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Monthly Look-Ahead – AUGUST 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. July has come to a close, which means we’re slowly getting closer to Christmas. Yep, this is how my brain works. Welcome to my innermost thoughts, where I constantly have Christmas songs playing and wish that I’m in the snow.


This month has actually been the polar opposite of Christmas, with the intense heat wave that we had in the UK. A literal billboard went up in flames. We aren’t prepared for this intensity. SEND HELP! 😀

I should really get on with this post now…

A Full Month Without School

At the moment, most (if not all) British schools are on their Summer break, including myself. I’ve been off for about two weeks already, and have about 5 weeks left. I’m back in on September 2nd, so I have all of August to do whatever I want, all day, everyday. Which, obviously, is awesome. XD

Finding Dory

I know that in other countries, Finding Dory is already out, and has been for quite a while, but it only just came out on 29th July in the UK. Being the huge Disney fan that I am, I’m super excited to find a time to see it, hopefully with Bob!


With school coming back in September, I need to buy a new concealer since my current one is almost gone. It’s likely that I won’t buy anything else, but I love how it feels in Superdrug, with all of the shades lined in order. I don’t know, it’s just really satisfying. In case you’re wondering, I’ll be getting another one of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealers. Maybe two so it lasts longer…

Stationery Shopping

After a year of school, most of my pens and pencils have disappeared into the land of people that ‘borrowed’ them and never returned them. Although this year, it was actually slightly more successful than previous years. Probably because I started off with a box of 50 pens… And then bought another little one with about 10 in May for exam season…. Anyways, I love going stationery shopping; it makes me really excited for the next school year!

Possibly getting my braces off??

I have an appointment with the orthodontist this month, and it should be my second to last one. Depending on how busy the schedule is, my braces could end up off in late August, or maybe even October. I’d love to get them off in the holidays so I don’t have to get used to it at school… Plus, everyone will notice and stuff will go craazy. I’ve had my brace on for almost three years, so people at school are just waiting and waiting for me to get them off. 😀

That’s everything I can think of for this month! What are you looking forward to in August?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me