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Maybe without the champagne, though, since I’m 15. . 🙂

2 years ago today, I did a post called “Hello World“, under the name Just Average Teen Me. I know, the name is hella corny, and still to this day makes me want to curl up into a ball and be buried in a hole. Good thing I changed it then, I guess?

Anyways, after making my blog, at the age of 13, I thought it’d be a place where I had posts to write constantly, and ideas flowing heavier than Niagara Falls. If you’ve been here recently (and if any of you are actually left?) you’ll know I’m very very unorganised here… I’m crap at remembering to post, let alone finding the ideas, to put it frankly.

The first year or so, I had a tight schedule of when to post and when not to post, and sometimes that meant being up at 10:30pm (I was 13 okay that was late for a school-night) writing the most rushed and un-related-to-my-life posts I’ve ever seen. Hopefully, you’ll agree I’m past that now, and I try to blog about things that actually hold some shape or form of meaning to what’s going on with me? By the start of 2017, I’d changed my blogging alias to Awkwardsaurus. It fits me a million times better, and makes me want to cry of cringe slightly less.

I mentioned this last year, and I’ll mention it again. After starting my blog, I experienced a few panic attacks: the first in October, and a few others up until now. Without people to talk to, I wouldn’t have recovered as smoothly as I did. I took to WordPress, and told you all how I felt, what caused it, and the fears I had of something like it happening again. I couldn’t talk to anyone else about it, because I felt like they’d just brush it off and say it was nerves (a lot of people really don’t take mental health seriously). You listened, and you helped me. If you hadn’t, I’d have had all that cooped up inside, and it probably would have made my situation even worse.

Blogging has been useful to me, for all the reasons I never thought it would. I thought it’d be easy to gain readers, and have lots of comments as well as likes, but it’s more than that. When I started blogging, I had crazy issues with my self-confidence. I was terrified to even talk to teachers, ordering food or drink from a barista made me shake, and I was constantly convinced that my friends didn’t like me (kind of happened BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT). Obviously, there are a bunch of other factors that played into it, but since then (2015, oh my god that sounds like so long ago) I’ve flourished into a more confident, and happier version of who I was then. Sure, standing in front of the school year still makes me blush and tremble, but I’ve started doing things for me, that I wouldn’t have been able to do before. I’ve made more friends. thanks to not being scared to go and talk to people, I’ve bought things I wouldn’t have before (menstrual cup, anyone?) and I’ve switched to a skirt for school.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, and you haven’t done already, I can’t stress how much I think you should. Even if just a small part of you thinks it’d be fun, or a way to pass the summer (that’s why I set up this one), just go for it, set up a website here on WordPress, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Anyways, thanks to everyone who’s been stuck in this for the long-haul, and to new readers, too. I know, I’m a pain to keep up with but it means the world to me.

Until next time


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I’m Just Average Teen Me. Guess what day it is todaaaay? I KNOW! 4 YEARS OF FIFTH HARMONY, WE’RE BLESSED! But, it’s also another day, and if you’ve read the title, you’ll know that it’s my blog’s anniversary. Or Blogiversary, how we bloggers like to call it sometimes. So, I have no clue what I’m actually doing in this post, but we’ll have to get somewhere with it!

I remember writing my first post, check out the cringe here if you’re interested. Everything I had thought about blogging was completely different to how it really is. I thought people would judge me if I was myself, which made the first few posts even more cringey than they needed to be.

I remember not knowing how to use the toolbar at the top of the page. Now, if you’re a frequent visitor here, you’ll know that I use most of the tools up there! SEE THIS COLOUR!? I had no clue how to work the comment system either, so it took me about a week to realise how to actually reply to someone’s comment… Sorry about that, if any of you are still here.

Eventually, I squirmed out of my lil self conscious shell, and started to make my blog more personal – more me. I cut out the excessive ‘xo’s that I used to do at the end of a post (I really did think that would make people like me – don’t ask) and replaced it with a smiley face, that I still have now. Thank you for all being so supportive and helping my year-younger self realise that I didn’t have to be someone that I wasn’t.

Some people see a year as a really short space of time, that’s quite uneventful. As much as I feel that this year has gone insanely fast, so much has happened, that it kind of feels like it should have been longer. After starting my blog, a lot happened in my life, good and bad.

A moment that stands out to me the most, was when I was having trouble with a certain friend (Regina, as I code-named her) and asked for help a few times. It eventually got to the point where I had a panic attack, after finding out what she’d been saying behind my back. I was terrified, and you were the only people I could talk to about it. I couldn’t talk to anyone I knew in person, because I thought they’d think I was overreacting. You were all so kind, and it really helped me to get through, and eventually forgive Regina and move on. If you’re interested in that post, you can click here.

I always thought the blogging community was judgmental, characterless, beauty obsessed and just numbers on a page. I was more than wrong. Now, I know that the blogosphere is accepting, quirky in it’s own unique ways and way more than just how many likes you get.

Thank you for everything, guys. I wouldn’t have posted 149 posts (150 including this one) over the last year without you.


Okay so that ended up being my blogiversary post. If it’s really cheesy, I’m sorry, it’s just how it turned out. Thank you so much for sticking by my blog, whether you followed last week, or last year, I love you all! ❤

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me