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It’s Okay to be Lost


I’m Just Average Teen Me. When I was in Year 4 (about 9 for those of you outside of the UK), I made a decision that shaped my life up until now. The thought of that decision being a wrong choice was confusing at first, but now that I think about it, it’s totally reasonable.

Since I was younger, I’ve been organised (heck, I know I’m not that great at organising my blog) and felt much more comfortable when I knew where I wanted to get to – when I had direction. That’s why I felt like I had to decide on where my education was getting me. So, I decided I’d be a doctor when I grew up.

Flash forward six years, and I’m surrounded by the walls that I’ve built around myself. Every time I said I would be a doctor, it became more real, until I just knew that that’s where I wanted to be. It even influenced my choices in GCSEs, losing an option block for a whole extra set of Science lessons (Triple Science, as we cal it.)

I’ve been thinking. Thinking that when you’re nine, the only jobs that exist to your little brain are: teacher, doctor, nurse, shop workers, the jobs that your parents have and maybe even cowboy. But the truth is, there’s more jobs than you can count! Some of our generation will have jobs in companies that don’t even exist at the moment. As technology evolves, so do the jobs that produce that technology!

The numbers are endless!

Why I’ve been thinking so much, you might ask? Well, my biology teacher was talking about how she used to be a microbiologist. She took endangered plants into a lab, reproduced them, helped them to grow, and took them back into the wild so that they weren’t as endangered. Now, I don’t plan on becoming a microbiologist, but the realisation that there are jobs that exist that I don’t know about sent me spiraling into where I’ve ended up now.

I don’t think I want to be a doctor anymore: I’m squeamish (and haven’t enjoyed a single dissection), I don’t like to put myself at risk of falling sick, I’m terrified of sick (vomit, puke – whatever you want to call it) and the hours are so demanding, I don’t think I could keep my life balanced.

Being a doctor is not for me.

The thought scared me a little, at first – especially since I’ve started a first aid volunteering thing – but I’m almost 15. I don’t need to know where I want to be in 10 years time. It’s okay to not know.

It’s okay to be lost.

I know that there’ll be so many other people out there who have no clue what they want to be, or have told themselves a lie, that they want to be something, but in reality they’re just settling for what their younger self told them. Think, if that’s the case. You have years to go. We have years to go. We don’t have to have our lives planned out already. I mean, the only thing I already planned is marrying someone as attractive as Cody Christian because DAMN! ❤

Get out there, and enjoy the life you have!

We’re all lost. The best chance we got is to wander this life with the people who matter.

-Kristen Ashley

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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That Was In My Head?


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As the daydreamer that I am, there are several times where I’ll be playing out elaborate situations of out-sassing people (or just giving myself a running commentary) in my head. I’d imagine I’m not the only one, but I thought it would be so much fun to share some of them because frankly, my brain can be quite funny – to me, at least.

When I don’t like a teacher

So far this year, I’ve haven’t been doing this too much, but my piece of crap geography teacher that doesn’t have a freaking clue what he’s talking about has definitely sent me into the world of my brain a good few times.Take this for example:

“I got 100% on the test on this last year, so if you want me to get up there and teach this lesson myself then I will, because I sure as hell could do it better than you can.” Obviously, I would never say anything like that out loud, let alone have the confidence to teach a lesson myself, but when my brain gets annoyed, it spirals into this sorta thing.

Around the crush

Obviously, screaming out loud is not a fantastic idea if you don’t plan on the whole world finding out who you’re crushing on, but the inside of my head is usually a whole mix of emotions when he walks by. Like:

“Ohmygod who gave you permission to be so cute like can you stop thanks bye”

“I really hate your girlfriend…”

“Breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe woman! Don’t die over here!”

Thoughts on a bus

With public transport, comes many awkward and fantastically confusing situations that simply cannot be crammed into this small section of a post, so I might actually do a whole other post on this at some point, but for the meantime, I’ll give you a few of my most frequent thoughts.

“If my guitar falls and hits you, it’s not my fault…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, back the heck up dude you’re pretty close there….”

“Damn he looks a lot like a celebrity!”

In an exam

I know there’s a bunch of different kinds of people in exams, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been them all at one point or other, depending on the subject I’m in.

“Dang I really should’ve revised for this….”

“Wow what was all the revision for if it was going to be so easy?”


“Is that a bee? Oh hell no is there a bee in my exam? Who let you in you little grade destroyer… I bet someone sent you to make me fail….!”

If you enjoyed this post, please let me know, because I’d gladly do them separately, it’s just I had so much homework this evening and could barely fit in the time to post! Sorry!

BYE! :D-

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44 Autumn Things



As I did at the beginning of Summer, I’ll be doing a post about 44 Autumn Things. If you’re not from the UK, chances are, you call it Fall. Buuuut I don’t, so it’s Autumn on here. If you’re relatively new to this blog of mine, you may not have come across any of these posts before – I do them quite a bit, actually, and I really enjoy writing them! Anyway, I basically just list 44 things to do with the chosen topic, which in this case is Autumn.

  1. Changing that Summer phone wallpaper to something new and autumnal!
  2. Slowly darkening evenings
  3. Break out the fairy lights (I mean, I have them all year but hey)
  4. Rain hammering down on the roof as you sleep
  5. Spicy smelling candles (not chili – cinnamon and ginger)
  6. Forgetting your umbrella and being completely and utterly drenched as you walk into school
  7. Flannel! I actually don’t have anything flannel but I feel like I really should
  10. Convincing yourself that on every full moon there are werewolves roaming around the town
  11. Properly settling into the school year
  12. Finally not having to worry about sweating all of your makeup off
  13. Pumpkin Spice lattes; I’ve heard they’re really nice but I haven’t tried one!
  14. Berry lipstick – for my makeup fans
  15. Slowly changing leaves ❤
  16. Watching people throw sticks into the trees to try and get the conkers down
  17. The smell of plastic wellies ❤
  18. Bonfires and fireworks
  19. The smell of jack-o-lanterns when the pumpkin starts to get a little cooked by the flame
  20. Fluffy boots
  21. Crackling fires (if you have fireplaces with actual fire – thankfully (I am kinda scared of fire), I don’t.
  22. Staying up late, reading
  23. Warm cookies
  24. Oversized jumpers (my faaaaaavourite!)
  25. Doubling up on blankets at night
  26. Photo opportunities at every second
  27. Waking up in the dark
  28. Dark nail polish
  29. Watching cloud after cloud of your own breath disappear into the air
  30. Long walks in the woods
  31. Long hot showers (or baths if you’re a bath person)
  32. Finding the most perfectly spherical pumpkin to ever grace the planet
  33. And then seeing the huge spot on the back -.-
  34. Stepping on crunchy leaves
  35. For a split second, being convinced that your sparkler is going to reach your hand
  36. Fuzzy pyjamas
  37. Halloween decorations
  38. Cuddling pets when it gets cold
  39. Getting out your gloves after so long
  40. Hand warmers ❤
  41. Watching the same tree slowly turn more red than the last day on the way back from school
  42. Snuggling up to the oven when it gets cold
  43. Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it!

That’s everything I could think of! Hopefully you could relate to some of them! BRING ON AUTUMN!

BYE! 😀

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Too Much Technology?


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I kind of had very little inspiration for what to write today, so I thought I’d rant about something going on in my actual life. Yes, I know how weird it is to imagine that bloggers have real lives and that my name is, in fact, not actually Just Average Teen Me.


There were a bunch of changes made to how my school goes this school year (starting from the beginning of this month). Some of which, I enjoy – others, I really would much rather have what we had last year.

For instance, the school has moved to an online paying thingy mawhatcha call it. That’s one that I do quite like, because I don’t have to deal with having to bring in literal money, and force my pretty forgetful brain (actually I have quite a good memory, but I have my off days) to remember to hand it in on time. Plus, there’s always the dilemma of not knowing whether your mum actually put the right amount in the envelope. You get the idea. Now, it’s all online banking sort of thing? I really have no clue what the terminology and whatnot for this kind of thing is – so just go with my descriptions. Everything is payed for via internet (paypal, I think?). The only downside is: I haven’t actually had a letter about it so my parents can’t sign in… 😀

Onto the one that I made this post for.

Some year groups love it. Others, like mine, really are not massive fans at all.

It’s essentially an online homework planner/diary. You’re given a pin, and told to set up an account at home. You either have the option of deleting your beloved phone apps because your phone is already overflowing with storage warnings, or use it on a laptop.

The point of it was, to make it more appropriate for the age group, and supposedly more enjoyable. Rethink there, school. First off, there are probably a bunch of people who don’t have access to reliable WiFi at home, let alone have a phone with space, or a fully working laptop. Thankfully, I have usually stable WiFi (it’s a pain in the butt sometimes, I’ll have you know) and a working laptop. My phone however, has literally zero megabytes left of storage space.

Secondly (I feel like I’m writing an essay for school 😀 ), teachers don’t actually tell us what the homework is, and even if they do, they assume that we’ll find it easy because of the fantastic (sarcasm much) new online planner, so they don’t explain it one bit.

As for the part that the teachers were quite chuffed with, my parents literally have no clue how to navigate the whole thing. Not to mention, the teachers don’t seem to understand either, so when my parents ask my why my homework doesn’t say ‘Submitted’, I have to tell them that it’s because the teachers can’t do their job properly.

At the moment, the site appears to be down, unless it’s just me, so I have no idea what homework has been set today, if any.

What do you think? Can technology go too far?

BYE! 😀

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I’m Just Average Teen Me. As you may or may not already know, the The Headmawkward Blogger (aka Anthony at aVeryAwkwardBlog) has made a real life Hogwarts for bloggers. Basically, we have tasks to do, and we’ve been sorted into our houses: Gryffindraft, Hufflepost, Ravenclick and Slikerin.

Me? I’m a Slikerin. I’m also a Slytherin on Pottermore if you’re interested. The first task has been so much fun – we’ve been making a song for our houses (no spoilers!)! Each house has it’s own Common Room (it’s essentially a forum), that the other houses don’t have access to.

HOWEVER (yes of course there’s a big however in here, what were you expecting?), Slikerin has been missing quite a few of our members. If you have applied to Blogwarts, and not checked Anthony’s posts, you might not have realised that it’s even been going on… In the last few days, we’ve had about four people from our house active on the forums. That’s not fantastic, when there are nineteen in the house…. Sixteen have created an account on the forum, so there are a few of you Slikerins out there that are still lost in the halls!

For a list of all the houses and the house members, click here

To the Slikerins that haven’t been to active yet, please join us for the next task! The winners of task one will be announced on Monday, I think? As will the announcement of task two. Thankfully, with the help of our awesome Head of House, Flavia, and our incredible Prefect, Melanie, we’ve made it through task one just about on time. But it’d be so much nicer if we could have more input and more ideas!

In case you weren’t aware that you’ve been put into Slikerin, here’s the list of our house:



Trisha Malone


Melanie Noell















If you’re having any trouble with getting onto the forums and into the common rooms, let me know in the comments and I’ll try my best to help you out!


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Happy Mood Swings


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Yesterday evening, I was super happy and excited, for not much at all, but I thought it would be interesting to go through what happened.

Now I’ve started to write this, I’ve kind of realised I could have just summarised it into one tweet…. Ah well 😀

It’ll probably help to know that I actually left this draft for several weeks, and hadn’t come back to it until now… So, it wasn’t “yesterday”, and I’m not entirely sure what in the world half of the notes currently below this mean… I’ll try to turn them into actual English!

So, it started because of a rainy walk with my dog and my mum. Normally, the thought of going anywhere in the rain would be horrible – especially if it was as humid as it has been in the last week (I literally became a puddle of my own sweat). But it wasn’t too warm, and it was the kind of rain where you just give up on walking fast, because you’re already just about as wet as you can get.

From there, my brain decided that Autumn was just around the corner, which I guess it kind of is, but in mid-August it definitely could have been closer! Isn’t Autumn just so amazing, though? I’m really not good with the heat, and I just generally don’t like Summer any way near as much as I do the other seasons – especially Autumn! Naturally, I got super hyped for the cold weather to hurry up and arrive, which ended up causing a giant positive mood swing for the rest of the night…

Thankfully, I had my hood up for the walk, so the only part of my hair that actually ended up wet was the part sticking out from my hood, which was actually quite a lot, since my hair goes down to just about my waist… Anyway, the rain had made my hair quite voluminous, which is always something to be excited about when you have relatively thin hair, as I do! After that, I spiraled into some sort of hair-swishing, confident crazy person, which obviously is a good thing, I think?

As I’m sure a lot of people would after a rainy walk, I had a hot shower, and actually stayed in there for quite a bit longer than I probably should have done, and changed into some dry clothes. With the sudden realisation that it was almost Autumn, I bounced around to all of the Christmas songs I could! Yes, I have moments where I’ll listen to Christmas songs several times throughout the year – Christmastime or not.

On my travels through the internet, I came across a picture of Dylan O’Brien. Ashley has been obsessing over him for the longest time, and I’d seen him in The Maze Runner movies and not thought anything of him, attraction-wise. But from there, I decided that he was, in fact, a very fine specimen and proceeded to watch several videos, and download several gifs from tumblr until I died of swooning. In case you’re wondering: yes, it was for that reason that I started to watch Teen Wolf… I had no idea how much I would actually end up loving the show!

My least favourite part of the evening, was drying my hair, but it has to be done, so why the heck not include it here. Then, getting to something a little nicer… I had a hot chocolate, as I do every single evening, unless I’m pretty sick.

Recently, I’ve been trying to improve my flexibility, so I’ve been stretching every night, and at times throughout the day where I feel like it. It’s going pretty well, and I’m getting very close to being able to do the splits! My Lazy-Town-obsessed-six-year-old-self would be so proud !

And that’s pretty much it!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me


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Being Let Down Sucks


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I could say that I’ve gotten myself into a bit of a dilemma, but that would be a lie, since none of this is my fault. If you haven’t already guessed, today’s post won’t be as happy as mine normally are, but I’m really hoping you can give some advice in the comments!

Truthfully, I’m really not sure how to feel or what I’m feeling right now. I’d say it’s a mix of anger, disappointment and regret. I know, you want to know why I’m feeling this way, and I promise, I’ll get onto it – I just need to figure out how to word it all.

If you read Saturday’s post, you might remember that Britt was trying to persuade her parents to let her go on a school trip to Italy. Well, for almost a year now, we’ve been fantasising about how we’d take home the tiny shower gels, and stay up for hours talking about things that people drunk on tiredness talk about. Running through the list of things that we’d need to take, and the places we’d want to visit, the things we’d want to eat.

With one message, that whole dream was shattered.

“he said no”

For months the question had been: “Will Jatm be able to go?”, and now that it’s finally come around, and I’ve already given in the reply slip, all of a sudden, it’s Britt causing the troubles.

I know it isn’t exactly her fault, but she at least could have said earlier on that she might not have been able to go, right? Or spoken to her parents before the letters got handed out, like I did? Who knows, maybe she could have asked them with a little more enthusiasm and optimism? She was super pessimistic, and negative about the whole thing, waiting days to even ask them, and eventually I was doubting whether or not she even wanted to go.

My problem now, is that I might be going to Italy – without her. I have two options, really.

  1. Withdraw myself from the trip, which will probably mean that I have to sit through a lecture from the geography teacher and miss out on the stuff that wil help us understand the lessons
  2. Go through with it, without her, and make some friends that are actually going

However, if you’ve got the main part of my personality from my blog, you can probably tell that I’m terrible at making friends. I’m way too judgemental (I get it from my mother), I’m a pretty bad conversationalist, and just an all-round awkward person. God knows what stereotypes I’ve been stamped with in school either… It probably doesn’t help that the majority of people will have already made their own friends in the last four years anyway… Is it even worth spending about £500 (that we could really do with not spending, if I’m honest) on a trip where I won’t even be with my best friends?

So, I’ll have to decide pretty soon on what I plan on doing, but I was wondering if any of you have any ideas? Have you ever had to deal with something like this before?

BYE! 😀

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School So Far


I’m Just Average Teen Me. With a week of school finally over, I thought it’d be a good time to review and reflect on everything that’s happened so far – trust me, it’s been eventful! First of all, it feels like so much longer than just a week; the holidays feel like so long ago!

Being back on Friday was especially strange, with having to get on a bus for the first time in six weeks, and dealing with waking up several hours earlier than I normally would. Not to mention the fact that there weren’t even three whole year groups in school! Only Year 7s, Year 11s and the Year 10 Peer Mentors come in on the first day back, so school was weirdly quiet!

I shocked Britt with my brace-less teeth, as I’d been waiting to do for weeks. She noticed the instant I opened my mouth, which is strange, since Rachel took at least 20 minutes to realise! It didn’t take anyone that long to get used to it either – apparently I don’t look that different… I definitely thought otherwise right after having them off!

Turns out, Britt and I are actually mentoring the same group of Year 7s, and our teacher that leads the class is also my French teacher, which is awesome! So far, they seem to be a really nice group, too. Although I’m quite sure I wasn’t as small as they are when I was that young… To anyone just starting high school, it flies by. 

I got letters for a trip to Italy on Thursday, and handed it in on Friday, hoping that there are enough places for me to get in. The dilemma is, Britt is still trying to persuade her parents to let her go, so I might have to drop out if she can’t go… Either that or make some other friends that are going on the trip… Which we all know I’m not the best at…

Speaking of making friends, at my school, we split each year group into halves, and have lessons as separate year halves. This year, both have merged for our GCSE choices…. It’s really strange to be with people I’ve never had lessons with, and having to learn everyone’s names is like being in Year 7 again! Except with the reassurance of knowing about half of the people in your class. Certain people I’ll get along with almost instantly, but there’s always them awkward seating plans where you literally say nothing throughout the lesson… :/

Since it’s been a year since it happened, I thought it would be fun to bring back the topic of Theo Thursdays. No, not bring back the posts – just the topic. If you followed within the last year (which the majority of you did), you’ll probably be super confused, unless you’ve explored the realm of my menu bar (it’s just at the top of the page).  Basically, a new kid joined the school, I thought he liked (you know the like) me, which was awkward because I didn’t like him back, and I just wanted to get to the bottom of it. After about 4 weeks, I found out he actually liked Ashley, which was quite the relief. Check out that menu if you’re interested in the whole story!

Flash forward a year and we’re really good friends. It’s strange how things turn out, isn’t it?

Timetable-wise, it’s a lot of “meh”, as Bob would say. When I first looked at it, I wanted to die. Well, that’s a little extreme, but I really wasn’t happy with the teachers I had. For several reasons, actually.

  1. I ended up with the new Geography teacher, and had to leave behind one of my favourite teachers for him to take his place (giant “ugh”)
  2. For a split second, I thought I had my favourite science teacher – turns out, it was his wife… -.-
  3. I didn’t have the same English teacher as last year 😦
  4. I have hardly any classes with people I was hoping to have classes with

A week later, I wasn’t as disappointed with my classes. The science teacher’s wife is actually really nice, and that lesson has been one of my favourites all week. I have a few classes with people I know. My old English teacher isn’t the only good teacher, even if he is the best one. But the geography teacher still is my least favourite of the timetable. #

I’m doing a Sports Leadership course too, this year, that I can have as a qualification, and we get hoodies with our names on, which I am beyond excited for!

And that’s pretty much everything going on this week! Are you back to school yet?

BYE! 😀

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To My Fellow Brace Faces


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As some of you may already know, I have braces. Correction: I used to have braces. Well, now I have a clear retainer and I’m not actually sure if it counts as braces but hey. In case there are any of you out there who are about to get braces, or maybe you already have braces, I thought it would be useful to give you a bit of a heads up, as someone who has been through it all.

So, for anyone about to get braces, don’t worry. That’s my first piece of advice. If you get too worried before you have them fitted, you’re body will think something is wrong and start to panic a little, so try to tell yourself it will be fine, because it will. Really, there’s nothing at all to worry about. Except if you have long hair, like me. Just hold your hair in your hands so the orthodontist doesn’t roll over it with his chair.

Getting braces put on doesn’t hurt at all. They clean your teeth first, and then put the glue on, and then the brackets (the little squares) and then hold a light on to dry the glue. You’ll probably be wearing sunglasses (given by the orthodontist) so it isn’t too bright. Depending on how your orthodontist does it, you might have to come back again the week after or something to have the actual wire put on. Or maybe it’ll just be on the same day.

After the wire is on, and after every time you get them tightened, your teeth will probably feel a little numb, because they’re being pulled into the right place – don’t worry, they move really slow, over years. A couple hours later, it will probably hurt. The orthodontist might have told you that they might feel ‘sensitive’ or ‘tense’ but you’ll probably have your own way of describing it. Here are a few things I’ve found useful in helping to deal with the ache:

  • Yogurt – if you keep it in the fridge, it is really relaxing to hold in your mouth, and let the cold get to your teeth
  • Ice Lollies – again, the cold helps to numb it a little
  • Ibuprofen or other painkillers – just make sure you don’t overdose on anything!
  • Anbesol – Did you ever use gel when you were little for teething? Well, this is the same concept, but for teenagers and adults, so it works a lot better, and helps to numb your gums a little. I have both a liquid one and a gel.

You’ll more than likely be told to eat softer foods too, which is definitely a good idea, since biting straight into an apple may kill you. Some of the foods I found easier to eat were:

  • Yogurt – again, it helps with the pain but it’s really tasty if you get the flavours you like!
  • Porridge – if you don’t like porridge, then this probably isn’t a good idea but I’ve liked the Quaker Oats Apple and Blueberry one for years now. Staple for me!
  • Fish fingers – when you’re just eating liquidy foods every day, you might not be getting any normal food in either. Fish fingers are super soft when they’re cooked perfectly, so that’s what I ate for dinner quite a lot
  • Pasta – spaghetti, lasagne, however you like it, pasta is definitely a lot easier than some other options!
  • Soup – this one is kind of a no-brainer for anyone that likes soup, but I don’t (there literally isn’t a soup that I’ve ever liked)
  • Eggs – especially scrambled! Similar to pasta, eggs don’t need much chewing at all so they’re super easy on sore teeth

Before you ask, no, you don’t have to eat like that for the entirety of your brace life – just for as long as they aren’t feeling up to chewing normal food. For me, that was normally about a week. After then, you can go back to what you’d normally eat, minus the sugar because it can break the braces.

Now, the part that I have been dealing with for just over the last two weeks. Getting your braces out will definitely come as a surprise, and no matter how people describe it to you, you’ll still feel really weird. I should warn you, though, you have to do another one of those gross mold things, with the gooey stuff. I know, disgusting, but the orthodontists need it for making your retainer.

Having them taken off doesn’t hurt, or it didn’t for me. They just pop off all of the squares, and lazer the glue off. Your teeth will feel super slimy. Not just slimy, but like there’s something coating them. I thought I still had the wax from the mold on them, so I looked in the mirror and BAM. There was my brace-less teeth. I instantly hated it, but I had to just sit there awkwardly until I got back in the car, and refused to look at them again.

Piece of advice: don’t stress over how big and empty your teeth look. Ashley told me after I’d freaked out and texted her a billion times, she reassured me that I would look completely different in the morning. Obviously, I didn’t but to myself, I looked verrrrrrry different. After a week, I looked normal. 

The retainer is exactly the same, you feel like your mouth is a completely different shape, that you can’t talk and you’re going to die for the next 3-6 months that you have to wear it, but after a week, you’ll forget it’s even in. Just try to remember to take it out when you’re eating and drinking 😀

That’s some of the advice I thought might be useful to anyone with braces, about to get braces, or just brace-curious. Apologies for it being so long (verging on 1,000 words).

BYE! 😀

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August 2016 Favourites


I’m Just Average Teen Me. School is underway and September has officially begun. I mean, it’s been a few days, but as I write this, it’s actually only 3 days in. Anyway, I have a few things I’ve been really enjoying this month, and it’s the perfect time to share them, as I do at the end of all the other months!

Coconut Chips

While I was out with my friends last week, I was casually walking down the checkout aisle in Primark, when a pretty bag of coconut chips caught my eye. I hadn’t eaten lunch yet, and I didn’t plan on doing, so I snatched a bag from the shelves and bought it right then. They claim to be 100% natural with no preservatives or anything, but honestly, I’m not sure. They kind of attacked my lips later on in the day… Skin was going chapped and they were preeettyyy dark pink… The actual coconut chips tasted amazing, though, and I still have the bag of leftovers on my desk, but I can only smell them – no eating… If you’re sensitive to that kind of thing, then I would suggest avoiding them.


Because of the slight disaster in the lip department, I needed a solution, as fast as possible. Vaseline happened to be the closest thing I had, so I loaded it onto my lips every hour or so. It took about three days for them to go back normal, but it would have took so much longer if I didn’t have any! Thank you Vaseline ❤

No Makeup At All

With it being Summer Holidays, chances were, I wouldn’t see anyone I actually knew, so I didn’t bother to wear makeup all month. You’d think it’d have some sort of skin benefits, but I really didn’t notice anything. I just found it quite empowering to not care about what random people think of how your skin looks. Plus, I didn’t have to deal with putting it on every morning! 😀

Stationery Shopping

As I have mentioned several times in the last few posts, I love to shop for stationery. And having school coming up meant that we had to do just that! As I mentioned in my Stationery Haul, I went to B&M for the majority of my school supplies, aside from a pencil sharpener and school bags. Anyway, I always find stationery shopping really refreshing, and exciting.

Teen Wolf

Ashley has raved about Teen Wolf for so long, and I only started watching it about two weeks ago (actually just over two weeks, but exactly two weeks as I write this!) when I realised just how attractive Dylan O’Brien is. I’ve seen both of the Maze Runner movies a few times, and not really taken much notice, but I watched The Internship, and those glasses won me over. Attractiveness aside, it’s a really good TV show, and had me hooked throughout the whole thing. It took me about a week to watch all five seasons, and now I have to wait until November for season 6, which will be the last one 😦

Chord Overstreet

If you said his name to me, the first thing on my mind, would more than likely be ‘Fabrevans’ or ‘Overgron’ which is my all-time favourite ship in the entire universe of ships. But this has nothing to do with Dianna Agron (although she is insanely beautiful and I just thought I’d let you know). Chord recently released a single called “Homeland” and it’s safe to say that it has been one of my favourite songs for the last few weeks. If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift’s old music, then you’ll probably like this, so I definitely recommend checking it out on iTunes or Spotify!

Time to Myself

Sure, I like having the company of my friends, but I just as much love being able to bask in the silence of my bedroom. Correction: bask in the havoc of a house with 5 children younger than me. Anyway, it’s nice to have some alone time, no matter how much it is. Being the introvert that I am, I love having some quiet time, where I can do whatever I feel like.

Blolidays Posts

If you didn’t already know, for the last six weeks, I’ve been doing posts called ‘Blolidays’, which is a hybrid word that I invented from blog and holidays. I really enjoyed writing them all, and I’ll definitely miss it. Hopefully, you liked reading them!

Miss Sporty Crush On You 

This is a perfume that one of my friends got for me at my birthday in March. At the time, it was cold and wet, so I didn’t feel like it really fit in. But now that Summer has been (and almost gone), it’s been a perfect match. It’s supposed to be Freesia and Violet petal scented, so it smells quite floral. If you’re a fan of that kind of smell, I definitely think you should have a look – or a smell!

That’s everything from August 2016! What have you been enjoying this month? Let me know in the comments!

BYE! 😀

Just Average  Teen Me