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My Body is My Business | Feminism #3


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Prepare for rants, because a tsunami of them is coming.

 You may have seen on my twitter a few days ago, I tweeted saying:

What guy has the audacity to call a girl flat-chested?

To go with it, I added a gif of a sassy woman, captioned “O RLY BISH?”.

And that brings onto what I wanted to talk about today. I won’t lie, I don’t have the bustiest chest out there, but flat-chested isn’t how any woman should ever be labelled in an offensive manner.

To put some context into it: this guy straight up doesn’t like me. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but he doesn’t. I mean, he’s known to be not the nicest of guys, tries to be friends with some of Tyler’s guy friends, although he’s pretty nasty to them when he wants to be, too.

He’s one of them ‘I’m right; you’re wrong and there’s no changing that no-matter what you say’ sort of stubborn people. Totally annoying, tries to befriend teachers because no students really like him. You get the idea.

So, I was casually handing out books in a biology lesson, when I was talking to Hayley, who just so happens to be sat on the same table as him in that lesson. I was asking where a certain person sat, and he said something, followed by “you flat-chested prick.”

At the time, I was too shocked to respond with any sort of sass attack, but the scenarios in my head following then were definitely the sassiest things I’ve ever said in my head. In reality, I ended up saying that he “should not have said that” which barely compares to the rants in my mind.

No woman should ever be insulted because of something so personal as their body shape. Even without that, the media feed our insecurities enough, with perfect models with clear skin and whatever else it is they throw on there.

Today, he was back at it again. Although this time, it was in Physics. Unfortunately, I sit right next to him. At least I have Theo on the other side! But anyway, we were learning about magnetism and whatnot, and he said “Oh poles. You should know a lot about them, since it’ll be your future career. Oh wait, nobody would pay to see you.”

Pretty sure you’ve got by now that he’s like a 15-year-old Donald Trump. This time, I gave him the sarcastic “yeah, sure I will” and then the silent treatment for the rest of the lesson.

I wanted to make this post to say that whatever anyone says about your body, objectifies or insults you – you’re beautiful as you are. You don’t need anyone to bring that down, but if they do, well, they’re just jealous of every person you’ve ever had a crush on! ❤

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me