As this blog is anonymous, I obviously can’t use people’s real names. So codenames come in great use! This page is not only for you all to know who I’m talking about, but for me. I have a feeling that this list is going to get longer and longer and I’m not going to be able to remember all the names! 🙂

Bob – One of the friends I’ve had for the longest. I haven’t seen him in a while…

Regina – Lover of all things photography. Actually insane at art ❤

Penny  – Obsessive fangirl (sister from another mister!) My go-to girl to talk about guys

Ashley – Future wife of Mr Shawn Mendes 😉

Rachel – An old lady in the body of a teenager. Watches Call the Midwife, Downtown Abbey and drinks lots of tea. Knows more about Harry Potter than anyone I know

Brittany – My partner in crime. Biggest ships me with Flynn… A lot. 

Hayley – Another very good friend. Insanely awkward, very photogenic.

Theo – Theo Thursdays! Yes that was thing 😀 As of now, he’s one of my best friends! 

Lakota – My only big sister. Thinks she’s from Texas

Dave – Lakota’s boyfriend. Very much a typical nerd

Tyler – My science buddy since Year 7. He hates that I ship him and Theo 😉

Flynn – A rather good-looking specimen in my year at school… Sits right behind me in form *heart eyes*

Noah – Guy in my year. He only has a codename because we flirted a little in June 2016 ish… I barely speak to him anymore 

So far that’s all, but I’m sure there are gonna be MANY more in future blog posts!

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