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44 Public Transport Things


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As I promised a few weeks ago, in my ‘That Was In My Head‘ post, today is my 44 Public Transport Things. Before we start, it’ll be useful to know that I use buses to get to and from school, every school day. 😦

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with public transport, so let’s go through it!

  1. It’d be real nice if the bus could turn up?
  3. *tries to telepathically summon a bus*
  4. The stress of having to scan a bus ticket and praying that it’ll work
  5. Being so awkward you don’t know where to stand when there’s no seat, so you end up right in the way of everyone
  6. Or when the bus is insanely busy and you end up pushed up against 5 different people at once
  7. Just pray they don’t fall on you
  8. Chances are, you’ll get fallen on a couple times in your life, so be glad it’s a cute guy when it is 😉
  10. *stares*
  11. Overhearing the most bizarre conversations, accidentally
  12. If my guitar falls, it’s not my fault.
  13. Messaging your friends begging them to save you
  14. “The temptation to violently ram into the person next to me is insane” – a quote from myself, on a Whatsapp chat with Penny and Britt
  15. Using all the power you’ve got to not lip sync with your music; that would be so embarrassing
  16. Suddenly being caught in the most stand-still traffic you’ve ever seen, ever. 
  17. Dramatically starring out of a window when a sad song comes on
  18. Checking that person‘s stop to see if they’re getting on ❤
  19. And they’re not 😦
  20. But when they are 😀
  21. The ear-ringing din of a school bus >.<
  22. That day where you have P.E., Food Tech and a music lesson so you’re a stumbling waterfall of bags (thank goodness I don’t have food tech anymore!)
  23. Becoming Sherlock Holmes and trying to find out any details that you can about complete strangers… Just me?
  24. Getting on an almost empty bus and thanking the bus gods
  25. On cold days, your feet feel numb
  26. And on warm days, you can literally feel your skin sweating off
  27. The dreaded moment of a wasp on the bus where you just accept your death :O
  28. When a song you know the choreo for comes on and it takes so much not to dance along (WORK FROM HOOOOME)
  29. Feeling beyond awkward having to talk to someone on the phone
  30. Standing up instead of sitting next to someone you don’t know
  31. Or freaking out mentally when someone sits next to you
  32. Sympathy for people last minute cramming before exams
  33. And becoming the person last minute cramming for your exams
  34. People who use seats for their bags -.-
  35. The uncomfortableness (not a word, but I didn’t want to use awkwardness) when some people are getting a little too steamy for a bus
  36.  Refusing to run for the bus, to save a lifetime of humiliation
  37. Feeling like a God when you arrive to the bus stop at the same time as the bus
  38. Accidental eye contact
  39. When a busy bus drives straight by you 😦
  40. Sitting on the back row and feeling popular for the first time ever
  41. Seeing a teacher, on the bus and pretending they don’t exist :/
  42. When someone starts taking selfies and you’re definitely in the background…
  43. People with zero understanding of personal space… Once I had a lady actually sit on my hand while i was holding a pole
  44. But at the end of the day, they get you where you’re going… usually…

That’s all! I hope you could relate to some of those! Let me know of anything you experience on a bus, and we can have a lil chat in the comments 😀

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me


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That Was In My Head?


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As the daydreamer that I am, there are several times where I’ll be playing out elaborate situations of out-sassing people (or just giving myself a running commentary) in my head. I’d imagine I’m not the only one, but I thought it would be so much fun to share some of them because frankly, my brain can be quite funny – to me, at least.

When I don’t like a teacher

So far this year, I’ve haven’t been doing this too much, but my piece of crap geography teacher that doesn’t have a freaking clue what he’s talking about has definitely sent me into the world of my brain a good few times.Take this for example:

“I got 100% on the test on this last year, so if you want me to get up there and teach this lesson myself then I will, because I sure as hell could do it better than you can.” Obviously, I would never say anything like that out loud, let alone have the confidence to teach a lesson myself, but when my brain gets annoyed, it spirals into this sorta thing.

Around the crush

Obviously, screaming out loud is not a fantastic idea if you don’t plan on the whole world finding out who you’re crushing on, but the inside of my head is usually a whole mix of emotions when he walks by. Like:

“Ohmygod who gave you permission to be so cute like can you stop thanks bye”

“I really hate your girlfriend…”

“Breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe woman! Don’t die over here!”

Thoughts on a bus

With public transport, comes many awkward and fantastically confusing situations that simply cannot be crammed into this small section of a post, so I might actually do a whole other post on this at some point, but for the meantime, I’ll give you a few of my most frequent thoughts.

“If my guitar falls and hits you, it’s not my fault…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, back the heck up dude you’re pretty close there….”

“Damn he looks a lot like a celebrity!”

In an exam

I know there’s a bunch of different kinds of people in exams, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been them all at one point or other, depending on the subject I’m in.

“Dang I really should’ve revised for this….”

“Wow what was all the revision for if it was going to be so easy?”


“Is that a bee? Oh hell no is there a bee in my exam? Who let you in you little grade destroyer… I bet someone sent you to make me fail….!”

If you enjoyed this post, please let me know, because I’d gladly do them separately, it’s just I had so much homework this evening and could barely fit in the time to post! Sorry!

BYE! :D-

Just Average Teen Me