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Hello people of the internet. 

How long has it been since I last posted? Honestly I’m not sure but I am not proud of how absent I’ve been here lately.. I’ll try to fix it!

Anyhoozle, we’re two days into April, so technically I’m a tad late, but today’s post is this month’s monthly look ahead. I have a good few things to look forward to within the next 30 days so here goes!

Talking to Flynn

As you might remember, Flynn moved to my form in school, and sits behind me. Obviously, that means I’ll be trying to talk to him as much as I can without going overboard. I’ve only done once so far, which is a little useless but Hayley’s given me some of his geography that she was supposed to give to him so I guess I’ll be doing that tomorrow. 🙂

Mock Exam Results

Three weeks ago marks the beginning of my mocks, which was surprisingly an alright week. Our results are given out tomorrow, and I’m pretty nervous actually… At least I can blame it on only being half way through our courses if I’ve flopped them all!

Shawn Mendes Illuminate Tour

In late April, I’ll be going to see Shawn Mendes with Ashley. We’re both insanely excited, although she probably is a little more. What can you expect? She’ll be meeting (yes meeting, although I won’t be) her future husband for the first time!

Warm Weather

As much as I love winter, the UK hasn’t had the best one. It’s snowed about five times where I live, and not once have we had a snow day or enough to have a lot of fun in. On top of that, I spent over a week without heating, and after all that I’m just begging the warm weather to arrive. It’s been slightly warmer in the last week or two here, but nothing major. 

Lea Michele – PLACES

Anyone who knows me, knows very well about my love of Glee, and stemming from that, my love of the Glee cast, including Lea Michele (Rachel Berry in Glee). This month, she releases her second album. It’s been years since the first, and I still love every song, but I’m itching for more. So far, three songs (Love is Alive, Anything’s Possible and Run to You) have been released so far AND THEY’RE SO BLOODY GOOD! Much excite indeed!


As a Christian, I celebrate Easter, although I’m not too excited about the Christian side of it (I’m a terrible person, sorry) since it involves the longest – mass – ever. Seriously. But once that’s over with I love the Easter eggs and all! Though this year, I plan to restrict myself on eating it all so fast; my skin isn’t doing fantastically lately and that would only make it worse!

So that’s a few things I’m excited for this April! I can already tell it’ll be an amazing month! ❤



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See You Next Year, Blogmas + What I Got For Christmas 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Christmas Day has passed, which is obviously a little heartbreaking, but it also means that Blogmas has come to a close too. I really enjoyed getting into the festive spirit here on the blog, and hopefully, you all enjoyed reading them just as much! Thanks a bunch for being supportive of the posts!

So, onto today’s post. Since Christmas was just two days ago, I thought I’d share some of the things I got for Christmas. It might strike you that I’m not the most stereotypical teenage girl (if you hadn’t already got that), so I won’t be rambling about eye-shadow palettes and fancy new shoes.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Although my Harry Potter obsession has died down a slight bit over the last seven years, I still do, and will always love it. I don’t think there’s been a year since my love for the stories began that I haven’t had something related to Harry Potter for Christmas. Anyways, I’m super excited to play this, especially with Rachel, who’s the biggest Hazza P. fan I know.

A Box of ‘Girly’ Stuff

So, I think this is the point where my mum has no idea what to buy, so she just throws some bits and pieces into a tin. Inside was some pocket tissues, nail polish, ‘spot zapping gel’, stick concealer and a peel-off Cucumber face mask (which I have used before, and I absolutely loooooove).

Moto E3

My phone was slowly dying, and the contract ended this Christmas anyway, so I kind of knew that I’d be getting this phone, and had chosen it between the two options I had. It’s the third generation of the previous phone I had, which was the first generation, and there’s definitely been some improvements! It also came with some big, over-ear headphones which is nice! 😀

OUAT Season 5 DVD

You’ll more than likely know that I’m a huge fan of OUAT (Once Upon A Time), and I currently have all of the seasons available on DVD. If you have spare time over the holidays, I definitely recommend checking it out! 😉

Infinity Rises and Infinity Reborn – S.Harrison

In March, I was given the first book of the Infinity trilogy for my birthday. The plot had me hooked throughout, and I contemplated buying the next books with my own money, which is pretty big since I hate spending it unless I need to. I ended up waiting until Christmas, and I’m so freaking excited to read the last two books!

Fifth Harmony 7/27 UK Tour Poster

I’m not sure this counts as a poster, since it’s cardboard, but it has a picture of the 7/27 album cover, with all of the UK tour dates beneath, the whole thing surrounded by a thick black border. It’s pretty niiiiice, and I just need to put it up on my wall!

A Truckload of Chocolate

Over the entire Christmas holidays, I’ve been given insane amounts of chocolate, and I worked out yesterday, that in the last 4 days, I’ve eaten over 3000 calories of just Lindt Lindors, excluding any other chocolate! Talk about food coma! 😀

Mermaid Tail Blanket

You might remember that this was on my Christmas list this year. It’s basically a woolly blanket in the shape of a mermaid tail, so you put your legs inside, and feel like a mermaid. Mine is a blue/turquoise colour with hints of green, white and orange, and it’s super pretty! 😀


As Grandma always does, she bought us a few sets of pyjamas for the next year. I will admit, she allowed us to choose them ourselves, so I went to Primark with two of my sisters (one older and one younger) and picked out three sets. I prefer it that way because I knew that I’d love them! ❤

That’s most of it! What did you get for Christmas?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me


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44 Autumn Things



As I did at the beginning of Summer, I’ll be doing a post about 44 Autumn Things. If you’re not from the UK, chances are, you call it Fall. Buuuut I don’t, so it’s Autumn on here. If you’re relatively new to this blog of mine, you may not have come across any of these posts before – I do them quite a bit, actually, and I really enjoy writing them! Anyway, I basically just list 44 things to do with the chosen topic, which in this case is Autumn.

  1. Changing that Summer phone wallpaper to something new and autumnal!
  2. Slowly darkening evenings
  3. Break out the fairy lights (I mean, I have them all year but hey)
  4. Rain hammering down on the roof as you sleep
  5. Spicy smelling candles (not chili – cinnamon and ginger)
  6. Forgetting your umbrella and being completely and utterly drenched as you walk into school
  7. Flannel! I actually don’t have anything flannel but I feel like I really should
  10. Convincing yourself that on every full moon there are werewolves roaming around the town
  11. Properly settling into the school year
  12. Finally not having to worry about sweating all of your makeup off
  13. Pumpkin Spice lattes; I’ve heard they’re really nice but I haven’t tried one!
  14. Berry lipstick – for my makeup fans
  15. Slowly changing leaves ❤
  16. Watching people throw sticks into the trees to try and get the conkers down
  17. The smell of plastic wellies ❤
  18. Bonfires and fireworks
  19. The smell of jack-o-lanterns when the pumpkin starts to get a little cooked by the flame
  20. Fluffy boots
  21. Crackling fires (if you have fireplaces with actual fire – thankfully (I am kinda scared of fire), I don’t.
  22. Staying up late, reading
  23. Warm cookies
  24. Oversized jumpers (my faaaaaavourite!)
  25. Doubling up on blankets at night
  26. Photo opportunities at every second
  27. Waking up in the dark
  28. Dark nail polish
  29. Watching cloud after cloud of your own breath disappear into the air
  30. Long walks in the woods
  31. Long hot showers (or baths if you’re a bath person)
  32. Finding the most perfectly spherical pumpkin to ever grace the planet
  33. And then seeing the huge spot on the back -.-
  34. Stepping on crunchy leaves
  35. For a split second, being convinced that your sparkler is going to reach your hand
  36. Fuzzy pyjamas
  37. Halloween decorations
  38. Cuddling pets when it gets cold
  39. Getting out your gloves after so long
  40. Hand warmers ❤
  41. Watching the same tree slowly turn more red than the last day on the way back from school
  42. Snuggling up to the oven when it gets cold
  43. Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it!

That’s everything I could think of! Hopefully you could relate to some of them! BRING ON AUTUMN!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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Life Hacks?


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I know that I’ve started way too many posts like this in the past, but I’m sorry for not blogging yesterday. I would give you a good excuse, but the truth is that I forgot. My thoughts were occupied elsewhere and blogging didn’t cross my mind until I looked up at the time, realised I still had to make sure I was ready for school and then have a shower… 😦


Anyways, onto the actual post for today. I thought it would be fun to share some little ‘life hacks’ with you. Although when I actually thought about it, what do I even do that’s a life hack? And really I have no clue, so this post might as well be called ‘Stuff you probably already know and do but I’ll tell you again’. YYAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Here we go then!

Brush your eyebrows with a beauty sponge

I know this sounds totally crazy and random, but it seems to work. If you don’t own a brow brush, like myself, but your hair above those beautiful eyes of yours is an absolute mess then I suggest dragging out your beauty sponge (if you own one). Coming from someone who has quite dark, and fairly bold eyebrows, it works. Just don’t use the side that you use for actual makeup? I’m not sure why it works, but I just kind of slide it along in the direction I want the hairs to go in and there we go. 😀

Just buy jeans that are too long

Obviously, don’t go ridiculous and have them trailing down to the floor or anything, but if you’re buying skinny jeans, don’t let the length put you off. I like to have mine quite loose/gathered at the bottom. Having them longer means you can get away with turning them into boyfriend jeans too! Just roll the cuffs up! 😀

Keep your earrings together

This one was really difficult to summarise so I just ended up using that. Anyways, I like to keep my earrings together so I don’t have to search for the match of the one I have out (I have quite a lot of pairs). To do this, I just take the back off one of them, poke the pin into the little circle thing (kind of like a butterfly) on the back of the other earring and put the back onto that one…. That made no sense…. I hope you can somehow try it, because it’s super useful!

Use a shoebox for school books

If you have a bunch of school books lay around making a mess of your room, I highly suggest digging out a shoebox from somewhere and using it to store your books. Just don’t pack it with stuff that really doesn’t need to be in there… If you want, you can stick things on the outside of it, or use your amazing creative talents to decorate it by hand! It definitely helps to clear up books that are just thrown all over your bedroom! 😀


To make symbols like that using the keyboard, you can hold Alt and a number from the number pad!

Just get Spotify

It saves money, it’s awesome, and that’s about it. ❤

That was 6 of the life hacks I came up with… There are probably more, but it’s getting late and this post isn’t up so I should really hurry up… Also I’m craving biscuits… 😀

Thanks for reading! Leave any comments or suggestions in the comments! Make sure to let me know of any life hacks that you know of!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me