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Letting Go to Pick Up


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I thought that today would be a chance to actually talk about some of my feelings and emotions that I’ve been dealing with for the last couple of weeks. As much as this post might end up a little depressing, I’ll try to make it as happy as possible, if that’s possible?

I’m guessing at some point in our lives, we’ve all had a celebrity crush, and a fairly intense one at that, where you genuinely believe that you two are soulmates, and that you’ll get married and live happily ever after. You follow all of their social media accounts, but make sure not to be too obvious, so that when you do get together, he/she doesn’t realise that you’re one of their biggest fans. Maybe you save some pictures of them onto your phone, so you can look at them to make you happier when you feel down.

I had been dealing with that for months. Since February, to be exact. I used to think that what I saw in his eyes was different to what all the other girls saw. What happened, you might ask? Well, that’s what this post is for. I won’t be saying who this ‘celebrity crush’ is or was, because that’s kind of a little awkward – even my best friends don’t know. Although I will probably be telling Bob all of this, with the names as soon as we get together. It’s one of them things I can’t get across over text, you know?

Anyways, I was head over heels in love with this celebrity, and I actually believed that he was my soulmate. When the thought of him dating someone else (I didn’t even know if he was actually dating anyone, although it was fairly likely that he was) popped into my head, it felt like a wave of betrayal and sadness drowned me. It’s ridiculous; I don’t even know the guy! Cringey, I know, but I remember telling myself that it felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest… I’m sure I was overreacting, though.

So, after scrolling through dozens of sad quotes about hopeless crushes and casually sobbing, a thought finally hit me. One that I never would have expected back in March, or even last week.

Why am I letting a guy that doesn’t even know me hurt me so much? 

From that point, I decided that I was done, and actually did a lil tweet for you guys from ze blogging account.

“If this is where hoping that a celebrity is my soulmate gets me, I’m out.”

That was on the 22nd July at about 9:30. Since then, I’ve been trying my best to let go (hence the title) and forget about him. I’ve unfollowed him on twitter and deleted any pictures from my library.

So far, it’s going pretty well. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest! At first, reading WikiHow articles telling me to face the fact that we’ll probably never meet made me feel sick, but after that first day, it became easy! Although yesterday he did try to get back into my head. PUSH IT BACK OUT!

I like to see it this way:

My emotions towards him were so heavy, that I had to drop other things to keep the hope that we were soulmates. Now that I’ve dropped all of that, I’m picking up the things I dropped before, and it feels amazing.

If you’re trapped in a celebrity crush, I really suggest at least trying this! Although, maybe you will marry them?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I have already started to obsess over another dude…. GOING SWIFTLY 😀


Hi, I'm an anonymous British blogger, hiding behind the name Awkwardsaurus. I'm a fan of Sherlock, which you should probably know. Oh, and I'm the kind of person that replies with "you too" when someone says "happy birthday". Hope to see you around ;)

7 thoughts on “Letting Go to Pick Up

  1. I don’t know if I would marry them, when I was crushing on a celeb a year ago and I really wanted to but I just don’t think that’s ever going to happen. 😛 Maybe?
    And hahaha, you’re going swifty!! XD XD

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