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15 Lessons in 15 Years


March 9th has rolled around once again, and I’ve officially been fifteen since 6:29am this morning. 

Do I feel different, you might ask? Refreshed? Old? Suddenly enlightened with wisdom?

Hah, no. 

But I thought to commemorate the occasion, I would share a few of the things I have learned since being fired outta the womb. 🙂

1. Selective close friends is better than a bunch of distant friends

2. You’re beautiful, and nobody can ever take that away from you

3. Trusting people is great, but be careful who you share your secrets with

4. Don’t leave revision until the last few days when there’s so many exams (just recently learned that one)

5. Do something that scares you every now and then – you’ll be surprised where stepping out of your comfort zone gets you

6. Go outside. See the world. Even if it’s just a park a few minutes away from home. Our world is the only place we’ll have, so you might as well appreciate it

7. Do things because you enjoy them. Not because it’s what your friends have done, or because your parents say you should

8. Socialising is fun. You just need the right people

9.  But alone time is just as important. We need space to breathe, and get in touch with ourselves


11. Just take care of yourself in general. Drink water, get enough sleep, eat well and all that jazz

12. Ask people how they are, especially if they just asked you – manners are important!

13. Crush hard. When else will you get the chance?

14. Treat yourself every now and then. You deserve it!

15. Nobody will get through life without ever feeling lonely at some point. You’re not alone, and there’s always someone you can talk to ❤

And that’s some of the things I’ve learned in the decade and a half that I’ve been here! 😀


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Haunted by Old Expectations

Hey there…

I’ve had a pretty intense week, with a lot of drama within my friendship group, so I’m a little emotionally drained at the moment. That does mean that things are getting to me more easily, and I’m getting emotional over little things. One of those things happens to be my A-Levels.

I know, I’m in Year 10, not college, but this time next year I’ll need to know what I want to take for my A-Levels. That’s five subjects that I have to chose. At this point, I only know I want to do geography. 

It’s no secret in my actual life that the numbers I get on exams happen to be higher than average. However I haven’t really mentioned it on my blog before because it’s a stereotype I get labelled with a lot (the smart girl really isn’t the best way to be known) and I wanted to keep that separate from here. But yeah. I’m not Einstein or anything, and to be quite honest, I don’t think I’m as intelligent as people assume I am.

Anyways, for the last few years I was set on studying medicine and becoming a doctor. My mum had encouraged me for years to go to Oxford or Cambridge University, the top unis in the UK for those of you that don’t know, and I went along with it.

But earlier this year, I did a post about how I felt lost, and didn’t want to do any of that anymore. I still have zero clue what I want to be when I’m older, but the subject I enjoy the most in school is Geography. 

With new UK exam grades (1-9, 9 being the highest) it’s more difficult to get top grades, which will really separate the people who get full marks from the ones that previously scraped an A*. Some may say unfortunately, but I definitely will not be coming out on results day with a string of 9s. Probably a mixture of 8s and 7s, which frankly isn’t high enough for Oxford or Cambridge. So I decided to knock some sense into my head and realise that it was slightly unpractical to think about.

My parents aren’t all too happy. They seem to think that all of my A-Level choices will be academic, with the majority being maths and sciences. If you ask me, that sounds like hell. I’d much rather do philosophy and geography with a few others. 

I quote this, by the way. My parents said “you can’t do dumb subjects.” and that they don’t want me to “ruin my chances” 

Personally, I think that it’s more important for me to be doing subjects that I know I can do well, and that I’ll enjoy whilst doing well, but they don’t seem to care much about the enjoyment.

I know, I have a year and a bit to go, but I really don’t like the idea that my parents might be deciding my own future for me, and it’s making me feel pretty trapped.

Any thoughts?

See y’all around ❤


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Shocker, Awkwardsaurus is back. Anyways, I’m in an odd mood at the moment, and I thought I’d write down (type up) some of my thoughts just to get them out and see if anyone else is feeling similar.
It started because I said that not much of anything eventful has happened in the last while. It feels like the last few weeks have blurred together and I’m just floating around in the middle somewhere. Or like I’m stuck here being pushed along by time. And when I think back to what’s actually happened, it just seems like schoolwork and revision. 

That being said, there’s that one incident of seeing Flynn cheekily stick his tongue out at someone which may have left me literally speechless but that’s for another time. 😉

I feel like it’s starting to hit me that I’m getting to a point that really matters. I’m in Year 10, so I’m about half way through my GCSE courses. In October, I’m leaving the country without my family for a school trip. I’ll be in a foreign country, without my best friends and without my family. I have zero clue what I want to take at college, let alone what I want to do with my life.

It’s slowly getting closer to when I won’t see my friends every single day – I’ll have made new ones. And today’s crushes will be yesterday’s embarrassment. 

For one of the first times, I’m willing the time to go slower. So I can appreciate everything I have while I still have it, because in a year and a half, I’ll have left high school, and as far away as it seems, the last year and a half have gone insanely quickly. I guess you could say I’m scared that this year and a half will go just as fast.

It’s a pretty stark contrast to the me just over two years ago. I’d convinced myself that I could make it through another four years without friends, that I could hang out alone for the rest of my high school life. I was begging for time to go quicker so I could just get it over with.

I didn’t think I’d end up with the friends I have now. I’ve never told anyone as much about me as I have to Britt and Penny, whether they told the secrets or not. They’re my best friends, and it’s scary to think that one day they might just be a reminiscent memory of my teenage life.

So from now, I plan to focus more on the present, not worry about what will happen in the future, or dwell on what’s already happened in the past. 

If any of you have felt similar, it’d be great to hear in the comments ❤

See you next time


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Hey, I’m Awkwardsaurus

Okay yes I know I’ve been pretty damn absent lately BUT ASIDE FROM THAT. 


As you’ll probably already know, Donald Trump became the 45th President of The United States of America on January 20th. I still think it would’ve been absolutely spiffing for Obama to resign on the last day and give Biden a day of being the 45th President because how cool would that have been. No?? Anyway.

It’s no secret that Trump is quite the sexist, racist, homophobic, and all-round nasty guy. And that he’s said some pretty horrific things about certain races, religions and females in general.

Yesterday, millions of people around the world were united in a women’s march. I guess you could see it as a protest. There were so many people gathered: men, women, children, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, black, white – you name it. 

The empowerment I felt, as a young woman watching all of it happen (unfortunately I couldn’t actually get to one) from my bedroom through my phone screen was insane. Seeing my idols, both men and women, standing together and fighting for what’s right was incredible. Particularly Lauren Jauregui’s social media posts really brought me right to the centre of the whole march in Washington DC. 

The signs were incredible, one of my favourites being Melissa Benoist’s, saying “HEY DONALD, DON’T TRY TO GRAB MY PUSSY – IT’S MADE OF STEEL”

Some of you might know that she plays Supergirl in the TV show, so I thought that was pretty awesome! 😀

I am so proud to be a woman, especially after yesterday where we proved that we WILL NOT stand for inequality and sexism, and WE WILL fight back, peacefully.

Donald Trump has tried to separate us all, divide us into groups that he thinks are appropriate, but all he’s done is knit us even closer together, so thank you, Trump. 😉

It’s things like this that really boost my spirits, and give me hope for the future of humanity.

FEMINISM is important because women are still disrespected by people in power.

We still earn less money for doing the exact same job as a man.

We’re told that we’re asking for it when we wear clothes that show a little skin.

We’re sexualised at the drop of a hat.

We’re taught that female masturbation is gross, compared to how normal it is for males.

We’re told not to naturally feed our children in public, because some men are distracted.

Because women are assumed to be weak and gentle.

Because a woman is sent home from school and misses out on education to change her clothes so that a man can pay attention to his teacher.

Because a man with less than half the experience will get a position of power over a woman with so much purely because he’s a man.


For anyone reading this, whether you’re male or female, gay, straight or bisexual, black or white, we’re all here for you, and you CAN do whatever you set your heart to.



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I’m Just Average Teen Me. Last night, while I was lay in bed, I started thinking pretty deeply – as you do. Really, I don’t recommend it but it’s something that I slip into sometimes. Usually either in the shower, or in bed.

Normally there are things that will trigger thinking deeply, and last night, mine was that it had been two very quick weeks since my newfound crush of a certain celebrity (no I’m not naming him) began. It feels like hardly any time ago, but it also feels like I’ve been scrounging YouTube for way more than two weeks 😀

So then the idea of time came into my head, and I was thinking about how sometimes time seems to go on forever, and others it’s just like a click. Sometimes time seems to be against us. But my main thought was: we have time.

Time to explore the world

Time to explore who we are

Time to meet new people

Learn new things

Make new hobbies

Okay inspirational mode switched off now. Basically, we all have time left here, and it’s our job to make it the best time that we can have. Time can be a variety of different things. From “What time is the dentist appointment?” to “How much time do we have before school?”. But what really is it?

The Dictionary, I’m about to grab it, says: (hang on let me just find it in my desk

Time (noun) 1) all the years of past, present and future; the continuous existence of the universe.

There are a bunch more, but that’s the one I thought was most relevant to this post. In my head, that’s very confusing, and delving quite deep.

Clocks tell the time, too. But what difference does the time make? Who says you can’t eat pancakes at 2 am? And who says you can’t go to sleep at 3pm? Somebody made the rules that we sleep during the night and are awake during the day. But what if that person ended up deciding that we sleep during the day? We would all have school in the dark.

What we use our time as is up to us. Nobody else. Whether we use it to revise, and get good grades to get us top places in universities, or a good job. Whether we use it to spend time with our families and the people we love. Or whether we spend time to develop our hobbies and skills. Or maybe just submerging yourself completely into the realms of the internet, watching every video you can of a certain someone. Definitely not me. What about you?

Right now, I really should be revising; I have a maths, geography and English exam this coming week (just in-class ones), and this weekend is exactly when I should be revising. However I think I am slightly guilty of the last thing I mentioned in the last paragraph… I’ll make tomorrow more productive.

Do you ever get super reflective like this?

Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me