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Monthly Look-Ahead: NOVEMBER 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. First of all, I apologise for my terribly unorganised blogging scheduling this week. I’m on school half-term (a week off) and I can’t keep track of the days to save my life.

Anyways, since it’s very nearly November (I know: insane, isn’t it?) it’s time to do a November Look Ahead! I can already think of quite a few things just off the top of my head, so this one might be a little more interesting!

Back to my Favourite Theme Park

As you may remember, I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach in July, and I’d been so many times before. It’s by far my favourite theme park I’ve ever been to, mainly because the rollercoasters are just amazing. Anyway, my mum is taking me and two of my sisters there to end the school holidays, which should be awesoome. I’m mainly just hoping that the photographer from last time is there. Damn he was a beautiful human  *heart eyes* ❤

Teen Wolf Season 6

If you’re a fan of Teen Wolf, or happen to have a friend who is obsessed with it, you’ll know that the sixth season is starting mid-November. After the trailer, I literally could not be more excited! DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT STYDIA MOMENT OHMY I CANNOT. Basically. It’s the last season as well… 😦 I’m really hoping they bring back Isaac because he was 1) Hilarious and 2) Freaking adorable. And Derek – he needs to come back too…

Bonfire Night

Halloween is almost over (in two days), and after that, it’s bonfire night! If you don’t do bonfire night, let me enlighten you. It’s basically a night (bet you didn’t get that), on November 5th, where we have fireworks and sparklers and eat sweets and cake, at least my Grandma always feeds us…. Does anyone else eat loads of sweet stuff? Anyway, the fireworks are super exciting, and I can’t wait for them to come back this year!


After Bonfire Night is done, my brain goes straight into Christmas mode. Being the Christmas obsessed person, that I am, that’s very exciting. More than likely, I’ll have Christmas playlists blaring 24/7, probably annoying my whole family but what else am I supposed to do? IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS! 😀

Darker Evenings

If you’re in the UK, you’ll know that the clocks just changed. If you’re in the UK and you didn’t know, then I suggest you change your clocks. Anyway, we’re now in GMT instead of BST, so when it’s 5pm, it’s as dark as it would be at 6pm, plus the darker evenings that we get with winter everywhere. As creepy as it might sound, I love darker evenings, because it feels so much cosier, and really gets me into a Christmassy mood. Who am I kidding, I’m in a Christmassy mood in July… But yeah, I’m super excited for it to be pitch black at 5pm soon!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Any Harry Potter Fan will be anxiously awaiting the release of a film about Hogwarts, witches, wizards and everything else Harry Potter, minus the Harry Potter characters, if I’m correct? I think it’s released on November 18th in the UK, but I might have to do some research on that to make sure.

Learning More Songs for my Guitar

Usually, I just use my guitar for learning music pieces that I’ve got to do for my exams (currently working towards Grade 6) but lately, I’ve been trying to learn some of the songs that I actually listen to. Of course, it’s kind of difficult without a capo, and you’ll understand that if you play guitar too. I guess that’ll have to be on my Christmas list! If you’re interested, I’ve been learning a few Shawn Mendes songs (Mercy and No Promises).

And that’s everything I’m excited for in November! I’m sure there’ll be a few more that I’ve missed, but those are the main ones that stick out to me.

What are you looking forward to in November?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me


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All-Nighter Attempts


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As I write this first part of the post, it’s 12:36 at night. You might say that’s a crazy time to start writing. It is, but that’s kind of the point. I’m attempting an all nighter tonight, and I thought I’d keep you updated throughout the post on what I’m up to, what I feel like, and just generally how things are going.

Let me set the scene: I’m in one of those static caravans, so basically a one story, slightly elevated, very small, plastic house. I’ll stick a picture of that sorta thing. We come here most school holidays, because my Grandma bought it and she insists we go as much as possible. Now, I’m 75% convinced I have claustrophobia, and mixed with my hatred of sleeping anywhere other than my own bed, means that I rarely get much sleep anyway. This time, I decided to ditch the whole sleeping thing. I’m on a sofa-bed, that hasn’t been pulled out because it’s even less comfortable than the actual sofa.

Like this, but without the fancy driveway…

12:46: Never did I ever think id be dancing the choreo for Work From Home at almost 1am… Thus far, my hopes are fairly high… I bet I can do it, with a coffee tomorrow… Today? Tomorrow?

12:51: I’m so paranoid someone’s gonna get up and see me jamming out to 5H at 1am… That’d for sure pop some questions

1:05: It’s absolutely freezing, so I’ve just turned the heating on. Currently wishing I had my laptop, rather than just my phone, that likes to turn itself off a lot lately, to get me through the night..

1:52: I should really watch The Glee Project when I’m home and on stable WiFi. I don’t even know why I never watched it…

2:07: So far, staying awake is easier than I imagined, but someone is snoring reaaaaaaaal loud… Protip: if you’re pulling an all-nighter, splash your face with cold water every now and then!

2:17: In about 4 hours, people will start getting up. I have little brothers that insist on waking up at 6am (sometimes earlier… don’t even get me started on Christmas) – everyday. I’m not sure what’s wrong with them…

2:21: Okay, yep I’m hungry

2:42: Just read some fanfic for about 20 minutes… Not usually a fanfiction reader but when you’re awake at almost 3am there isn’t much else to do 😀

2:50: Oooooh do you think I’ll be able to watch the sunrise? Waait, it’s winter now, sunrise is later -.-

2:54: Yup, super tired right now.

2:58: I can’t believe I forgot my reusable Starbucks cup… I get 25p off with that… Well done me. I’m getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte tomorrow though!

3:23: I kid you not, I’ve been sliding around the room on a fuzzy blanket for 15 minutes…

3:50: Should I try to sleep for the last 2 hours? We’ll be out tomorrow and I’ll actually have zero energy… I can’t survive off 6 hours of sleep, let alone 2. Yeah, I’ll stay awake

4:26: I couldn’t sleep even if I tried. I’m a mess. Hungry. Exhausted. Cold.

4:59: Snuggled up to  radiator with a blanket.

5:21: I want someone to wake up… I’m lonely.

6:19: Why is nobody up

6:32: Life dilemmas: We have bread, but no butter. WHAT IS THE POINT. *eats completely plain slice of bread*

6:50:  I have now built a blanket fort with a radiator inside so I get all the heat. Everyone else can freeze.

7:35: People are up. I’m gonna be so dead today.


Basically, I was rather dead all morning, got some Starbucks, was a little more awake, but then it wore off in a couple hours. So, round about 5pm, I think I hit a barrier of ‘I’m-so-tired-that-I’m-not-even-tired-anymore’. I was asleep by 10, and woke up at 9:30, so I almost got 12 hours of sleep!

And that was my experience pulling an all-nighter! Hey, let’s share some all-nighter stories in the comments!

BYE! 😀

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44 Public Transport Things


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As I promised a few weeks ago, in my ‘That Was In My Head‘ post, today is my 44 Public Transport Things. Before we start, it’ll be useful to know that I use buses to get to and from school, every school day. 😦

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with public transport, so let’s go through it!

  1. It’d be real nice if the bus could turn up?
  3. *tries to telepathically summon a bus*
  4. The stress of having to scan a bus ticket and praying that it’ll work
  5. Being so awkward you don’t know where to stand when there’s no seat, so you end up right in the way of everyone
  6. Or when the bus is insanely busy and you end up pushed up against 5 different people at once
  7. Just pray they don’t fall on you
  8. Chances are, you’ll get fallen on a couple times in your life, so be glad it’s a cute guy when it is 😉
  10. *stares*
  11. Overhearing the most bizarre conversations, accidentally
  12. If my guitar falls, it’s not my fault.
  13. Messaging your friends begging them to save you
  14. “The temptation to violently ram into the person next to me is insane” – a quote from myself, on a Whatsapp chat with Penny and Britt
  15. Using all the power you’ve got to not lip sync with your music; that would be so embarrassing
  16. Suddenly being caught in the most stand-still traffic you’ve ever seen, ever. 
  17. Dramatically starring out of a window when a sad song comes on
  18. Checking that person‘s stop to see if they’re getting on ❤
  19. And they’re not 😦
  20. But when they are 😀
  21. The ear-ringing din of a school bus >.<
  22. That day where you have P.E., Food Tech and a music lesson so you’re a stumbling waterfall of bags (thank goodness I don’t have food tech anymore!)
  23. Becoming Sherlock Holmes and trying to find out any details that you can about complete strangers… Just me?
  24. Getting on an almost empty bus and thanking the bus gods
  25. On cold days, your feet feel numb
  26. And on warm days, you can literally feel your skin sweating off
  27. The dreaded moment of a wasp on the bus where you just accept your death :O
  28. When a song you know the choreo for comes on and it takes so much not to dance along (WORK FROM HOOOOME)
  29. Feeling beyond awkward having to talk to someone on the phone
  30. Standing up instead of sitting next to someone you don’t know
  31. Or freaking out mentally when someone sits next to you
  32. Sympathy for people last minute cramming before exams
  33. And becoming the person last minute cramming for your exams
  34. People who use seats for their bags -.-
  35. The uncomfortableness (not a word, but I didn’t want to use awkwardness) when some people are getting a little too steamy for a bus
  36.  Refusing to run for the bus, to save a lifetime of humiliation
  37. Feeling like a God when you arrive to the bus stop at the same time as the bus
  38. Accidental eye contact
  39. When a busy bus drives straight by you 😦
  40. Sitting on the back row and feeling popular for the first time ever
  41. Seeing a teacher, on the bus and pretending they don’t exist :/
  42. When someone starts taking selfies and you’re definitely in the background…
  43. People with zero understanding of personal space… Once I had a lady actually sit on my hand while i was holding a pole
  44. But at the end of the day, they get you where you’re going… usually…

That’s all! I hope you could relate to some of those! Let me know of anything you experience on a bus, and we can have a lil chat in the comments 😀

BYE! 😀

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My Body is My Business | Feminism #3


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Prepare for rants, because a tsunami of them is coming.

 You may have seen on my twitter a few days ago, I tweeted saying:

What guy has the audacity to call a girl flat-chested?

To go with it, I added a gif of a sassy woman, captioned “O RLY BISH?”.

And that brings onto what I wanted to talk about today. I won’t lie, I don’t have the bustiest chest out there, but flat-chested isn’t how any woman should ever be labelled in an offensive manner.

To put some context into it: this guy straight up doesn’t like me. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but he doesn’t. I mean, he’s known to be not the nicest of guys, tries to be friends with some of Tyler’s guy friends, although he’s pretty nasty to them when he wants to be, too.

He’s one of them ‘I’m right; you’re wrong and there’s no changing that no-matter what you say’ sort of stubborn people. Totally annoying, tries to befriend teachers because no students really like him. You get the idea.

So, I was casually handing out books in a biology lesson, when I was talking to Hayley, who just so happens to be sat on the same table as him in that lesson. I was asking where a certain person sat, and he said something, followed by “you flat-chested prick.”

At the time, I was too shocked to respond with any sort of sass attack, but the scenarios in my head following then were definitely the sassiest things I’ve ever said in my head. In reality, I ended up saying that he “should not have said that” which barely compares to the rants in my mind.

No woman should ever be insulted because of something so personal as their body shape. Even without that, the media feed our insecurities enough, with perfect models with clear skin and whatever else it is they throw on there.

Today, he was back at it again. Although this time, it was in Physics. Unfortunately, I sit right next to him. At least I have Theo on the other side! But anyway, we were learning about magnetism and whatnot, and he said “Oh poles. You should know a lot about them, since it’ll be your future career. Oh wait, nobody would pay to see you.”

Pretty sure you’ve got by now that he’s like a 15-year-old Donald Trump. This time, I gave him the sarcastic “yeah, sure I will” and then the silent treatment for the rest of the lesson.

I wanted to make this post to say that whatever anyone says about your body, objectifies or insults you – you’re beautiful as you are. You don’t need anyone to bring that down, but if they do, well, they’re just jealous of every person you’ve ever had a crush on! ❤

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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Attempting To Review Something Beauty


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As you’ll more than likely already know, I’m not your typical beauty blogger, although I do sometimes keep you updated on new purchases and whatnot. Today, though, I am trying to venture into the world of reviewing a beauty product! To be specific, the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer.

Before we get into the post, I’ve done a good bit of researching on what to include in here, but let me know if I miss anything or if you have any questions!

First off: Packaging. This one is by far my favourite packaging for concealer I’ve ever had! Instead of the standard cylinder tube with a black lid, this one is more of a cuboid shape, with a shiny silver lid and frosty plastic. It looks very pretty (not to mention durable) so if you’re a fan of photography, you could definitely take some nice photos of it! It’d be nice if you could see it, wouldn’t it…?

Here we go! Pretty, isn’t it?

So, application wise, there are good things, and things that I would rather have differently. Let’s start with the good, shall we? It applies so smoothly, and doesn’t make the skin flake at all, which I’ve had quite a problem with around my nose beforehand. It’s definitely hydrating, as it says on the bottle/tube – I’m not sure what to call it. HOWEVER (of course there’s a however), the coverage isn’t fantastic. If you, like myself, sometimes get rather red blemishes, you might want a backup concealer because the coverage isn’t quite full. Thankfully, I have some of my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer left, so when the Himalayas made a sudden appearance on my forehead, I wasn’t left to face the world like that. 😀

For anyone looking for a concealer to last while you’re in school, this is definitely a great idea. By the time I’m home, it’s still all there, unless it’s been super hot, and my face has been sweating. And that’s without a powder; let’s be real, nobody wants to have to buy powder. It’ll make me sneeze.

As far as looks go, it’s definitely pretty good (excuse my very non-beauty terminology). It blends into the skin very easily, and the colour was a great match. For all my pale girls, this one works! If your school has a strict uniform and makeup policy (mine does 😦 ), this one will be your best friend! It doesn’t cake at all, so it looks super natural, and teachers probably won’t notice. 😉

I bought mine from Superdrug, for £7.99, which is pretty good, considering that the bottle has a lot more than my typical concealers would have. It works out to about £10.20 per ml.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this new little adventure into the realm of beauty blogging that I’ve took you on today… Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions!

BYE! 😀

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I’ve Fallen in Again


I’m Just Average Teen Me. You may remember (if you’ve been here for a good while) that I did a post on look-alikes around this time last year. Let me just check when it was…. November 19th, so about 11 months ago. If you haven’t read it, I’ll sum it up for you:

Basically, there was (is) a guy in the year above us (yes it’s the guy I mentioned in my post the other day) who looks insanely like Robbie Kay, aka Peter Pan from OUAT. I kept my feelings at bay during that post, but the reality was, every time he was near, my friends and I would become a giggling mess.

Flash forward a year, and one of us has his number. Totally unexpected, but Hayley (one of my best friends) is in a school play with him, so ended up with his number last night. Last night. So as you can imagine, Penny, Britt and I are all kind of freaking out, since it’s still not sunk in. I mean, I only found out about 40 minutes ago!

Since then, I never really had any crushes, other than celebrities. He was the only guy we actually liked, having only spoken to him on very rare occasions.

Now, though, I think I am crushing on someone. In my school year. If you’re wondering, it’s the guy I told my friends about last week. I know, I know, I said I wasn’t crushing on him at the time – I wasn’t. But stuff has kind of spiraled and now I’m here…

I think telling my friends made it real, and since then I’ve been seeing him more often around school (probably just noticing him more). Before you ask, I know nothing about the guy, other than what I’ve gathered from social media stalking and stuff that Penny has told me.

But I do know that he’s in with them boys. I’d guess you know what I mean: popular. But he can’t be as popular of the other guys in his group, because I had no idea what his name was until he was awarded for something in an assembly. He should probably have a codename… FLYNN!

Annoyingly, he isn’t in a single one of my lessons, so I’ve never even spoken to him, nor found a way to.

It’s strange having a ‘crush‘ on someone in your year, even if I have no lessons with him. Hey, why not share some crush stories in the comments? GO!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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My Responsibility


I’m Just Average Teen Me. If you’re slightly confused by the lacklustre title I’ve used today, don’t worry, all will become clear in just a few moments. I wanted to talk about something that I’d imagine a lot of you guys are dealing with too. Well, everyone has their responsibilities, right? But what are mine?

A month and a half into the 2016-2017 school year, I have an idea of what teachers I trust to get me to the levels I want, and what teachers I don’t.You might think I’m strange for trusting certain teachers, and not others, but I’ve seen the impact of having a good teacher compared to having a bad teacher firsthand.

My Geography teacher, for example. He’s a new teacher to the school, which obviously doesn’t make the situation any better, and on our first lesson, he straight up told us he wasn’t interested in getting A*, he just wanted us all to pass… As the ambitious and optimistic person I am, I haven’t trusted him since.

Britt however, has my Geography teacher from the last two years. He’s an amazing teacher, and would know that certain people aren’t just interested in passing. Turns out, she ended up with my English teacher from last year, too. Looks like Britt will be helping me with a lot of my revision!

I know a lot of people leave it up to their own teachers to get them the grades they want, but if that isn’t enough, then stuff’s got to be done. Especially with high predicted grades (kill me).

Are any of you guys in a similar situation?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I’ve developed a habit of ironically saying “oh snap” when things happen and I’m not too sure how to feel about that… 🙂

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A Year Later…


I’m Just Average Teen Me. This time of year marks the one year anniversary of quite a  few things, actually, so I thought it might be interesting to look back on them. So, this post will more than likely be quite reflective and chilled out.

Today is the exact 1 year anniversary of my What Exactly Happened Last Night post. October 9th 2015 (the day before the post), I had a panic attack. At the time, I was scared to call it that, because it meant that there was something wrong, and I was too scared to think of something like that anyway. For months later, anyone ‘needing to talk to me’ terrified me, and anything I thought would be nerve wracking, made me anxious.

Sometime after then, something changed. I’m not sure what, but I was no longer scared of having another panic attack, and I’d started to recover from the trauma of what caused it in the first place. I’d guess that this was around February?

Another few months later, we were learning about Gothic Literature in English. Definitely not my strong point. I made a post about it, though, called: A Slightly Awkward Experience. If you didn’t read that post, I’ll do a quick recap. Basically, we were watching horror film trailers, I happen to have this phobia (please don’t think I’m being cringey, I genuinely saw it in Year 5 and have been scarred since) of a certain film. I was convinced it was going to be that film, and it just so happened it was. I asked to leave the classroom, left the classroom, and proceeded to freak out outside said classroom.

Not fun.

Anyways, a year after my first panic attack, I’m in a much better place than I imagined this time last year. I thought this would become something I deal with on a regular basis, but in reality, it’s only been three or four times in a year. 😀

Something else it’s been a year since!

You may have remembered from a few previous posts, that there’s a pretty good-looking guy in the year above me. It’s been a year since me and my friend discovered him. We totally haven’t been social media stalking him every so often. Second thoughts, we’re a little creepy…

Anyway, that’s all for today!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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Trying to Trust


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I wanted to talk about something that I’ve dealt with for a long time, and how I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone little by little.

For so long, I’ve found it difficult to trust people, and if you asked me how many people I trust, I would have probably said nobody. As you can imagine, that meant that I’ve had a lot of secrets that only I know.

I’m not completely sure why I don’t trust people, but it might be because of a few events that have happened in the past. As I was going into high school, there was a lot going on. Shortly after I created this blog, I actually told the blogosphere about it. Since I was about three, I’d had one best friend. But as we got to high school, hormones hit and she changed so much. She went behind my back on several occasions, and let’s just say it probably hasn’t helped with not trusting people…

Then, as you might remember, this time last year, a good friend of mine (Regina) said some pretty mean things on a group chat that I wasn’t included in. That one ended up in a panic attack, which definitely was not fun.

I guess you could say that I’m scared to trust people because I don’t want the rest of the world finding out… There are some things, though, that I have trusted my friends with – but they also think the same thing (there’s a rather good-looking dude in the year above us and we’re all in on it).

But when it’s something that only I know about, or only I think, it becomes so much more scary. A few days ago, I kind of let something slip on the group chat… Britt is bi, and was talking about how a lot of the girls in our year look like models. Regretfully, I replied with:

“There are very few minorly attractive guys in our year :D”

Before you ask, no I had never told them of anyone in our year that I find attractive, so Britt kind of freaked out.


Penny was just confused as hell: “Jatm…”

At that point I was very much cringing and regretting saying that at all. So I replied with

“IDK WHAT TO SAY TO THIS” After them guessing pointlessly at people who matched my ‘type’ in any way, I realised I could stop it.

“I DON’T KNOW THEIR NAMES OKAY” So at this point, I was trying to throw them off; I do know his name.

So, two days later and they still had no clue. The topic of ‘that guy that Jatm likes’ cropped up. It gradually came to the point where I’d told them his hair colour, that he’s quite tall, in the other side of the year and that he looks a little like a celebrity we know (I did specify the celebrity, but I’ll leave that out for the blog.).

Then it became “do you know his name?”. I did, and I told them this time – not his name, but that I knew it. 5 minutes later, I’d told them the first letter of his last name and a letter in his first, forcing them to promise that if they figured it out, nobody else could know.

Penny being the quick-to-find-things-out person that she is, replied within two minutes with a name. His name. Here’s where the trusting comes into play – I could have said no, and let her keep guessing at wrong answers, or I could have told her she was right. I chose to tell her.

That’s one of the first times I’ve told someone something that only I know, so as you can imagine, I was pretty terrified. But at this point, 12 hours later, I’m glad I did. If you’re anything like me, just try to maybe trust a person or two? I know it’s one of the hardest things to do, but it’ll be worth it.. ❤

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. If you’ve been wondering this whole time if I have a crush on this dude, I don’t think I do… He’s just very nice-looking… And according to Penny, not that nice of a guy… 😀


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I’m Just Average Teen Me. Yet another month has flown by, so it’s time for a favourites post! This year is going so insanely quickly; it’ll be Christmas before we know it!

Also, apologies for getting this post up a few days late… At the start of the week I was super busy with homework and catching up on schoolwork so… there’s my excuse! 😀

Let’s dive into this, shall we?

Blood Brothers – Willy Russell

As part of the English Literature we do at school, we have to study a modern text. Blood Brothers is a play by Willy Russell, written in script form. It’s actually a musical too, so a lot of the songs are super catchy! Normally, with books we read in school, I’m not a massive fan, but this one is another story (no pun intended). It’s about two boys, twins, separated at birth, who grew up in completely different classes. It’s definitely worth watching on YouTube or something if you get the chance!

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer

I probably mentioned in August, my Collection concealer is running out. It hasn’t quite gone yet, but that’s only because I’ve been using a different one. I was a little risky with buying it, because I didn’t test it first. There were no testers, so I just picked the lightest shade of the Bourjois Radiance Reveal and bought it. School came around and it was finally time to try it out. If you’re a fan of soapy scents, you’ll like that it has a bit of a scent. It took a while to get used to, but the actual concealer is very nice! I was thinking about doing a review on it, if anyone would be interested?

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

If you’re a fan of PewDiePie, like myself, then you’ll probably know that he has a game out, besides Legend of the Brofist. In case you didn’t read the text in bold, it’s called PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator. It’s so much fun, and there’s so many references to Felix’s channel that make it absolutely perfect for any of his fans! If you have some free storage on your phone, I definitely recommend it! 😀

USA Pro Obsidian Trainers

With the new school year starting, it was time to replace the trainers I’d been using for my P.E. lessons. They were also USA Pro, and lasted so well, until a certain puppy chewed a hole tiny hole in one of them last year. Anyway, I’ll squeeze in a little picture so you can see what they’re like. The soles are foam sort of, so I can’t wear them outside, but the majority of my P.E. lessons are inside anyway. Not to mention, they’re SO comfy! And I got them for quite the bargain, too, at £19.99 instead of £79.99! There’s a link to them here if you’re interested!


The First Episode of OUAT Season 6

As of right now, two are out, but in September, there had only been one. I’m SO EXCITED FOR THIS SEASON! Which I am for every season, but especially for the next episode because CINDERELLA IS BACK PEOPLE! 😀

That’s everything for September! What have you been loving?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me