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44 Thoughts in an Exam

Hi guys. I’m Awkwardsaurus 🙂

    As I’ve already mentioned, a few weeks ago, I had exam week, which, if you’re unaware, is a week of pretend GCSE exams, carried out exactly how the real ones would be. Like a fire drill, but for exams. 

    Not fun. 

    But exams mean there’s a lot of mind wandering (whether that’s a good thing or bad) and I thought it’d be fun to share some of them!

    1. Here we go, into the valley of death 
    2. Do I trust having my phone in my bag inside these cages? No. Will I still do it? Yes. 
    4. Don’t sit in the wrong seat, don’t sit in the wrong seat
    5. If anyone is sat in my seat they shall prepare for my wrath
    6. That teacher literally walks like a penguin 
    7. Oh phew, found my seat
    8. Dammit it’s a wobbly desk. DID I ASK FOR THIS GOD?
    9. So… Is it cheating if I write my name on this yet?
    10. Wait what even is my name
    11. Or my candidate number
    12. *Thanks the heavens that Flynn is in my eyeline* (he was for all exams except 2)
    14. Damn right hear my swish that paper you peasants 
    15. What would happen if I climbed on top of the table and did a little dance
    16. Is she staring at my bae
    17. Hell no she’s staring at my bae
    18. OH CRAP NOW SHE SAW ME (legitimate anecdote)
    19. *manages to actually figure out something in maths* holy guacamole I’m a genius bow down to me
    20. Wait it’s wrong nevermind. Still bow though
    21. Why am I struggling on the first question seriously why is English language so hard I NEED ANSWERS
    22. Not gonna use that word purely because I don’t know how to spell it
    24. *Stares at crush*
    25. “Miss, I have no clue how big a micrometer is :(” – a literal note I wrote to my biology teacher 
    26. What the hell is a statin
    28. Must. Write. Faster.
    29. Wait what’s 4 × 7
    30. Right 28, got it
    31. Or is it 32… No it’s 28?
    32. What if we all shook the desks and stomped our feet shouting EARTHQUAKE
    33. *FIRE ALARM*
    34. Are y’all just gonna let me burn to death or??
    35. Okay apparently there isn’t a fire but we aren’t allowed to leave…. Great
    36. *Becomes freaking ninja at twiddling pens from finger to finger*
    37. I wonder what everyone else is thinking in here…
    38. How many crushes are in this room at once…
    39. Hah I’m giving up BYE EXAM
    40. I feel like Britney Spears staring at the clock in Hit Me Baby One More Time
    41. WHEW WE’RE DONE.
    42. Why am I always the last one out?
    43. Okay which cage is my bag in…?
    44. *Pulls out bag, bringing about 5 others down too*

        So, that’s all! Good luck to anyone with exams coming up! 😀


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        Being Extremely Unproductive

        Hey there people of the blogosphere 🙂

        How’s life going? Good? I hope so.

        I’m currently on half term break, and I have been for a week now (we finished last Friday). For those of you that don’t know what half term break is, it’s basically a week off school midway through the semester, as you might call it. In the UK, we have terms. 

        But anyways, I have mock exams coming up in two weeks and two days, and I am not prepared in the slightest. 

        With all the revision piling up, it got to the point where I had no idea what to revise, so I ended up binge watching romance movies and playing The Sims… Not the best way to prepare but hey. The school haven’t been all too good on advising us what to look over, since we haven’t been told which papers it even is that we’ll be sitting. Obviously for subjects like Geography, that could mean I might accidentally revise the wrong paper, which is a huge waste of time.

        Not to mention that I have a slight lack of revision guides, and the majority of my school books are in school… So there’s not much to use! 

        Anyhoozle, exams aside. 

        It’s my birthday in a week and six days, which is slightly nerve wracking. For those of you that don’t know, I don’t particularly enjoy the spotlight of a birthday, and when I’ll be in school all day, holding birthday bags that my friends will no-doubt drown me in, it’s pretty difficult for people not to notice. 

        Don’t get me wrong, I love to receive gifts and all, but I much prefer it at Christmas when it isn’t just me. Do you get what I mean?

        However I guess you could say there’s a bonus. Last year, Britt and Penny tried to find a guy in the year above that I liked at the time and somehow make him say happy birthday. They failed, and didn’t find him, but I wouldn’t be all to surprised if they purposely walked me by Flynn, drawing all attention towards me and my birthday bags. I wouldn’t be complaining if he happened to notice 😉

        I haven’t been posting much lately, and I’m sorry, but I’ve been trying to make blogging more of a hobby than a chore. In late 2016, keeping up with my schedule was proving pretty difficult, and I was scraping my brain for ideas the majority of the time. This year, I’ve been blogging about things that matter to me more, and I can talk about without having to force. I’m hoping you don’t mind that that’s sacrificing a few posts a week. 

        I’ll try to gradually build it up, but for the meantime, just bare with me. 

        You might be wondering where my favourites and monthly look-ahead posts have disappeared to, and I assure you, they will make a reappearance in the near future! But the favourites post will definitely be a lengthy one! 

        I guess that’s all for today! See you around 🙂


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        44 Crush Things


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. As you might remember me saying about a month ago, I’ve sort of developed a crush on someone in my year, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the things and emotions (because they’re all over the place) that come with infatuation. ❤

        1. Realising you have a crush and feeling the mixture of excitement and “oh snap what is this”
        2. Telling someone about it, and fearing for your life for the first few weeks of them knowing
        3. Watching romance films and slowly dying (The Notebook and A Walk to Remember are two of my favourites. Both will more than likely make you cry, so if you’re watching them, get the tissues ready!)
        4. Social media stalking (who doesn’t?)
        5. Sending your friends on undercover missions to follow request them on Instagram
        6. And then subtly asking for their photos (okay, I know, I’m creepy)
        7. Beating yourself up because he’s  a popular guy that you’ve never even spoken to and this whole crush is completely superficial
        8. Googling quotes about crushes and reading through them until you reach the end of Google
        9. Convincing yourself you don’t have a crush on them, but then seeing them in person and YUP DEFINITELY STILL HAVE A CRUSH
        10. Forever wishing you had lessons with them
        11. And then finding out that one of your friends spends several hours a week next to them in lessons (the jealousy is real)
        12. Going to bed wishing that you dream about them
        13. That rush of adrenaline walking past them, sweaty hands and a pounding heart
        14. Taking any and all evidence that they aren’t as bad as they seem
        15. Begging for details when your friends spoke to them
        16. “HE OFFERED YOU HIS BLAZER?!” (I’m not kidding this actually happened. He bottle flipped, ended up drenching Hayley, and then offered her his blazer. *swoons*)
        17. Walking around where they hang out
        18. Finding out that he’s in a lesson next door to you, and finding out by looking through a door (it’s a clear door between two classrooms) and seeing him right there (sudden panic amiright?)
        19. Genuinely not knowing whether him seeing you is a good thing or not, because you look like a potato but he’d know you exist… Dilemmas
        20. Finding yourself smiling and then realising you’re thinking of him
        21. Giggling at random points in conversation when he’s brought up
        22. And trying not to when you’re with people that don’t know that you like him
        23. Always having a specific song for every new crush
        24. That look your friends give you when he enters the room
        25. And the look you give back willing them to shut up
        26. But still trying to glance at them every now and then
        27. Accidental eye contact and literally dying
        28. The Crush Song. If you haven’t heard it, let me enlighten you (it’s at the end of the list)
        29. Convincing yourself that you aren’t doing your hair differently for him, it’s for you
        30. Your friends find the whole situation rather hilarious. Britt once burst out laughing because Flynn was looking into our maths room… :/
        31. The blushing 😮
        32. Stalking on social media even more
        33. Crush playlists
        34. Critiquing the things they do like you’re their mother
        35. The relief of seeing them drinking Lucozade instead of alcohol like the rest of their friends
        36. Wondering what they’re doing right now
        37. Telepathically trying to make them think of you
        38. When you think he’s single and you become Katniss volunteering for the Hunger Games
        39. If you could feel my pulse right now, it would hit you like a sledgehammer (jams)
        40. Looking forward to Monday because school is the only place you see them
        41. And feeling so disappointed when they aren’t in
        42. When they haven’t seen your amazing Snapchat yet (I don’t know Snapchat terminology, nor do I actually have it on my phone, but I know that Penny deals with this all the time)
        43. Cute song lyrics ❤
        44. Thanking his parents for giving him a common name so my friends can’t guess which ‘Flynn’ it is 😉

        And that’s everything! I hope you enjoyed reading, and could relate to some of these!


        Just Average Teen Me

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        44 Public Transport Things


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. As I promised a few weeks ago, in my ‘That Was In My Head‘ post, today is my 44 Public Transport Things. Before we start, it’ll be useful to know that I use buses to get to and from school, every school day. 😦

        I kind of have a love-hate relationship with public transport, so let’s go through it!

        1. It’d be real nice if the bus could turn up?
        3. *tries to telepathically summon a bus*
        4. The stress of having to scan a bus ticket and praying that it’ll work
        5. Being so awkward you don’t know where to stand when there’s no seat, so you end up right in the way of everyone
        6. Or when the bus is insanely busy and you end up pushed up against 5 different people at once
        7. Just pray they don’t fall on you
        8. Chances are, you’ll get fallen on a couple times in your life, so be glad it’s a cute guy when it is 😉
        10. *stares*
        11. Overhearing the most bizarre conversations, accidentally
        12. If my guitar falls, it’s not my fault.
        13. Messaging your friends begging them to save you
        14. “The temptation to violently ram into the person next to me is insane” – a quote from myself, on a Whatsapp chat with Penny and Britt
        15. Using all the power you’ve got to not lip sync with your music; that would be so embarrassing
        16. Suddenly being caught in the most stand-still traffic you’ve ever seen, ever. 
        17. Dramatically starring out of a window when a sad song comes on
        18. Checking that person‘s stop to see if they’re getting on ❤
        19. And they’re not 😦
        20. But when they are 😀
        21. The ear-ringing din of a school bus >.<
        22. That day where you have P.E., Food Tech and a music lesson so you’re a stumbling waterfall of bags (thank goodness I don’t have food tech anymore!)
        23. Becoming Sherlock Holmes and trying to find out any details that you can about complete strangers… Just me?
        24. Getting on an almost empty bus and thanking the bus gods
        25. On cold days, your feet feel numb
        26. And on warm days, you can literally feel your skin sweating off
        27. The dreaded moment of a wasp on the bus where you just accept your death :O
        28. When a song you know the choreo for comes on and it takes so much not to dance along (WORK FROM HOOOOME)
        29. Feeling beyond awkward having to talk to someone on the phone
        30. Standing up instead of sitting next to someone you don’t know
        31. Or freaking out mentally when someone sits next to you
        32. Sympathy for people last minute cramming before exams
        33. And becoming the person last minute cramming for your exams
        34. People who use seats for their bags -.-
        35. The uncomfortableness (not a word, but I didn’t want to use awkwardness) when some people are getting a little too steamy for a bus
        36.  Refusing to run for the bus, to save a lifetime of humiliation
        37. Feeling like a God when you arrive to the bus stop at the same time as the bus
        38. Accidental eye contact
        39. When a busy bus drives straight by you 😦
        40. Sitting on the back row and feeling popular for the first time ever
        41. Seeing a teacher, on the bus and pretending they don’t exist :/
        42. When someone starts taking selfies and you’re definitely in the background…
        43. People with zero understanding of personal space… Once I had a lady actually sit on my hand while i was holding a pole
        44. But at the end of the day, they get you where you’re going… usually…

        That’s all! I hope you could relate to some of those! Let me know of anything you experience on a bus, and we can have a lil chat in the comments 😀

        BYE! 😀

        Just Average Teen Me


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        That Was In My Head?


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. As the daydreamer that I am, there are several times where I’ll be playing out elaborate situations of out-sassing people (or just giving myself a running commentary) in my head. I’d imagine I’m not the only one, but I thought it would be so much fun to share some of them because frankly, my brain can be quite funny – to me, at least.

        When I don’t like a teacher

        So far this year, I’ve haven’t been doing this too much, but my piece of crap geography teacher that doesn’t have a freaking clue what he’s talking about has definitely sent me into the world of my brain a good few times.Take this for example:

        “I got 100% on the test on this last year, so if you want me to get up there and teach this lesson myself then I will, because I sure as hell could do it better than you can.” Obviously, I would never say anything like that out loud, let alone have the confidence to teach a lesson myself, but when my brain gets annoyed, it spirals into this sorta thing.

        Around the crush

        Obviously, screaming out loud is not a fantastic idea if you don’t plan on the whole world finding out who you’re crushing on, but the inside of my head is usually a whole mix of emotions when he walks by. Like:

        “Ohmygod who gave you permission to be so cute like can you stop thanks bye”

        “I really hate your girlfriend…”

        “Breaaaaaaaaaaaaaaathe woman! Don’t die over here!”

        Thoughts on a bus

        With public transport, comes many awkward and fantastically confusing situations that simply cannot be crammed into this small section of a post, so I might actually do a whole other post on this at some point, but for the meantime, I’ll give you a few of my most frequent thoughts.

        “If my guitar falls and hits you, it’s not my fault…”

        “Whoa, whoa, whoa, back the heck up dude you’re pretty close there….”

        “Damn he looks a lot like a celebrity!”

        In an exam

        I know there’s a bunch of different kinds of people in exams, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been them all at one point or other, depending on the subject I’m in.

        “Dang I really should’ve revised for this….”

        “Wow what was all the revision for if it was going to be so easy?”


        “Is that a bee? Oh hell no is there a bee in my exam? Who let you in you little grade destroyer… I bet someone sent you to make me fail….!”

        If you enjoyed this post, please let me know, because I’d gladly do them separately, it’s just I had so much homework this evening and could barely fit in the time to post! Sorry!

        BYE! :D-

        Just Average Teen Me

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        BLOLIDAYS #3 | Summer Expectations VS Reality


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. Welcome to week 3 of of Blolidays! Can you believe we’re already at week three? Well, technically I’m not at week three as I write this, because it’s actually the day before I’ll post week two, which should be up as you’re reading this.

        SO, I just sneezed about five million times, so my nose feels like a balloon.

        For this week’s Blolidays post, I thought it would be fun to do some Summer Expectations VS Reality stuff. You guys seemed to like my Revision one of  those, so I’m hoping you’ll like this one too!

        Sleep Schedules

        Expectation: I’ll have a fan in my room so I don’t die, and I’ll get plenty of sleep every night.

        Reality: Sudden heat wave crashes into the UK. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? IS THIS A FREAKING INCUBATOR? And then the brother screams the Star Wars theme song at stupid o’clock in the morning. -.-

        Meeting Friends

        Expectation: We’ll meet up every now and then so we don’t forget that we all exist, right?

        Reality: Mum actually tells me to get out of the house and do something because all I do is sit in my bedroom all day….. :/


        Staying Fit 

        Expectation: P.E lessons aren’t here anymore, so I have to make sure I don’t become a potato!

        Reality: You expect me to exercise in this heat? HAH, NO THANKS!

        Eating Healthy

        Expectation: We bought a death machine! Aka a blender, and I’ll live off smoothies and be really healthy! They’ll be so tasty too!

        Reality: Well this is disgusting. Let’s not try to do that again. I’ll stick with toast.


        Wearing Nice Clothes

        Expectation: Prancing around in holiday/beach-wear 24/7 and looking like an angel

        Reality: Hold up, I don’t actually own any summery clothes… Looks like I’ll be in a hoodie and jeans then!


        Expectation: My legs are going to be so beautiful they’ll kill people

        Reality: I’m a bear, I’m a bear, with brown fuzzy hair


        And that’s everything for this post! I hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you next Saturday with another Blolidays post!

        BYE! 😀

        Just Average Teen Me


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        I’m Just Average Teen Me. Whoah…. WordPress has changed! First of all, I’m really sorry for not blogging on Monday, like I said I would a while back in my Planning post… I have been finding it really difficult to keep on top of blog posts and homework lately, and I decided that for the time being, it was more important that I got my homework done… I’m so sorry… I hope nobody really minds that much…  But today I already have most of my homework done, so I figured I’d be able to squeeze in a blog post now!

        Anyways, I have been thinking about look-alikes a lot lately, so I thought it would be really interesting to have a chat about them here on my blog!

        You might be wondering…. “Jatm, why have you been thinking about look-alikes a lot lately?” And to that I say… It’s kind of a long story… But I’ll tell you!

        Okay, so there’s this guy in the year above me in school, who looks exactly like someone from Once Upon A Time. I won’t give away who it is in OUAT because then it’ll be really easy for anyone that knows me well to know that this is me if they read this… But they look so alike!

        My point is, it’s really weird to think that there could be a person that looks almost identical to you, somewhere in the world. Even if you aren’t related. Or who knows! Maybe that guy secretly is related to the one from OUAT! I doubt it though 😀

        I wonder if anyone else thinks he looks like him! There are 5-ish of us that think he looks so alike… Me, Rachel, Penny and two other girls. Nothing other than the occasional fangirling when we see him walk by has happened obviously. Today though, it all got a lot more eventful! Basically, we were eating lunch in the canteen and he usually eats in there too (he sat literally behind me yesterday! 😉 ). We were saying how funny it would be if one of us asked him if he was actually the guy from OUAT and one of the other two girls that I said about before did. And surprise, surprise, he said that he wasn’t… And probably thought she was a little on the weird side 😀 .

        That’s not all! In Spanish today (ugh I hate Spanish… I literally wish I could drop my book into a paper-shredder…) Penny caught my attention from the other side of the classroom and said “Look who’s out there!”! And believe it or not, he was stood outside our classroom! And then later on he smiled at me, Penny and Rachel while we were walking to out next lesson. I’m guessing it was because he felt sorry that we were friends with the girl who asked him or because he just thinks we’re a bit odd…. 😀 Anyways, I didn’t actually notice he was even there… Even though I moved out of the way so he could get by… I must have seen him! But my brain was completely daydreaming! I was talking about something else I think….

        Enough jabbering… I was wondering if any of you have a celebrity look alike? From the celebrities that I know of, I don’t look like any of them really… But I guess they’re all quite a bit older… 🙂

        Thank you SO much for reading! Leave any comments or suggestions in the comments and make sure to like and follow if you like to read my blog!

        BYE! 😀

        -Just Average Teen Me

        P.S. Please do let me know what you think of posts like this… Sometimes I feel like chatting is quite fun because I don’t really do much of that on here really…. If you don’t like it, please tell me so I don’t have to bore you forever! And if you do like it, then please let me know so I can do a few more of them every now and then! 😀

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        We all have that teacher


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. And no, this isn’t an update on the Raphael situation. If you’ve no idea what I mean, then go check out my last blog post here. I can’t be bothered explaining it all, it gets too long 🙂 . But thank you so much to the people that commented! Your support means the world to me! I can’t believe that there are some of you out there, that actually want to read my little blog! 🙂 And give me advice when I need it! It seriously makes me so happy! I’ve decided, I’m going to leave the whole situation alone, and see if it carries on.. If it does, I might ask one of my friends what they think, and maybe one of his if it carries on for even longer! I might as well give you a teeny tiny update… Not much has gone on differently, I still catch him looking at me, like today, I was waiting for my friend outside her Science classroom and it just so happened to be his too… I saw him looking at me as he came out, but otherwise, nothing has really happened.

        I did have an idea for this post…. But I’ve forgotten… Argh it’s so annoying when that happens! 😦 Well, I just had another idea! Since we’ve had a while back at school now, you’ll probably be remembering all the different types of teachers. That’s why this post is called: We all have that teacher that…

        • The teacher that can’t control the class whatsoever.

        I’m guessing you’ve had one of these before. Usually, it tends to be the younger ones that has just started teaching, and for some reason, the whole class decides that means they don’t have to behave at all. And I mean at all. My English teacher last year was like that. Every single lesson we had, people were ignoring her. Personally, I didn’t like her very much, but I did feel a bit sorry for her. Although it was quite funny sometimes… These teachers hardly ever get you to your target grade. And if you do actually end up with it, I salute you! That must have been hard! 🙂

        • The teacher that ALWAYS has tests

        Normally, people would see all the tests as a bad thing, but teachers like this end up doing well. It really works. I had a French teacher who always made us revise new vocab and learn it for a spelling test. There was one time though, when I didn’t revise at all. It was one of the most terrifying things in the world… I had to sit there, and guess all the answers… I think I ended up with 60%…. But my teacher let me off, because I had been out of a lot of the earlier lessons! 😀 Yay for nice teachers!

        • The teacher that just doesn’t do what they’re meant to, how they’re meant to

        So, you usually have a few teachers that really seem like they aren’t doing what they’re meant to be doing. The lessons are all muddled up and unorganised, nobody has to do any work – everything comes on sheets that you can stick into your book without writing a single word. This doesn’t usually work though, because they rarely give out glue sticks which leads to a book filled with random pieces of paper that you have no idea what to do with…

        • The teacher that tries to be friends with the students

        These are one of my least favourites…. I cannot stand it when a teacher thinks they can make the class like them by acting like the stereotypical teenagers…. It really bugs me… Teachers are NOT – I repeat NOT supposed to be your friend. They’re supposed to be your teacher. And nothing else. My English teacher this year, told us at the start of the year “I’m a local lad. I was here at one point too“. But surely after having to put up with my school for a whole 5 years, you wouldn’t want to come back again? Seriously who wants to be back where they were when they were a teenager? I know I won’t be coming back… 😀

        • The teacher that is ancient and has been there for longer than anyone can imagine

        These teachers just seem to be ancient and don’t get older from there…. Like, they were ancient when your parents were there, and they’re still there, and ancient now! I don’t understand if these know that retirement is a thing… Or if they have some anti-aging potion that they took a little too late.. Either way, why not just retire? They’ve obviously been there forever! Through several headmasters! Plus, nobody likes them that much, and they’re rubbish at teaching… 🙂

        • The teacher that is ALWAYS grumpy

        Ugh. My History teacher from last year and this year is ALWAYS grumpy. She always seems really aggressive and shouts constantly. And never let’s you work in groups with your friends… And they make you copy out stuff, and just do loads of work… Plus I hate history…

        • The nice teacher that can actually teach

        Yay! It’s that day of the week where you don’t feel like falling over and dying at the bus stop! Because you have a lesson, where everything goes well, everyone behaves, it’s fun (bonus), the teacher is amazing and your grades actually go up! It’s actually amazing when you end up with a teacher like this! Even if it’s a subject that you really don’t like, it will be better than your favourite subject with a teacher that you hate… Last year’s maths teacher was like that… But I didn’t get her this year… 😦 I was so disappointed!

        • The substitute teacher that breaks ALL (I need double bold for the all…) the rules

        These are usually the teachers that when you arrive at the classroom everyone is making fists saying ‘Yessssssssss we’ve got so and so‘ and the whole class celebrates because what they’re about to go into, is no lesson at all. It’s a lesson of sitting with your friends, eating sweets, drinking fizzy drinks, playing on your phone and watching movies on your amazing substitute teacher’s Netflix. These are literally the best lessons in the world. Enough said. 🙂

        That’s all of them! I hope you can relate to some of these! If I missed any (I will have done…. I only did about 8) please let me know in the comments!

        Make sure to like and follow (Thankyou so much to everyone that has followed my blog! I’m nearly nearly at 50 followers! Please help me reach it!) if you enjoy my blog, and I’ll see you in the next one!

        BYE! 🙂

        Just Average Teen Me

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        44 Teenage Girl Things


        I’m Just Average Teen Me. You’ve probably guessed it – I’m back home now. And that means – I’m back blogging! 🙂 Anyways, today I thought I would try and blog about something relatable to you guys. Who I’m guessing are mostly teenage girls – like me. So I’m going to be discussing random stuff that just seems to go through my head!

        44 Teenage Girl Things

        1. Bubble Wrap
        2. When the tampon advert comes on the TV… :/ (even worse when you’re with your parents….)
        3. When your mum starts using words like ‘amazeballs’
        4. When the group chat gets intense
        5. Realising that your celebrity crush is married…… 😦
        6. Getting your tweet favourited by someone verified!
        7. Organised, colourful stationary
        8. TV shows being highest on your list of priorities when there is a pile of homework nearby….. 🙂
        9. Keeping random things…..
        10. Nice friends!
        11. That notification that means no more apps….. 😦
        12. Waking up on a Monday when you think it’s still weekend 😦
        13. When you and your best friends make codenames for people 😀
        14. Having a BUNCH of clothes but only ever wearing 3 outfits….
        15. Hand warmers in the winter ❤
        16. Eating loads and having an excuse at Christmas 🙂
        17. When a parent takes ‘your side’ rather than a sibling’s 😉
        18. Just random cute things…. I have a cat purse and it’s FREAKING ADORABLE!
        19. Cheap clothes from Primark…… 🙂
        20. Laughing with younger siblings at the naked statues 😀
        21. When Vaseline only makes your lips drier…
        22. Feeling BEAUTIFUL after shaving your legs 🙂
        23. Not shaving your legs but really can’t be bothered to….. 😦
        24. When Starbucks write your name on the cup thing!
        25. When your makeup is on point 🙂
        26. When your makeup HATES you…. 😦
        27. Eating ANYWHERE in public with braces……
        28. Expensive shop sales! 🙂
        29. Minions
        30. When you just finished watching 4 seasons of a TV show and you have to wait a whole week for a new episode and you have no idea what to do with your life…
        31. Being called every other name in the family before your grandma gets it right 😀
        32. When you are rubbish at selfies….:(
        33. New bed sheets 🙂
        34. Posters, posters, POSTERS
        35. Having the signature of a famous person 🙂
        36. When your phone has no front camera….. :/
        37. Other girls your age acting 5 years older than they really are….
        38. Late night conversations with your best friend
        39. Too much homework… 😦
        40. Too much noise…. 😦
        41. Still having that weird YouTube thing on your ancient iPod because you aren’t about to delete Temple Run and lose that high score that you’ll never beat, just for the new iOS
        42. Hot chocolate when it’s cold 🙂
        43. When you and your squad all have ‘other names’ that you use when you’re in public…
        44. No Wi-Fi……. (

        Basically, there’s LOT. Us teen girls have a BUSY life 🙂 . Anyway, thanks so much for reading. Let me know what you think of this list in the comments below or even some ideas that I missed! Thanks!

        BYE xx

        -Just Average Teen Me