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Too Much Technology?


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I kind of had very little inspiration for what to write today, so I thought I’d rant about something going on in my actual life. Yes, I know how weird it is to imagine that bloggers have real lives and that my name is, in fact, not actually Just Average Teen Me.


There were a bunch of changes made to how my school goes this school year (starting from the beginning of this month). Some of which, I enjoy – others, I really would much rather have what we had last year.

For instance, the school has moved to an online paying thingy mawhatcha call it. That’s one that I do quite like, because I don’t have to deal with having to bring in literal money, and force my pretty forgetful brain (actually I have quite a good memory, but I have my off days) to remember to hand it in on time. Plus, there’s always the dilemma of not knowing whether your mum actually put the right amount in the envelope. You get the idea. Now, it’s all online banking sort of thing? I really have no clue what the terminology and whatnot for this kind of thing is – so just go with my descriptions. Everything is payed for via internet (paypal, I think?). The only downside is: I haven’t actually had a letter about it so my parents can’t sign in… 😀

Onto the one that I made this post for.

Some year groups love it. Others, like mine, really are not massive fans at all.

It’s essentially an online homework planner/diary. You’re given a pin, and told to set up an account at home. You either have the option of deleting your beloved phone apps because your phone is already overflowing with storage warnings, or use it on a laptop.

The point of it was, to make it more appropriate for the age group, and supposedly more enjoyable. Rethink there, school. First off, there are probably a bunch of people who don’t have access to reliable WiFi at home, let alone have a phone with space, or a fully working laptop. Thankfully, I have usually stable WiFi (it’s a pain in the butt sometimes, I’ll have you know) and a working laptop. My phone however, has literally zero megabytes left of storage space.

Secondly (I feel like I’m writing an essay for school 😀 ), teachers don’t actually tell us what the homework is, and even if they do, they assume that we’ll find it easy because of the fantastic (sarcasm much) new online planner, so they don’t explain it one bit.

As for the part that the teachers were quite chuffed with, my parents literally have no clue how to navigate the whole thing. Not to mention, the teachers don’t seem to understand either, so when my parents ask my why my homework doesn’t say ‘Submitted’, I have to tell them that it’s because the teachers can’t do their job properly.

At the moment, the site appears to be down, unless it’s just me, so I have no idea what homework has been set today, if any.

What do you think? Can technology go too far?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me