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Happy Mood Swings


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Yesterday evening, I was super happy and excited, for not much at all, but I thought it would be interesting to go through what happened.

Now I’ve started to write this, I’ve kind of realised I could have just summarised it into one tweet…. Ah well 😀

It’ll probably help to know that I actually left this draft for several weeks, and hadn’t come back to it until now… So, it wasn’t “yesterday”, and I’m not entirely sure what in the world half of the notes currently below this mean… I’ll try to turn them into actual English!

So, it started because of a rainy walk with my dog and my mum. Normally, the thought of going anywhere in the rain would be horrible – especially if it was as humid as it has been in the last week (I literally became a puddle of my own sweat). But it wasn’t too warm, and it was the kind of rain where you just give up on walking fast, because you’re already just about as wet as you can get.

From there, my brain decided that Autumn was just around the corner, which I guess it kind of is, but in mid-August it definitely could have been closer! Isn’t Autumn just so amazing, though? I’m really not good with the heat, and I just generally don’t like Summer any way near as much as I do the other seasons – especially Autumn! Naturally, I got super hyped for the cold weather to hurry up and arrive, which ended up causing a giant positive mood swing for the rest of the night…

Thankfully, I had my hood up for the walk, so the only part of my hair that actually ended up wet was the part sticking out from my hood, which was actually quite a lot, since my hair goes down to just about my waist… Anyway, the rain had made my hair quite voluminous, which is always something to be excited about when you have relatively thin hair, as I do! After that, I spiraled into some sort of hair-swishing, confident crazy person, which obviously is a good thing, I think?

As I’m sure a lot of people would after a rainy walk, I had a hot shower, and actually stayed in there for quite a bit longer than I probably should have done, and changed into some dry clothes. With the sudden realisation that it was almost Autumn, I bounced around to all of the Christmas songs I could! Yes, I have moments where I’ll listen to Christmas songs several times throughout the year – Christmastime or not.

On my travels through the internet, I came across a picture of Dylan O’Brien. Ashley has been obsessing over him for the longest time, and I’d seen him in The Maze Runner movies and not thought anything of him, attraction-wise. But from there, I decided that he was, in fact, a very fine specimen and proceeded to watch several videos, and download several gifs from tumblr until I died of swooning. In case you’re wondering: yes, it was for that reason that I started to watch Teen Wolf… I had no idea how much I would actually end up loving the show!

My least favourite part of the evening, was drying my hair, but it has to be done, so why the heck not include it here. Then, getting to something a little nicer… I had a hot chocolate, as I do every single evening, unless I’m pretty sick.

Recently, I’ve been trying to improve my flexibility, so I’ve been stretching every night, and at times throughout the day where I feel like it. It’s going pretty well, and I’m getting very close to being able to do the splits! My Lazy-Town-obsessed-six-year-old-self would be so proud !

And that’s pretty much it!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me