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Can you believe it’s September already!? It hardly seems that long ago since New Year, and it’s been 8 months! Anyway, as always, with a new month, comes a new Monthly Look-Ahead! With a new academic year starting, a lot of these will be school-based, but I might squeeze a few other things in, too!

Year 11

For those of you that don’t already know, high schools in the UK are separated into year groups numbered 7-11. Year 7s are 11 turning 12 when they start, and year 11s are 15 turning 16. So, 4 years after starting high school, my year group are finally the oldest! I don’t feel nearly as old as the Year 11s looked when I was in Year 7, it’s gone so fast!

Senior Badges

Something that comes with starting Year 11 is senior badges. Everyone in the year group gets a little badge to pin to their blazer, and it’s kind of a way for the younger years to know that we’re the oldest, and they can come to us for questions about school and whatnot, but I like to see it as a “Well done, you’ve made it this far – only a bit more to go” kind of thing.

New Timetable

While I won’t be getting a new set of teachers (only in subjects where last year’s teachers have left), I still get a new layout for my lessons. Last year, the timetable was actually pretty good, so I’m hoping this year is as well!

College Applications

No, not university. You might call it sixth form, but it’s basically the two years before university, where you take your A-Levels. It’s a big step up from high school, and I’m definitely nervous, but in the last few days I’ve been more excited than usual!

Romance Movies

I have a few romance movies that I want to watch sometime soon. One was recommended by a friend, called ‘Before I Go’ I think, and the other is Safe Haven. I’ve seen the trailer for Safe Haven and it looks great! Let me know some of your favourites and I’ll add them to the list!


Leaves are already starting to change colour a tiny bit, and I’m so excited for Autumn. It’s easily one of my favourite seasons, where it’s darker in the evenings, colder, prettier colours – and I get to wear my warmer clothes. Who am I kidding, I’ve been wearing hoodies all summer anyway. This year, the UK hasn’t had the best Summer, if you ask me!

That’s everything I can think of for this month! For those of you wondering, I’ll be back at school on Monday, so only 3 days to go! 😦


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Hello blogosphere! I’m back again, and it’s currently 11:09PM. Why am I writing a post at this time? I’m not sure, especially since I’m surviving off very little sleep after a huge TV marathon last night until 4:30AM…. I should be sleeping, but I’ve ended up here.

So what has August got in store for us? Probably nothing very eventful, since I’m not in school until September, but there’ll definitely be some littler things to look forward to!

Back to Blogging

It’s no secret that my blog has been lacking posts in the last few months, and I’ve been even more useless at reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts. With school out of the way, I’ll have a lot more free time, and a lot less homework (although teachers had really been slacking in that department anyway this year, thankfully). I’m planning on getting way more posts out than usual!


If you were here last year, and I still haven’t managed to scare you away, first, thanks for staying, but more importantly, you might remember a series of posts I did last summer, called Blolidays. It’s a hybrid word of blog and holidays if you hadn’t already noticed, and although I don’t really go on holiday (thanks mother for the huge family), I write a post once a week themed on the holidays. It might be a summer playlist, my favourite clothes, a haul (that one’s coming for sure!) or even just a rant about the things I love in summer.

Brunch Outings

Like last year, my friends and I have planned to meet up a bunch of times in the holidays, and I’m hoping we actually do! Last year, it got to the last weekend of the holidays and we all got hit with “oh sugar we haven’t been out once” so ended up going out then. Regina wants to go to some little cafes for brunch a few times, and I’m a sucker for all things breakfast-y, especially smoothies!

Everything Everything

For those of you that haven’t already gathered, I’m an absolute hopeless romantic, despite never having been in a relationship or anywhere close to one – ever. It’s heartbreaking, I know, but I survive purely off romance movies: the Notebook being one of my all time favourites (even though it makes me ugly-cry so bad). This month – I think – Everything Everything comes out in the UK Cinemas, and I’m so so excited to watch it.

Teen Wolf Season 6B

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I was on a huge TV marathon. Now’s the time where I tell you it was Teen Wolf. I’d planned to rewatch the entire series in time for the new episode that I could watch on Monday (thank you, timezones), but by Sunday morning I was really pushing whether I’d make it in time or not. To make sure I did, I stayed up until 4:30AM. From Wednesday to Monday morning, I’d watched ninety-one episodes of Teen Wolf, which worked out to about two and a half days straight. It’s easily the biggest binge I’ve ever been on in such a short space of time, but I made it, and the new episode WAS SO EXCITING I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH THE REST OF THE SEASON!!!

Back to School Shopping

As usual, late August comes with restocking on stationery, school uniform, shoes, and the lot. Some people find it really tedious, and a bit depressing, but since me and my friends are all dorks, it’s so exciting, and we set aside a day to go out to a bunch of stationery shops in town. There’s something so refreshing about starting a new year with a whole set of new equipment. Who knows, maybe I’ll even keep my ruler this year? I’ve never managed to keep a ruler – ever; it always seems to go missing, or snap and I end up using those triangle things in maths sets that I still don’t know what they’re used for…. If anyone knows, enlighten me!!

And that’s what’s ahead in the next month! Hopefully, we’ll have some nice weather, and be able to get some outside time! If you’re in the UK, you’ll know our summers usually last all of a three day heatwave and then we’re onto autumn. Let’s see!

See you next time 🙂


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Travel Day

Every year in July, my school does a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for a day, and we can go around in our own friendship groups, wear our own clothes, and basically do whatever we want. You might remember that there was an extremely attractive photographer when I went last July, and then the following November. But hey, Travel Day is always one of the best days, and it’s actually my last Travel Day since next year I’ll be on study leave!

Sponsored Walk

Another annual event at my school is the sponsored walk: everyone’s families pitch in to sponsor their kids in a walk around the countryside near school. It gets us out of an afternoon of lessons, and it’s a great time to chill out and chat to your friends! Plus, we’ll be in our own clothes!

Summer Holidays

On July 21st (it’s quite late this year) our school will break up for the summer. Year 10 will be over. I’ll probably do a big post on it like I think I did last year? But as much as I’ll miss the people I usually see everyday, it’ll be great to sleep in every morning!

My Blogiversary

July 27th is the day I created my blog. Two whole years ago! At the time, I went by Just Average Teen Me, which I ended up switching for my current name earlier in the year. A Blogiversary is a great way to look back on what’s happened in the span of a year, and this year has definitely had a lot going on!

The Great Gatsby

A few weeks ago, I watched the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and it quickly became one of my favourites. Since then, I’d been set on getting my hands on the book, by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Last Saturday, I managed to find it in WH Smith’s (thank you WH Smith’s, you beat Waterstones this time) for £6.99 and I’m currently 3 chapters in. I’m loving it so far and I can’t wait to read the rest!

Everything Everything 

I know, the film came out sometime last month I think, but I haven’t managed to get out and see I yet. As the hopeless romantic that I am, I absolutely love romance movies. They melt my heart, and usually end in a good few tears. This month, I plan to watch it, and I’ll let you know what i think!

And those are the main things in store for this month! See you around 🙂


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Why hello there internet!

I know, it’s been way too long since I last posted… My laptop has been pretty dead (literally will not go anywhere from a white screen) so I hadn’t really gotten around to blogging. While I do have the WordPress app, I much prefer to write on my laptop… But looks like the app will have to do for now!

Okay with that explanation done, it’s time to see what’s lying in the month ahead!

No More PR

For those of you that don’t know, for the last four weeks or so, I’d been dealing with a condition called Pityriasis Rosea. To sum it up, I had an itchy rash with red blotches across my chest, stomach, inner arms and upper thighs. My self confidence took a huge hit, and in the last few days, all that’s been left is some areas of dry skin and I am so ready for a month without PR… ❤

Warm Weather

If you’re in the UK, you’ll more than likely have experienced the heat we had a couple weeks ago. Where I live, it got to about 29°C, which would be 84°F for any of my readers in the US. For the UK, that’s pretty hot, and hopefully reflects a nice warm summer on the way!

The Start of Summer

While we’re on the topic, summer officially starts in late June. I can never remember if it’s 20th, 21st or 22nd, but I’m fairly sure it’s definitely one of them! Strangely, I’m not usually excited for summer but this year I’ve definitely been feeling it!

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

In the space of three days around mid June, it’s my brother’s birthday, sister’s birthday and then Rachel’s birthday. It’s pretty hectic, but so exciting nonetheless. I’m not a huge fan of my own birthday, but I love other people’s birthdays!!

The General Election

Jeremy Corbyn VS Theresa May. As I write this, we’re 4 days away from the adults of the UK voting for our new prime minister. While I’m not in that age range, I can’t stress enough how important it is for those of you who are in that age range to get out and vote! With the state that the world is in at the moment, it’s the least you can do to try and make a difference. SO MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!

Guitar Grade 6

At the end of the month, I’ll have my guitar exam. For those of you who don’t know, in the exam, I have to perform 3 music pieces, play a variety of scales and arpeggios, sight read (play music I’ve never seen before) and then do some aural (identifying things like key changes, cadences, note intervals and whatnot). Despite the fact that I’m ridiculously unprepared, I’m excited to get this out of the way.

And that’s most of what’s going on in June! See you next time! 🙂


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Can you believe another month has gone already? We’re 5 months into 2017 HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

Anyways, with the beginning of another month always comes a Monthly Look-Ahead post, since it’s a great way to track what’s going on and whatnot.

Britt’s Birthday

I don’t think we have anything big planned, but it’ll be Britt’s Birthday at some point in May, which is exciting! Writing birthday cards is honestly one of my favourite things, especially when we have a chat that goes back almost two years; I can write up a few messages she’ll have forgotten about! 😉

OUAT Musical Episode 

The Once Upon A Time fandom have been waiting so long for a musical episode, and the time has finally arrived people!! On May 7th, the episode with Hook (my love) and Emma’s wedding will be musical themed! I’m beyond excited for that, not to mention the final two episodes of Season 6 that’ll follow it! OUAT HAS BEEN SO DAMN GOOD LATELY!!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

As youll more than likely be well aware, there’s a new Guardians of the Galaxy film. After loving the first one as much as I did (let me tell you, it was a lot), it’d be insane not to go and see this one at some point! Who doesn’t love Chris Pratt? Or baby Groot? ❤

Wearing a Skirt to School

As everyone that knows me would know, I wear trousers (or pants, as you might call them) to school. I have done every day, every year, for 4 years. HOWEVER (of course there’s a however), I tried on my younger sister’s skirt, and since it was too big for her, it fit me pretty well! I wore it once last Monday, but the rest of the week was a little cold to be without my trousers. It’s warming up this week, so I thought I’d give it another go!

Warmer Weather?

As I write this, I’m pretty damn cold, but by the end of May it should have warmed up, right? Don’t get me wrong, the colder seasons are my favourite, but I just want to warm up a little!

And those are the main things I’m looking forward to in the next month!


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Hello people of the internet. 

How long has it been since I last posted? Honestly I’m not sure but I am not proud of how absent I’ve been here lately.. I’ll try to fix it!

Anyhoozle, we’re two days into April, so technically I’m a tad late, but today’s post is this month’s monthly look ahead. I have a good few things to look forward to within the next 30 days so here goes!

Talking to Flynn

As you might remember, Flynn moved to my form in school, and sits behind me. Obviously, that means I’ll be trying to talk to him as much as I can without going overboard. I’ve only done once so far, which is a little useless but Hayley’s given me some of his geography that she was supposed to give to him so I guess I’ll be doing that tomorrow. 🙂

Mock Exam Results

Three weeks ago marks the beginning of my mocks, which was surprisingly an alright week. Our results are given out tomorrow, and I’m pretty nervous actually… At least I can blame it on only being half way through our courses if I’ve flopped them all!

Shawn Mendes Illuminate Tour

In late April, I’ll be going to see Shawn Mendes with Ashley. We’re both insanely excited, although she probably is a little more. What can you expect? She’ll be meeting (yes meeting, although I won’t be) her future husband for the first time!

Warm Weather

As much as I love winter, the UK hasn’t had the best one. It’s snowed about five times where I live, and not once have we had a snow day or enough to have a lot of fun in. On top of that, I spent over a week without heating, and after all that I’m just begging the warm weather to arrive. It’s been slightly warmer in the last week or two here, but nothing major. 

Lea Michele – PLACES

Anyone who knows me, knows very well about my love of Glee, and stemming from that, my love of the Glee cast, including Lea Michele (Rachel Berry in Glee). This month, she releases her second album. It’s been years since the first, and I still love every song, but I’m itching for more. So far, three songs (Love is Alive, Anything’s Possible and Run to You) have been released so far AND THEY’RE SO BLOODY GOOD! Much excite indeed!


As a Christian, I celebrate Easter, although I’m not too excited about the Christian side of it (I’m a terrible person, sorry) since it involves the longest – mass – ever. Seriously. But once that’s over with I love the Easter eggs and all! Though this year, I plan to restrict myself on eating it all so fast; my skin isn’t doing fantastically lately and that would only make it worse!

So that’s a few things I’m excited for this April! I can already tell it’ll be an amazing month! ❤



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Monthly Look-Ahead: MARCH 2017


It’s been way too long since I did a Look-Ahead post, and I really do love writing them, so since it’s the first day of March I thought I’d get back into it!

Wow that was a pretty long sentence.


There’s a good bit to look forward to this month, so let’s get right into it, shall we?

Lenten Cake Stall

As you may already know, today is the first day of Lent (the buildup to Easter). I go to a Catholic school, because my family are Catholic, so our school does a lot of fundraising for charities. One of those things happens to be a lot of cake stalls. Since Year 7 (first year of high school) I’ve been a faithful customer to the graphics teacher’s tuck shop. That makes this year the fourth year of buying dozens of blueberry muffins over Lent. I love blueberry muffins, so what’s not to be excited for?

My Birthday

Another year has rolled around, and my birthday is just over a week away. I’ll be 15 on March 9th, which is next Thursday. Thankfully, it’s the one day of the week that I don’t have English. Actually, I’d say it’s one of my favourite days, lesson-wise! And then a few days later it’s Ashley’s birthday!

Mock Exams

Sure I’m not too thrilled by the prospect of sitting in an exam hall for hours taking exams but it gets me out of some lessons, which could be a bonus? Plus, I guess you could say it’s my only time to have lessons with Flynn, since we’ll all be in the hall at the same time! 😉

Passport Arrivals

You might remember that I’m going to Italy in October as a Geography school trip to the Bay of Naples (Pompeii and all that jazz). After the third time of sending passport forms off, we finally got a text to say that it had been posted and was on the way back. The first time, they needed proof that my new photo was still me, and the second time, the signatures weren’t right. Quite the hassle, but now that we’re finally there I’m just quite excited to have a passport for the first time in 10 years.

The Space Between Us

On February 10th (not sure why I remembered the exact date, but it’d be nice if I could remember my French that well), The Space Between Us was released in the UK. It’s a romance film about a boy who moved to Earth from Mars to be with a girl. I’m a huge sucker for romance movies and I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten around to seeing it, but I plan on doing in the next month!

Fixed Heating?

Since Saturday, the boiler in my house has broken, so we have no radiator heat, no hot water, and I’m pretty dang cold. I’ve been sat under several blankets the majority of the time, since it’s currently the coldest it’s been in a few weeks here in the UK. Tomorrow, though, there’s someone coming to take a look at it to see if they can fix it. Fingers crossed!

That’s everything (I think?) for March 2017!



P.S. Let me know some of your favourite romance films!

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Monthly Look-Ahead: DECEMBER 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. HAPPY DECEMBER! Yet another month has flown by; it’s time to say goodbye to November and hello to December! Being my favourite month of the year, I’m pretty sure I’ll have a good few things to ramble on about today!


Advent is officially here and there are only 23 days until Christmas! One of my favourite parts of Christmas is the buildup, when teachers start to slack, everyone is excited and advent calendars are being opened every day. Speaking of advent calendars, mine is a Lindt one this year, which is super exciting because Lindt will always be my favourite chocolate! ❤


If you’re a pretty long-time reader, you might remember how I did a mini-blogmas here on my blog. It wasn’t for the whole 25 days, because there’s no way I could keep up with that, but I started on the 15th, and blogged everyday until Christmas. I really enjoyed it, and everyone else seemed to, so I thought why not do it again for 2016?


One of the most exciting things about the buildup to Christmas is the shopping! Whether it’s for friends or family, Christmas shopping really sends the Christmas mood swirling around my brain, and I think I’m going out this weekend to get stuff for friends? PopTarts sound like an awesome idea since they all love them! 😉


You might remember me mentioning in early October, Hayley has been texting the guy in the older year, Peter Pan, that we (Penny, Hayley, Britt and I) obsessed over for a good year. Now that we’ve moved on, Hayley has kind of ended up friends with him. Penny has a crush on his best friend, and he knows. Don’t worry, we know we can trust him, since he’s trusted us with stuff before. Anyways, he suggested setting them both up, which I’m not entirely sure how it’d happen, when or if he actually will, but it’s definitely something to look forward to in the future!


If you live in the UK, you might have had a little snow last month. Being the winter fanatic that I am, I freaking love the cold, snowy days that this time of year brings, not to mention the Christmas vibes that flutter with it! Hopefully, we’ll have a snowier winter than last year!


Every year, we have a ‘festive assembly’ which is kind of like a Christmas party for each year group. We all sit at tables in the hall, with crackers and sweets. Various awards are given out, and announcements are made, Christmas songs play, some students perform and teachers make absolute fools of themselves (5 of the younger guy teachers literally all wore One Direction masks and danced to their songs on the stage – choreo and all!). It’s an awesome hour or two, and for a bit makes me realise my year isn’t actually that bad. 


On Monday, I was told by the orthodontist that I no longer need to wear the clear retainer that I have (for after braces) during the daytime. So now, it’s just nights! I’m super excited to have a free mouth again, and not have to clean it (the retainer, not my mouth) all the time!


You might remember recent stresses (hah it was more than stress) over a handfull of people knowing that I like Flynn. Well, a week has passed and nobody has said anything – to me anyway. So, I’m guessing I’m safe for now?

And that’s everything for December! I’m so freaking excited for this month! Are you??

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me


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Monthly Look-Ahead: NOVEMBER 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. First of all, I apologise for my terribly unorganised blogging scheduling this week. I’m on school half-term (a week off) and I can’t keep track of the days to save my life.

Anyways, since it’s very nearly November (I know: insane, isn’t it?) it’s time to do a November Look Ahead! I can already think of quite a few things just off the top of my head, so this one might be a little more interesting!

Back to my Favourite Theme Park

As you may remember, I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach in July, and I’d been so many times before. It’s by far my favourite theme park I’ve ever been to, mainly because the rollercoasters are just amazing. Anyway, my mum is taking me and two of my sisters there to end the school holidays, which should be awesoome. I’m mainly just hoping that the photographer from last time is there. Damn he was a beautiful human  *heart eyes* ❤

Teen Wolf Season 6

If you’re a fan of Teen Wolf, or happen to have a friend who is obsessed with it, you’ll know that the sixth season is starting mid-November. After the trailer, I literally could not be more excited! DID YOU GUYS SEE THAT STYDIA MOMENT OHMY I CANNOT. Basically. It’s the last season as well… 😦 I’m really hoping they bring back Isaac because he was 1) Hilarious and 2) Freaking adorable. And Derek – he needs to come back too…

Bonfire Night

Halloween is almost over (in two days), and after that, it’s bonfire night! If you don’t do bonfire night, let me enlighten you. It’s basically a night (bet you didn’t get that), on November 5th, where we have fireworks and sparklers and eat sweets and cake, at least my Grandma always feeds us…. Does anyone else eat loads of sweet stuff? Anyway, the fireworks are super exciting, and I can’t wait for them to come back this year!


After Bonfire Night is done, my brain goes straight into Christmas mode. Being the Christmas obsessed person, that I am, that’s very exciting. More than likely, I’ll have Christmas playlists blaring 24/7, probably annoying my whole family but what else am I supposed to do? IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS! 😀

Darker Evenings

If you’re in the UK, you’ll know that the clocks just changed. If you’re in the UK and you didn’t know, then I suggest you change your clocks. Anyway, we’re now in GMT instead of BST, so when it’s 5pm, it’s as dark as it would be at 6pm, plus the darker evenings that we get with winter everywhere. As creepy as it might sound, I love darker evenings, because it feels so much cosier, and really gets me into a Christmassy mood. Who am I kidding, I’m in a Christmassy mood in July… But yeah, I’m super excited for it to be pitch black at 5pm soon!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Any Harry Potter Fan will be anxiously awaiting the release of a film about Hogwarts, witches, wizards and everything else Harry Potter, minus the Harry Potter characters, if I’m correct? I think it’s released on November 18th in the UK, but I might have to do some research on that to make sure.

Learning More Songs for my Guitar

Usually, I just use my guitar for learning music pieces that I’ve got to do for my exams (currently working towards Grade 6) but lately, I’ve been trying to learn some of the songs that I actually listen to. Of course, it’s kind of difficult without a capo, and you’ll understand that if you play guitar too. I guess that’ll have to be on my Christmas list! If you’re interested, I’ve been learning a few Shawn Mendes songs (Mercy and No Promises).

And that’s everything I’m excited for in November! I’m sure there’ll be a few more that I’ve missed, but those are the main ones that stick out to me.

What are you looking forward to in November?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me


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Monthly Look-Ahead: OCTOBER 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. You’ve probably already noticed, but just in case you haven’t – ItT’S OCTOBERRRRRRR! Also something you probably know, I quite dislike Summer, for various reasons. Now that it’s officially not Summer, I am incredibly excited for my favourite time of year to get into full blast!

A lot of this month’s exciting things will more than likely be seasonal based, but who doesn’t like a bit of autumnal excitement!?

Colder Weather

Being the not-so-summer person, I went through every hot day wishing that it was colder. As I write this, I’m wearing several layers (the outside layers are all black so I feel a bit like a ninja) to keep warm. The idea that warm weather is over is super exciting, especially because it means holiday season is just around the corner!

Darker Mornings and Evenings

Along with Autumn, comes darker skies. Aside from generally just looking nicer, and me preferring the dark anyway, it creates such a cosier atmosphere, where you can flick on some fairy lights – where they’ll actually make some form of difference – and snuggle up with a laptop. Without a doubt, a whole lot of my nights within the next few months will be like this!

Watching The OUAT Season 6 Plot Unfold

Just last Monday, I watched the very first episode of Season 6 of OUAT (Once Upon A Time). By now you’ll have noticed that it’s one of my all-time favourite TV shows, so there’s no denying that I was insanely excited for it! Not to mention impressed! It was so amazing, and exciting – everything that a first episode should be! I’m so incredibly excited to watch how the new stories play out!

Settling Into The School Year

With a month done with, it’s gotten to the point where we are almost completely used to being back at school. October is just the right time to make sure you remember your timetable, keep on top of the new levels of homework and the rest of that stuff.


Obviously, October means HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! I never really do much for Halloween, or I haven’t done in the last few years, I still love at least having the pumpkins around; the smell is amazing, once they’ve got the candle inside them! ❤

Leaves Changing Colour

One of the prettiest things in Autumn, and mainly October is the changing leaves. There’s a huge tree I go by on my way home from school, and the last few years, it’s changed super gradually, so each day I’d see how yellow and orange it was.

That’s some of the stuff I’m excited about for October! What about you?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. My laptop is being a little laggy at the minute, so excuse the lack of thumbnail