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Theo Thursdays #3 – Well This is Awkward…


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Since it’s Thursday, it’s time for another Theo Thursday, where I talk about the awkwardness of not knowing whether a guy likes you or not! Well, something has happened. Yesterday. And will dramatically change Theo Thursdays forever.

Everything was the usual, up until about 11:00, after our year group had an assembly. Boring assembly as usual but what happened after the assembly was actually interesting! Basically, one of my friends (Penny to be specific. Check the codenames page!) said to me, “Do you know? Has Ashley told you?” Bam a new codename! And at first, I had no idea what she was talking about… So I asked her what she meant. And she told me that someone likes her. Likes likes her. At the moment, you’ve probably realised what I’m getting to, but I hadn’t. I asked who it was. And from the first words that she said, I instantly knew. She said: “He’s new”. Theo. Theo likes Ashley. Not me.

It occurred to me afterwards, that all of the signs weren’t necessarily pointing towards me, except the starring and overly cheesy forms of compliments… It could have been anyone. He was walking down the corridor because he wanted to see her. Not me. He was lurking around our friends to see her. Not me. And he might have been trying to make friends with me, so that he could be around her more often. Not me. He complimented her too…. But more obvious now that I think about it… He straight up told her that she was funny. And that it was true… Does it make me selfish to have thought that it was me? I hope not… but I’m not alone. Penny thought he liked her too… So it wasn’t just me.

After I had thought about all that, I realised, that it was Theo Thursday the day after. And wondered what would happen to Theo Thursdays…. I guess that will have to be it… I can’t keep posting about it when I have actually finished what I was trying to figure out. Does Theo like me? And the answer is no. He doesn’t. To be honest, I’m actually quite relieved. I can’t be dealing with the awkwardness of English lessons next to him, not knowing whether he likes me or not..

I guess that’s all, and it’s quite depressing to be leaving a blogging feature that quite a lot of you actually enjoyed behind… Sorry I couldn’t really carry on with it…

Oh and if you were wondering, it probably is true… Theo liking Ashley… Someone said they thought he did, so Ashley asked Tyler and he said yes…. Ashley doesn’t want to go anywhere with it soo… 😀

Thank you SO much for reading! And make sure to leave a comment, and like and follow if you like my blog… See you soon with my monthly look ahead! 😀

BYE ! 😀

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Theo Thursdays #2


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As some of you may already know, today is Theo Thursday! 😀 But if you don’t know, every Thursday, I post an update on the ‘Theo Situation’… Quite a few of you wanted updates so I thought why not make it a feature! If you haven’t seen my previous Theo Thursday, you can either click here or go up to my menu bar, where there should be a Theo Thursdays tab. It would probably make more sense if you saw that before you read this one.

So, getting into the post. No, this week wasn’t just awkward catching him starring at me and stuff, but there was talking. Not much, just like 2 or 3 times, but still, it was super awkward, and super uncomfortable and the whole time I was like OH GOD WHAT IF HE IS LIKE JUST TOTALLY CRUSHING ON ME RIGHT NOW!?! And yeah…

Basically, the first one was on Monday, in French, we were writing as many sentences as we could for who could win a sticker – yes a sticker, and no I’m not in year 1. 😀 But turns out it was me *proud face*. I’m actually quite good at French but meh. Anyways, when Theo saw my whiteboard with all the sentences he said “That’s impossible!” in this really awkward little high pitched voice. It sounded so rehearsed, even though it probably wasn’t, and it made me cringe so much I could have curled into a ball and shrunk into the floor if I was on my own… But I wasn’t on my own… So I just had to smile awkwardly like ‘haha yeah’…

The next thing, was at break time. I was with the Squad (my friendship group) and him and Tyler (check the Codenames tab if you’re really that bothered) came up to us and started talking. It was fairly normal because Tyler is sort of friends with us all and friends with Theo, but Theo had never spoken to any of us properly. Well, he didn’t really say much, but he seemed to be laughing all the time, and looking at me every so often, which was super awkward (sorry I use the word awkward too much… I’m just an awkward person) so I just pretended that he wasn’t and carried on talking to everyone…

Now, this one is by FAR the most cringey and messing up my brain because I still don’t really understand. Get ready! Drumroll please! At this point I realise that what I’m about to say isn’t short enough to have the effect that a drumroll should have but never mind. DRUMROLL! He came up to me outside History and was like “Jatm? (obviously he didn’t say that… He said my name, but I can’t give my name on here so my blogging initials will have to do) You know the geography homework from last week? What was it?” I have no idea why in the world he wanted to know last week’s geography homework, but for some reason he did. Me being socially awkward and thinking about my blog, and all of you guys, and his codename and all that, couldn’t get out my words properly and couldn’t think how to word last weeks homework. Thankfully my friend (part of the squad) – get ready for another codename! – Alice, came and rescued the situation just in time, realised that I was struggling to remember and told him for me… AWKWARD! But after then, I was like (in my head) ‘Why did he need to know that? Was it just an excuse for talking to me? And even if he did need to know – why did he ask me?!?! Does he like me? Oh god maybe he does… ‘

Anyways, I still haven’t got my head around that encounter but I guess it’ll just be another mystery! That isn’t all though, today in English, we had a new seating plan. And BAM. Guess where I was sat? RIGHT FREAKING NEXT TO THEO! GEEZ MR ENGLISH TEACHER WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO THAT? DON’T YOU REALISE THE MESS MY HEAD IS IN BECAUSE OF THIS GUY? Like why couldn’t it have been a certain someone that I may or may not like but I’m just gonna ignore that…. If you really want to hear about that then maybe I could tell you in another blog post but that is getting quite deep into my brain (not that this already is or anything but you know…. ) Thank God, he wasn’t in school today! So I had the desk to myself. But on Monday, (I’m not in school tomorrow! YAY!) English is gonna get awkward…

But it’ll make these posts way more interesting!

That’s all for this week! I do have another post coming up! I started to write it, and then realised that it was Theo Thursday, so I started this one instead… Expect a post for tomorrow! It will probably be more of a talkative, chatty one but I hope you like them! 🙂

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BYE! 🙂

-Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I’m thinking of making a thumbnail sort of thing that says Theo Thursdays for these posts because it will make everything look nicer. What do you think?

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As Requested :D


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I realised, that one of my most popular and requested posts is my one about The New Kid (I suggest checking it out if you haven’t already, otherwise this post will make no sense to you… 😀 ). Anyways, since you seemed to like that one quite a bit, and wanted updates (which I am very happy about! I love that you all want to hear about what’s going on) I have made a decision.

It will probably only be temporary

But should maybe last a while

Are you ready?


Yes I have changed his codename… There isn’t anything days of the week starting with an R and I wanted it to sound cool and yeah… OCD! 😀 So I ditched the Raphael name… It’s Theo now! Basically every Thursday, I will give an update on what’s going on in the whole situation. Please don’t think that I want this to end up with me and him ‘together’ because I really don’t… I just want to figure out if he even like likes me in the first place… I’ve never been in a situation like this if you haven’t already noticed…

So this week, not much has happened… There have been a few accidental me catching him starring into my soul in which case I walk along swiftly and pretend it never happened…. And smile a bit… I can’t exactly just ignore it and give him an evil glare can I? I was beating myself up a bit (not literally) after that though… like, what if that made him think that I like him too? I don’t!

It was in maths the other day, and I walked to the front of the class to put some paper in the bin, and it just so happens, that he sits on the middle front desk… As I was walking past (these people are meant to be doing their work by the way) I realised that he was watching me putting the rubbish in the bin…. Who does that? I smiled and walked past…. I felt quite confident at that point in time, which is weird for me, because I’m usually the more quiet one… But then, the thought that someone might like me made me feel prettier, and instantly more confident! 😀 Just for a second though, because by the time I got back to my seat, I was dying inside like “OH MY GOD WHAT DID I JUST DO??!?!?”

And he walked down the corridor that me and my friends eat at and I’m quite sure he was looking at me… The whole time… So I smiled again, because I had no idea what to do…. It was quite awkward….

That’s pretty much all that’s happened this week! Let me know what you thought in the comments and make sure to like and follow if you like my blog!

Thank you SO much for reading, and let me know if you like the idea of one of these every Thursday!

BYE! 🙂

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The New Kid


I’m Just Average Teen Me. And no, I haven’t moved schools. But someone has. To my school. And I need some advice…

I think he might like me… Not just a friendly way. I have no idea if he does, and personally I’d rather he didn’t… I’ll tell you what’ happened so far

First of all, he came to school on Thursday (Not last, the one before) and I didn’t know who he was at that point. But turns out he’s in my year half. And a lot of my lessons. So, he was put with Tyler (voila! Another codename! 🙂 ) who I’m not entirely sure if I would call him a friend… But I’m fine talking to him, he’s a nice person etc. Through Tyler, we saw each other around at lunch times while I was with The Squad (My friendship group) and I’ve realised, he is really shy and quiet. I know that there are people like that but usually with friends you’d think they’d open up and talk a bit? He doesn’t seem to even talk much with Tyler when he’s around us… But could that be because my squad are that intimidating? There are 5 of us! 😀

Sometimes, he seems to say things, related to stuff that I like… Like Once Upon A Time, which I have been overheard talking about several times 🙂 . And when I asked if he watched it, he said no….  And sometimes, I see him walking around where me and my friends eat at lunch – on his own… Could that be because he wants to see us? Or not? Because that’s not anywhere near where his friends stay at lunch…

Plus, sometimes I catch him looking at me during lessons, but he looks down nervously when see him… It’s really awkward. I don’t know how to deal with these things! I can’t exactly just ask him, because what if he said yes?!? And it’s only been a week, I could just be jumping to conclusions very quickly… Hopefully!

If I am being totally honest on this blog (which I am), I will admit, that even thinking that someone might like like me is making me feel prettier. I’ve never felt like a pretty person, that anyone would want to date… But the thought that someone might, is terrifying – especially because I’d rather not date him! – and I feel more like a pretty girl… In a way, it gives me hope that someone, somewhere might like me, and I like them! I’m not sure… I’ve never had to deal with stuff like this! Except one time where there were rumours that a really annoying kid liked me, but he got expelled so I’m safe from the awkwardness of that situation! Phew! But seriously, have any of you guys ever been in a situation like this? What happened? And do you think he actually likes me? I’ll post updates if you really want… But for now I think I’ll leave everything as it is and not interfere with it all… Just came up with a codename for him: Raphael… I know its crazy… But I’ll be using it! Plus it’s easy to remember!

Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you enjoy my blog and leave any thoughts and suggestions in the comments below! Oh and have you got any ideas that I could use for weekly features here on my blog? Like something I will do every Thursday? Or Monday? Or any day of the week??? Please let me know what you think! I’m stuck for ideas! 😀

BYE! 🙂

-Just Average Teen Me