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My Night Routine *sarcastic*


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today I will be showing you my nightly ‘routine’ as you could call it. But I might just call it what I do before bed. Basically the same thing. SO, this won’t be all beauty based or anything, because the truth is, I don’t do much beauty stuff, I just wipe wet toilet roll all over my face to get rid of the concealer that somehow managed to survive the whole day.

This whole thing will be based on last night, although most of my nights are pretty much the same.

First of all, I have a hot chocolate, in my huge hot chocolate mug (I seriously don’t know how I go a whole night without going to the toilet after drinking this…). Depending on my mood, I’ll either sip it slowly, or chug the whole thing (not what you’re supposed to do with a hot chocolate but never mind), gasp for air when I’m finished, and probably be asked if I’m alive by my mum.

With that, I head on upstairs and brush my teeth. Which often proves difficult when you have the braces that can’t come out. Although I must say, I’ve become quite the expert after ALMOST THREE YEARS. Saying that, I trash a toothbrush every two months 😀 But anyways, I brush my teeth yada yada yada, then as I said before, slap wet tissue all over my face and clean off makeup. A lot of the time I forget. I know I’m a terrible person.

After the bathroom stuff is done (Oh wait, I’ll go to the toilet too) I jump across the top of the stairs (very gracefully 😉 ) probably wake up the whole house, and shut my door. It’s probably at this point that I realise “Dang it I haven’t drank two full bottles of water today” so on top of the excessive amount of hot chocolate, I drink whatever is left in my water bottle… (My new years resolution was to drink two a day) then probably collapse onto my bed.

After recovering, I might (oh god get ready for this… It’s shocking. And making me cringe) – workout. AAAAAAAH OH MY GOD JATM WORKS OUT? Ha ha no. It isn’t one of those full out press ups and weight lifting or anything. It’s more of a “I ate way too much today, time to get rid of it” kind of thing. All I’ll do, is switch on Better than Revenge (the song I relate to most passionately as of now), very quietly so only I can hear it, and basically just do crunches, leg lifts and ‘full plank with twist’ – on my bed. So it isn’t any way near as extreme as it should be. But I like to think of it as somewhat healthy…

At this point, I am probably wearing my baggy hoodie and my underwear…. DON’T JUDGE ME IT’S SO COMFY! Usually this is about 10 minutes after I came upstairs. Then, I’ll dive into the internet – big mistake. I’ll be stalking, reading, watching, just about everything you can do on the internet. And it usually goes like this.

“Oh I haven’t seen *insert crush’s name here* twitter much today” *stalks*

10 minutes later

*On someone in my school’s twitter or instagram, with a bunch of other accounts behind it. And looks at clock* “How did it get so late? Agh I’ll go to bed now”

another 10 minutes later

*texting friends* “I’M TIRED” “GOO TTO SLEEEP” “have you seen his new tweet?” “KILL ME”

5 minutes later

“Woops. I haven’t packed my bags for school” *packs bags*

another 5 minutes later

Okay I’ll get dressed now. *gets into pyjamas*


“Oh wait, I’ve forgot to moisturise” *slaps on gross stuff*

That’s what I usually do before bed, as you can see, it isn’t really productive, usually ends with me going to bed at least half an hour after I planned on doing.

What do you do? Doe it take you this long?

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BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me