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Misconceptions About Girls


I’m Just Average Teen Me. First off, I love the thumbnail that I made for this post, and I’m very proud of it. 

If you haven’t noticed, I don’t have a clue why you wouldn’t have realised, but I’m a girl. And I know most of you guys reading this are also girls. So, I’m guessing we’ve all been stereotyped, and yeah, it annoys us. If you’re a guy, this will be equally useful, because you might learn something new! I thought it would be fun to clear up some of the rumours about girls.


Girls wear makeup to look attractive for boys.

No. Just no. I mean, there might be certain girls like that, but for the majority of us, makeup is purely, and solely for US and us only. Being that little bit happier with how you look can have a massive impact on the rest of your day because it makes you more confident. Not more attractive (or at least that’s not what we planned on).

Girls can’t drive

Stahp it. Sure, there’ll be women who can’t drive, but guess what? There’s a bunch of men that are terrible drivers too! Just as there are women and men drivers that are perfectly safe, and drive well!

Boys are more intelligent than girls.

Me being me, this really frustrates me. Look, there’s this girl in my year who scored highest in the year in Maths, Geography, English and R.E. this year. Yeah, higher than the boys. Of course there’ll be schools where boys get the higher marks, but that doesn’t mean we’re all dumb? Still want to call us stupid?

Girls take forever to get ready!

Believe it or not, not every girl spends three hours choosing their outfits and perfecting their hair and makeup. A lot of us are super organised. On a school day, I’m up at 6:55, ready by 7:30 (dressed, teeth brushed, bag packed, hair brushed, breakfast eaten etc) and then leave at 7:50. Less than an hour after waking up.

Girls cry at everything

Undoubtedly, there’s a handful of girls that are indeed, emotional wrecks. However, I haven’t seen any of my friends cry in person… I don’t think? Some girls like to keep their emotions to themselves, including me, and are fine crying when nobody is watching. If I end up emotionally attatched to something (i.e. a character from a TV show) then yeah, I’ll probably cry over them if they DIE or something! And there are definitely over-emotional boys too!

HOWEVER, I may or may not have cried this morning after remembering that my dream self hugged my celebrity crush.  😉

Girls are attracted to big muscles

I know from experience, that sure, muscles can look nice on the eyes, but not like Dwayne Johnson or anything. Sometimes that is a little intimidating, for me anyways. In fact, most of the guys that my friends and I have crushed on, are not too – how do I word it? –macho. A lot of girls actually find slightly nerdy guys cute!

Girls all love shopping

The number of times that I’ve been trailing around the town centre for hours with my friends and completely regretting deciding to stay for that long is insane. Sure, shopping for things that you need is good, but when it gets to the point where you’re just wandering around, looking at clothes that you’ll never even buy, it’s a little boring.

Girls are obsessed with counting calories

On several occasions, I have eaten two burgers and enough crisps to fill me so much it hurts to stand up straight. Sure, that must have been terrible for my body, but who really cares? IT WAS TASTY! AND I’M NOT LETTING ANYTHING GET IN THE WAY OF ME EATING WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!

On that note, I’ll end the post here. Could you relate to any of these? And what others might you know of?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me