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Confidence in Beauty

Before you read this, just know that I wrote it at least a week ago, so I’m not nearly as agitated. I just needed to re-reade it in a normal mood to make sure it’s okay to post 😀


Go ahead, read it now.


I’m Just Average Teen Me. So, this post will more than likely be a lot of slightly annoyed ramblings but please, just go with it. Heck, I’m not in the best of moods at the moment, but don’t we all have our down days?

To set the scene, I have a younger (by two and a half years) sister, who has been ‘tidying her room’ all day. Supposedly. Said sister’s reason for not wanting to take ze dog on a walk with my mother was just that.

Extra info: my foot has been hurting pretty bad the last few days (pah, when doesn’t my foot hurt, seriously. My big toe was broken a couple years ago and the bones have healed but the stuff around isn’t quite right. I think it’s the ligaments or something? Doctors are pretty useless with this particular thing so I just cannot be bothered with going back again and again. It’s normally not that noticable, but I’ll have certain weeks where it just hurts.)

Enough about my dodgy toe. So, there I am, walking my rather large dog. It’s cold. It’s raining slightly and basically I’d just much rather not be there at all.

When I’m in that sort of mood, I just don’t really want to talk. Howeverrrrrr, since my facade must have been pretty good, ze mother was talking. Deep sigh. At one point, I ended up managing to change the topic to diving. I blabbered for a good three minutes straight about it, and how I hoped the next events would go. My mum really doesn’t care for diving, so she was kind of not really replying.

Picture a teenage girl, with a sore foot, who had just been told she had to walk the long way around so we didn’t encounter some other dogs. I wasn’t happy.

The point of this post is what’s about to come up, pay attention please. Ahem.

At just over the half way point, my mum said:

“Have you tried (thing that I’ve forgotten now) for your skin?”

To let you know, my skin, is absolutely fine (actually, there’s probably less acne scarring on there than most other teenagers my age, I just have a few blemishes on my forehead. Earlier on that morning, I’d actually looked in the mirror, and been happy with how my skin was looking. Sure, it’s had better, but this was definitely not its worst.

So, I was quite shocked that my own mother had just implied that my face could do with some improvement, when I’m fine with it. I ended up saying something about how I didn’t really care how my skin looked. Throughout the rest of the way home, I was doubting if I should have looked in the mirror and been happy about how I looked.

The point of this post, you might ask, is that people might tell you that you aren’t beautiful (I know, that’s not exactly what my mum was saying but hey) and that can really hurt your self esteem. Remembering how you feel without any hateful comments, or insecurities is what’s most important. Look at yourself. Forget anything bad or hurtful anybody has ever said about you, and look again. You’re beautiful, and you don’t have to change yourself for anyone.

Sorry for being a little grumpy today, but I needed to get this off my chest, and it really has helped to release some of the tension I’ve had inside me. Hormones, man. What can ya do?

To end the post, here’s a quote I really love

To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.

-Ellen Degeneres

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me