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Bring On 2017


I’m Just Average Teen Me. At this point, it’s already 2017 in some areas in the eastern hemisphere, and it’s slowly nearing for the rest of the world, including myself and the rest of the UK. 

2016 has definitely been a rollercoaster, and while some pretty terrible things have happened globally, I’ve had an amazing year, excluding a few sticky situations.

It’s been the first year in several years that I genuinely feel happy with the friends I’ve been spending my time with. I did well in last school year’s exams and I’ve been pretty healthy, as far as staying hydrated goes.

Last year I made some resolutions, and I thought it’d be interesting to look back on them to see which ones I actually kept – and which ones I blatantly ignored.

Keep up to my blog schedule!

Ha.ha. Not so much, but I tried.   

Drink More Water

This one, I actually did. It’s come with a bunch of benefits and I’m really glad I did!

Be More Active

Wellllllll…. I started off the year with a little bit of a workout routine, then around March ish I was trying to plank for ages, and beat the night before. After then, I established a routine that I did along to music. Round about August, I stopped with that… Not sure why, but I did. I have been walking the dog a lot though!

Meet up With Bob More

Yeah, this really didn’t happen. I only met up with him once. 😦

Forgive and Forget

Although this was definitely emotionally demanding, I would say that I have forgiven Regina. Now that I look back on it, it hasn’t made too much of a difference to my current life, aside from giving me my first panic attack, which was bound to happen at some point anyway. ❤

Learn to Lucid Dream!

 I really tried to get this one. For so so long. But I couldn’t seem to get the hang of it. I managed to have two lucid dreams, but nothing else.


I don’t think I’ll be doing resolutions this year, although I want to do a little look back on 2016.

2016… Where do we begin. So. Eventful. 

The first year where I really felt at home with the people I’ve been friends with. The first year where I told people big secrets. Where crushes ruled my life at points, especially the five months where I was convinced I’d marry a certain celebrity.

I’ve grown so much, although definitely not physically (I haven’t grown in years, physically) and learned so many new lessons from experiences that I’ve never dealt with before. I’ve felt independent while being the least lonely I’ve ever been. I’ve pushed limits and tried my hardest to step out of my comfort zone with simple things like flirting, going out into town with friends more often, taking risks (even if it’s just fluking a small test) and trying to really find myself. 

Thanks to specific people, being Ashley, Britt and Penny, I’ve become a slightly different person to who I was last December, although it’s only been a short time.

You’ve been hard 2016, but you’ve taught us a whole lot. Thank you. ❤

-Just Average Teen Me