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Thoughts On The Olympics


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last while, you’ll know that the Rio 2016 Olympics are well underway. Today’s post is going to be a chilled out chat about just that. Call me Dr Seuss that rhymed.

As a whole, I’m quite interested in the Olympics. Obviously, there are sports I’m not hugely entertained by, but there are others that have me on edge throughout the whole event. Long hours of bike riding or marathon running doesn’t particularly keep me interested. Personally, my favourite is diving.

Diving has been my favourite sport to watch for about five years now. Thankfully, the diving events are all at around 8pm, so I don’t have to mess up my sleep schedule to watch them! The diving event that I’m most looking forward to is the Men’s Single 10m Platform. I can watch hours and hours of these on my laptop when I’m bored or just when I’m wishing that August 19th would hurry up and arrive.

The Men’s 10m Synchronised was SO GOOOOOOOD OH MY GOODNESS! I was on my toes (not literally, although I was sat on my legs which meant I kind of couldn’t walk afterwards) through the whole thing!

It’s probably a good time to point out, for those of you that don’t already know, my nationality. I live in the UK, but I’m both British and American. I have one parent of each. SO, I have double chances in the Olympics. 😉

So, GBR (Dan Goodfellow and Tom Daley) and USA (Steele Johnson and David Boudia) managed to get Bronze and Silver, which is SO AMAZING! China won Gold (they were INCREDIBLE!) and the medal ceremony just left me melting with happiness and pride. Mainly because Steele was just up there happy crying and I’M SO PROUD OF THEM ALL! They’re all such nice guys, and deserved it so much!

So, for the single 10m, I’m rooting for Steele (I think he’s in it?). Although I really want Tom to finally get his Olympic Gold… And I want David to keep his Olympic Champion title… MULTI-NATIONALITY PROBLEMS!

ENOUGH ABOUT DIVING (I could honestly go on for a lot longer than this, don’t question me, did any of you see the green pool?)

Gymnastics is another favourite of mine to watch! WHOOPS FOR  MAX WHITLOCK WINNING BRONZE LAST NIGHT! 😀

So, the actual idea of countries all uniting in the things that they love, and celebrating the talents of individuals like Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah, Michael Phelps and so many more is such a nice thing. It’s a time where we can put aside all of the disputes that the countries might have, and just share love for sports!

Recently, the world has been a pretty dark place, but watching so many people have their dreams come true is so heart-warming and it definitely lights up the world for the few weeks that it lasts.

That’s all for this post! I know it’s different to normal, but let me know if you enjoyed it, and I’ll do more in the future!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me