way around so we didn’t encounter some other dogs. I wasn’t happy.

The point of this post is what’s about to come up, pay attention please. Ahem.

At just over the half way point, my mum said:

“Have you tried (thing that I’ve forgotten now) for your skin?”

To let you know, my skin, is absolutely fine (actually, there’s probably less acne scarring on there than most other teenagers my age, I just have a few blemishes on my forehead. Earlier on that morning, I’d actually looked in the mirror, and been happy with how my skin was looking. Sure, it’s had better, but this was definitely not its worst.

So, I was quite shocked that my own mother had just implied that my face could do with some improvement, when I’m fine with it. I ended up saying something about how I didn’t really care how my skin looked. Throughout the rest of the way home, I was doubting if I should have looked in the mirror and been happy about how I looked.

The point of this post, you might ask, is that people might tell you that you aren’t beautiful (I know, that’s not exactly what my mum was saying but hey) and that can really hurt your self esteem. Remembering how you feel without any hateful comments, or insecurities is what’s most important. Look at yourself. Forget anything bad or hurtful anybody has ever said about you, and look again. You’re beautiful, and you don’t have to change yourself for anyone.

Sorry for being a little grumpy today, but I needed to get this off my chest, and it really has helped to release some of the tension I’ve had inside me. Hormones, man. What can ya do?

To end the post, here’s a quote I really love

To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.

-Ellen Degeneres

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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BLOLIDAYS | Back to School To-Do List


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As you’ve probably already noticed, it’s Saturday, which means there’s a new Blolidays post! There’s only two weeks left before I go back to school, so next week will be the last one. 😦

Back to today, though. Since I have done pretty much zero preparation for the next school year, I thought it might be useful to list some of the things that I have to get done. Think of it as a to-do list! 😀

Buy school supplies

This an obvious one, but I still haven’t done it. At one point, we (my mum and my siblings) will probably go out to Tesco or Asda at some point. I could probably do a whole post on just what I need to get in that area, but I plan on doing a haul once I’ve done it all anyway.

Clear off my desk

You may have realised, this was in my Summer Bucket List post, and yes, I did it at the start of the holidays. However, my desk has become trashed again. Not as bad as it was earlier, but just quite cluttered, and if I plan on filling it with school supplies and books, which I do, I’ll have to make some room.

Get some new trousers

At my high school, we have the choice of wearing a skirt or trousers. If you knew me, you’d know that I hate skirts and dresses and I do not feel comfortable in them at all, so I wear the trousers. That does mean that shrinking in the washing is a lot more noticeable, so I have to buy new ones about twice a year. Mine definitely need replacing… 😀

Order a new guitar book

If you didn’t already know, I passed my guitar exam in late June, so I’ll be starting on Grade 6 this year. I can’t start without a book for it, so that’s something that needs doing!

Get some new concealer

We aren’t actually supposed to wear makeup at school, but I hardly know anyone that doesn’t. For the last 6 ish months, I’ve been using the Collection Lasting Perfection, which has worked awesomely, but I was wondering if there are any others you guys love (I found that one got a little cakey and drying at the end of warm days)? Preferably under £8, good for covering redness and comes in pale shades. Have any of you tried the Bourgois Radiance Reveal one?

That’s everything I have left to do (I think)! What’s left for you? And when do you go back to school? I’m back on September 2nd 😀

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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Misconceptions About Girls


I’m Just Average Teen Me. First off, I love the thumbnail that I made for this post, and I’m very proud of it. 

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t have a clue why you wouldn’t have realised, but I’m a girl. And I know most of you guys reading this are also girls. So, I’m guessing we’ve all been stereotyped, and yeah, it annoys us. If you’re a guy, this will be equally useful, because you might learn something new! I thought it would be fun to clear up some of the rumours about girls.


Girls wear makeup to look attractive for boys.

No. Just no. I mean, there might be certain girls like that, but for the majority of us, makeup is purely, and solely for US and us only. Being that little bit happier with how you look can have a massive impact on the rest of your day because it makes you more confident. Not more attractive (or at least that’s not what we planned on).

Girls can’t drive

Stahp it. Sure, there’ll be women who can’t drive, but guess what? There’s a bunch of men that are terrible drivers too! Just as there are women and men drivers that are perfectly safe, and drive well!

Boys are more intelligent than girls.

Me being me, this really frustrates me. Look, there’s this girl in my year who scored highest in the year in Maths, Geography, English and R.E. this year. Yeah, higher than the boys. Of course there’ll be schools where boys get the higher marks, but that doesn’t mean we’re all dumb? Still want to call us stupid?

Girls take forever to get ready!

Believe it or not, not every girl spends three hours choosing their outfits and perfecting their hair and makeup. A lot of us are super organised. On a school day, I’m up at 6:55, ready by 7:30 (dressed, teeth brushed, bag packed, hair brushed, breakfast eaten etc) and then leave at 7:50. Less than an hour after waking up.

Girls cry at everything

Undoubtedly, there’s a handful of girls that are indeed, emotional wrecks. However, I haven’t seen any of my friends cry in person… I don’t think? Some girls like to keep their emotions to themselves, including me, and are fine crying when nobody is watching. If I end up emotionally attatched to something (i.e. a character from a TV show) then yeah, I’ll probably cry over them if they DIE or something! And there are definitely over-emotional boys too!

HOWEVER, I may or may not have cried this morning after remembering that my dream self hugged my celebrity crush.  😉

Girls are attracted to big muscles

I know from experience, that sure, muscles can look nice on the eyes, but not like Dwayne Johnson or anything. Sometimes that is a little intimidating, for me anyways. In fact, most of the guys that my friends and I have crushed on, are not too – how do I word it? –macho. A lot of girls actually find slightly nerdy guys cute!

Girls all love shopping

The number of times that I’ve been trailing around the town centre for hours with my friends and completely regretting deciding to stay for that long is insane. Sure, shopping for things that you need is good, but when it gets to the point where you’re just wandering around, looking at clothes that you’ll never even buy, it’s a little boring.

Girls are obsessed with counting calories

On several occasions, I have eaten two burgers and enough crisps to fill me so much it hurts to stand up straight. Sure, that must have been terrible for my body, but who really cares? IT WAS TASTY! AND I’M NOT LETTING ANYTHING GET IN THE WAY OF ME EATING WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!

On that note, I’ll end the post here. Could you relate to any of these? And what others might you know of?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me




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Anxieties Away From Home


I’m Just Average Teen Me. If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been slightly unacttive here on ze WordPress for the last couple of days. That, my friends, is because I’ve been away for a bit. Not anywhere abroad, and we’ve been several times before, since my Grandma owns a little caravan thing… It isn’t really a caravan… I’ll find a picture somewhere of something similar.

So, as you can see, it’s a good bit smaller than your average house. With a few too many people in one (I have quite a lot of brothers and sisters), it gets very loud, claustrophobic (I have claustrophobia kind of?) and stressful. In the time that I was there, I came up with a few ways to relieve some of the anxiety, and make it more bearable.

If you’re ever in a situation where you feel anxious, away from home, I’m hoping some of these tips might be useful!

Plan Ahead

While you’re packing, make sure you’re taking into consideration things other than clothes. If you’re likely to be feeling stressed, you should probably make sure you take something that’ll give you some sort of escape. I brought the Enchanted Forest colouring book with a pack of coloured pencils.

Know your way around

If it’s a place that you’ve been to before (mine was), then it’s a lot easier to know where you are, obviously. For me, not knowing where I am and how to get somewhere just adds to the stress. A good thing to do is to know the way to one specific place. Say, a shop for example.

Get out and breathe

If you can, going outside is probably the best thing to do when everything gets a bit too intense, and you feel like everything is crushing you. Take slow, deep breaths and enjoy the peace of being away from what it was like inside.


Sometimes, distracting yourself with a destination outside is a lot more useful than just sitting outside. Knowing your way around really helps with this one. At one point, I think I was verging on another panic attack, so I asked my mum if there was anything she needed from the shops. We were low on water, so that’s what I went to buy. Walking slowly will help to relax you, and give you longer to calm down too. I was out for about 30 minutes, which was more than enough time.

Relaxation techniques

In a situation where you can’t get out, it’s a good idea to try some relaxation techniques. A favourite of mine is meditating. No, not sitting cross-legged and making hum noises. I have an app, called ‘Calm’, and it plays nice sounds (you can choose from loads) as a voice guides you through the meditation. They last from 3 minutes to 8 hours (honestly, who has the time?) but I normally use the 5 or 10 minute ones.

Eat/Drink something

I’m sure we’ve all heard of comfort food, and it can really make your life that little bit better. While I was at the shop, I picked up a mini fruit-salad, and ate that on the way home.

Look at something that makes you happy

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Save some pictures of things that make you smile onto your phone. Maybe it’s a nice quote, or a pretty setting? Or that cute celebrity? Whip out your phone and take a look when you’re stressed.

And those were some of the ways that I made the most out of my time away, without going into complete meltdown. Hopefully, you might have picked up a few extra techniques! To end this post, I’ll share one of the quotes I had saved.

Take a step back and inhale.You’re never given anything in this world that you can’t handle. Be strong, be flexible, remember who you are and who loves you.

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me


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BLOLIDAYS | Summer Trends


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Welcome back to Blolidays! Can you believe we’re already five weeks in? I definitely can’t! Another crazy thing I saw on ze twitter this morning was that there are only 4 whole months left of 2016. WHERE DID THE FIRST 8 GO?

Anyways, today I plan on sharing some of my favourite Summer trends, from fashion and beauty to home-ware and whatever else comes to mind! Before I start, I just want to address that I am not very used to diving into the genre of fashion and whatnot, so don’t take how I word things too seriously. The likelihood is, I have no clue at all what a lot of the stuff is actually called. Oh and another thing, I literally just wear skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a zip-up hoodie all Summer so I haven’t worn any of this  stuff recently.


Okay so it’s probably because I kind of love the 1920s (with the flapper girls and all) but I kind of LOOOOOOOVE anything with tassels on it. I think it looks really pretty, espeically  on beach throw-overs and swimwear. They just scream beachy!


If you hadn’t already noticed, I was talking about hair. Having the rather straight, long hair that I have, I haven’t stepped into the realm of curly hair very much. I just remember attempting to braid it and hope it looked beautiful and luxurious when I was about six (emphasis on the attempt, if those italics weren’t already enough.). It ended up crazily frizzy and I refused to go to school until I had showered and it had gone. Anyways, many, many, years later, I found that twisting is definitely more effective for pretty wavy hair!


I actually realised this when I lay my towel down on the bathmat. My towel is a pretty coral pink and the bathmat is turquoise. It just was so summery and I kind of fell in love. If I was a fashionista, I’d totally try to rock some sort of combination of those two colours! So, I’m not sure if it’s a trend but I think it should be!


Obviously, as soon as summer hits, a lot of people change their phone background to something with a little more of a summery vibe. I was kind of in denial that it was actually summer, and that we were already half way through the year so I kept the little cartoon clouds that I had at the time. A couple of weeks ago, I changed it to a shot of the sky, with some palm tree (I actually just spelled that as try… Well done to me. Summer holidays is definitely showing) leaves. It’s very pretty and I really like it!


Okay who doesn’t love a good oversized shirt? I love them, especially long sleeves with really loose (pretty much non-existent) shoulders! They’re super comfy, and why the heck would you not love them basically.

That’s the trends that I’m loving this Summer! Let me know what your favourites are and I’ll see you next week with another Blolidays post!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me


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Thoughts On The Olympics


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last while, you’ll know that the Rio 2016 Olympics are well underway. Today’s post is going to be a chilled out chat about just that. Call me Dr Seuss that rhymed.

As a whole, I’m quite interested in the Olympics. Obviously, there are sports I’m not hugely entertained by, but there are others that have me on edge throughout the whole event. Long hours of bike riding or marathon running doesn’t particularly keep me interested. Personally, my favourite is diving.

Diving has been my favourite sport to watch for about five years now. Thankfully, the diving events are all at around 8pm, so I don’t have to mess up my sleep schedule to watch them! The diving event that I’m most looking forward to is the Men’s Single 10m Platform. I can watch hours and hours of these on my laptop when I’m bored or just when I’m wishing that August 19th would hurry up and arrive.

The Men’s 10m Synchronised was SO GOOOOOOOD OH MY GOODNESS! I was on my toes (not literally, although I was sat on my legs which meant I kind of couldn’t walk afterwards) through the whole thing!

It’s probably a good time to point out, for those of you that don’t already know, my nationality. I live in the UK, but I’m both British and American. I have one parent of each. SO, I have double chances in the Olympics. 😉

So, GBR (Dan Goodfellow and Tom Daley) and USA (Steele Johnson and David Boudia) managed to get Bronze and Silver, which is SO AMAZING! China won Gold (they were INCREDIBLE!) and the medal ceremony just left me melting with happiness and pride. Mainly because Steele was just up there happy crying and I’M SO PROUD OF THEM ALL! They’re all such nice guys, and deserved it so much!

So, for the single 10m, I’m rooting for Steele (I think he’s in it?). Although I really want Tom to finally get his Olympic Gold… And I want David to keep his Olympic Champion title… MULTI-NATIONALITY PROBLEMS!

ENOUGH ABOUT DIVING (I could honestly go on for a lot longer than this, don’t question me, did any of you see the green pool?)

Gymnastics is another favourite of mine to watch! WHOOPS FOR  MAX WHITLOCK WINNING BRONZE LAST NIGHT! 😀

So, the actual idea of countries all uniting in the things that they love, and celebrating the talents of individuals like Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, Michael Phelps and so many more is such a nice thing. It’s a time where we can put aside all of the disputes that the countries might have, and just share love for sports!

Recently, the world has been a pretty dark place, but watching so many people have their dreams come true is so heart-warming and it definitely lights up the world for the few weeks that it lasts.

That’s all for this post! I know it’s different to normal, but let me know if you enjoyed it, and I’ll do more in the future!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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Letting Go to Pick Up


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I thought that today would be a chance to actually talk about some of my feelings and emotions that I’ve been dealing with for the last couple of weeks. As much as this post might end up a little depressing, I’ll try to make it as happy as possible, if that’s possible?

I’m guessing at some point in our lives, we’ve all had a celebrity crush, and a fairly intense one at that, where you genuinely believe that you two are soulmates, and that you’ll get married and live happily ever after. You follow all of their social media accounts, but make sure not to be too obvious, so that when you do get together, he/she doesn’t realise that you’re one of their biggest fans. Maybe you save some pictures of them onto your phone, so you can look at them to make you happier when you feel down.

I had been dealing with that for months. Since February, to be exact. I used to think that what I saw in his eyes was different to what all the other girls saw. What happened, you might ask? Well, that’s what this post is for. I won’t be saying who this ‘celebrity crush’ is or was, because that’s kind of a little awkward – even my best friends don’t know. Although I will probably be telling Bob all of this, with the names as soon as we get together. It’s one of them things I can’t get across over text, you know?

Anyways, I was head over heels in love with this celebrity, and I actually believed that he was my soulmate. When the thought of him dating someone else (I didn’t even know if he was actually dating anyone, although it was fairly likely that he was) popped into my head, it felt like a wave of betrayal and sadness drowned me. It’s ridiculous; I don’t even know the guy! Cringey, I know, but I remember telling myself that it felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest… I’m sure I was overreacting, though.

So, after scrolling through dozens of sad quotes about hopeless crushes and casually sobbing, a thought finally hit me. One that I never would have expected back in March, or even last week.

Why am I letting a guy that doesn’t even know me hurt me so much? 

From that point, I decided that I was done, and actually did a lil tweet for you guys from ze blogging account.

“If this is where hoping that a celebrity is my soulmate gets me, I’m out.”

That was on the 22nd July at about 9:30. Since then, I’ve been trying my best to let go (hence the title) and forget about him. I’ve unfollowed him on twitter and deleted any pictures from my library.

So far, it’s going pretty well. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest! At first, reading WikiHow articles telling me to face the fact that we’ll probably never meet made me feel sick, but after that first day, it became easy! Although yesterday he did try to get back into my head. PUSH IT BACK OUT!

I like to see it this way:

My emotions towards him were so heavy, that I had to drop other things to keep the hope that we were soulmates. Now that I’ve dropped all of that, I’m picking up the things I dropped before, and it feels amazing.

If you’re trapped in a celebrity crush, I really suggest at least trying this! Although, maybe you will marry them?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I have already started to obsess over another dude…. GOING SWIFTLY 😀

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BLOLIDAYS | Favourite Summer Foods


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Welcome back to Blolidays! It’s the fourth week already! Only three more Blolidays posts after this! Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying this series. 😀

Today I thought it would be interesting to share some of my favourite Summer vibe foods! Who doesn’t love food?

  1. Yogurt (literally any kind)
  2. Smoothies (especially berry ones)
  3. Barbeques because why the heck not
  4. Magnums ❤
  5. Ice lollies (my favourites are tropical and citrus ones)
  6. Onion ring crisps
  7. Pineapples
  8. Buttery corn on the cob
  9. Ice cream (duh)
  10. Anything mango flavour (or literal mangoes. Just went on Google to check the plural of mango. For some reason there’s an ‘e’ in there.)
  11. Strawberry Shortcake – obviously with whipped cream!
  12. Berries in general
  13. Pancakes – all year round!

That’s everything I could think of! I know this post is super short compared to others, but hopefully we can have a discussion in the comments!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me