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An Optimist Amongst Pessimists

Hey… I’m writing this super late, since it’s actually past midnight here in the UK.
Within my friendship group, there’s been all sorts of dramas in the last week, and I’ll definitely get another post up soon to explain it all and whatnot, but for now, it’s probably useful to know that there’s been a slight fall out between two halves of our group. 

SO, naturally, the majority of our group are pretty bummed about it. As I’ll explain in the next post, I’m not so much affected since I managed to KEEP MY HEAD OUT OF THE DRAMA (apologies, ahem.) but the rest of the girls in our group seem to have took a big hit from it. 

Bare in mind, this all began last Saturday, and escalated rapidly on Wednesday. Friday (although now it’s Saturday) rolled around and my friends are being painfully pessimistic.

Before I get into the details, I’ll mention that I’m an optimist. I’m a positive thinker, I firmly believe that everything happens with purpose, that nothing is entirely bad and that everything will turn out good in the end. 

My friends however, are quite the opposite. They seem to let one negative thing outrule the entire year of good memories we’ve had in Year 10, saying that “Life is so shit” and “I thought this year would be better”, to which I replied saying that life isn’t bad, and that they were just ignoring all the good that had happened this year.

Just because I don’t outwardly show sadness or pain in person or through dramatic paragraphs, doesn’t mean I don’t ever feel it, so what Britt replied tugged my nerves a little. She’d said that my life is all fine and happy, seemingly implying that everything to happen for me is all sunshine and rainbows. Any frequent reader of this blog will fully understand that that’s not the case. The difference is, as an overall, I try to focus on the things that make me happy. You’ll know that this year I’ve dealt with a lot, including the separation of our friendship group recently. 

“Nothing bad has happened to you this year”. To assume that someone has it perfectly, is a hundred percent unreasonable, if you ask me. So by this point, I was getting a little annoyed and ended up saying “JUST FOCUS ON THE GOOD JESUS WHERE IS YOUR OPTIMISM?”. She replied with “What good?”. 

I understand that people might have stuff going on that we don’t know about, and that it’s perfectly reasonable to feel down from time to time (as we all do), but to blatantly ignore all the times you’ve laughed until you couldn’t breathe, smiled so hard your jaw hurt and physically not been able to hold back from making a little inside joke or smirk is just unfair. Unfair on all the people that would then feel as if they aren’t good enough for you. If nothing is good, then surely that means the friendships aren’t good either?

Being a positive person, surrounded by so much negativity is getting to me a little, and I’m feeling slightly squashed so I needed to have a little rant on here. 

Thank you for listening, and if anyone is hurt by anything I’ve said, I’m sorry.


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I’m Just Average Teen Me. Welcome to Day 5 of Blogmas!




Less than a week to go; we’re really getting close now! As it’s round about the time that people are frantically running around shop after shop, trying to find the last gifts for family and friends, I thought I’d give you a little hand – with the friends part, anyway.

Having to buy Christmas presents for my own friends, I know how awkward it is when you really have no clue whatsoever what to buy, and how nerve-wracking it can be. For this post, though, I shall step in as your Fairy Godmother, and hopefully give you a few ideas to use! 😀

Selection Boxes

I get how easy it is to overlook the most simple gift ideas when you’re speed-walking around a shop with no idea what to pick up, but selection boxes are literally presents (already made) and are bound to be in countless shops nearby. Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Their Favourite PopTarts

PopTarts: Gods of the breakfast world. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that doesn’t love them, and if you’re in the UK, where not all the shops sell them, it’s even better, since it’s more of a surprise. Honestly, I’d be more than happy if someone bought me a box of PopTarts for Christmas, so that’s exactly what I’ve done – for my friends, not for me.

Tiny Christmas Decor

Since it’s Christmas, why not splurge on something that’s actually Christmassy? For instance, last year, I bought little lava lamp (kind of?) things with a snowman and a lot of glitter inside. This year, I bought some jar/mug things with a straw coming through a screw-on lid. If your friends are very pinterest-esque, and like to take photos of things, these would be a great idea!

Something Arty

If you really are running behind, and don’t have much time to head out to the shops, but you do have some spare artsy skills that can be put to good use, then grab some paper, a pencil and make something! It could be a picture, painting, or a comic strip of something funny that happened between you. You could use technology to make it, or do it by hand. Whatever floats your goat (yes I said goat).

Personalised T-Shirts

This one’s super easy if you have a little longer to spare, or if you can get it shipped within the timespace you have left, as most of these will have to be ordered online. If your friend has a crazy celebrity crush, you could buy a Mrs *insert celebrity’s name here* shirt, or if you have an inside joke/codename you could use that!

That’s everything I thought of for todays blogmas! Hopefully it was helpful to somebody out there!


Happy Blogmas!


Just Average Teen Me