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Monthly Look-Ahead: OCTOBER 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. You’ve probably already noticed, but just in case you haven’t – ItT’S OCTOBERRRRRRR! Also something you probably know, I quite dislike Summer, for various reasons. Now that it’s officially not Summer, I am incredibly excited for my favourite time of year to get into full blast!

A lot of this month’s exciting things will more than likely be seasonal based, but who doesn’t like a bit of autumnal excitement!?

Colder Weather

Being the not-so-summer person, I went through every hot day wishing that it was colder. As I write this, I’m wearing several layers (the outside layers are all black so I feel a bit like a ninja) to keep warm. The idea that warm weather is over is super exciting, especially because it means holiday season is just around the corner!

Darker Mornings and Evenings

Along with Autumn, comes darker skies. Aside from generally just looking nicer, and me preferring the dark anyway, it creates such a cosier atmosphere, where you can flick on some fairy lights – where they’ll actually make some form of difference – and snuggle up with a laptop. Without a doubt, a whole lot of my nights within the next few months will be like this!

Watching The OUAT Season 6 Plot Unfold

Just last Monday, I watched the very first episode of Season 6 of OUAT (Once Upon A Time). By now you’ll have noticed that it’s one of my all-time favourite TV shows, so there’s no denying that I was insanely excited for it! Not to mention impressed! It was so amazing, and exciting – everything that a first episode should be! I’m so incredibly excited to watch how the new stories play out!

Settling Into The School Year

With a month done with, it’s gotten to the point where we are almost completely used to being back at school. October is just the right time to make sure you remember your timetable, keep on top of the new levels of homework and the rest of that stuff.


Obviously, October means HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! I never really do much for Halloween, or I haven’t done in the last few years, I still love at least having the pumpkins around; the smell is amazing, once they’ve got the candle inside them! ❤

Leaves Changing Colour

One of the prettiest things in Autumn, and mainly October is the changing leaves. There’s a huge tree I go by on my way home from school, and the last few years, it’s changed super gradually, so each day I’d see how yellow and orange it was.

That’s some of the stuff I’m excited about for October! What about you?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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