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Monthly Look-Ahead: MARCH 2017


It’s been way too long since I did a Look-Ahead post, and I really do love writing them, so since it’s the first day of March I thought I’d get back into it!

Wow that was a pretty long sentence.


There’s a good bit to look forward to this month, so let’s get right into it, shall we?

Lenten Cake Stall

As you may already know, today is the first day of Lent (the buildup to Easter). I go to a Catholic school, because my family are Catholic, so our school does a lot of fundraising for charities. One of those things happens to be a lot of cake stalls. Since Year 7 (first year of high school) I’ve been a faithful customer to the graphics teacher’s tuck shop. That makes this year the fourth year of buying dozens of blueberry muffins over Lent. I love blueberry muffins, so what’s not to be excited for?

My Birthday

Another year has rolled around, and my birthday is just over a week away. I’ll be 15 on March 9th, which is next Thursday. Thankfully, it’s the one day of the week that I don’t have English. Actually, I’d say it’s one of my favourite days, lesson-wise! And then a few days later it’s Ashley’s birthday!

Mock Exams

Sure I’m not too thrilled by the prospect of sitting in an exam hall for hours taking exams but it gets me out of some lessons, which could be a bonus? Plus, I guess you could say it’s my only time to have lessons with Flynn, since we’ll all be in the hall at the same time! 😉

Passport Arrivals

You might remember that I’m going to Italy in October as a Geography school trip to the Bay of Naples (Pompeii and all that jazz). After the third time of sending passport forms off, we finally got a text to say that it had been posted and was on the way back. The first time, they needed proof that my new photo was still me, and the second time, the signatures weren’t right. Quite the hassle, but now that we’re finally there I’m just quite excited to have a passport for the first time in 10 years.

The Space Between Us

On February 10th (not sure why I remembered the exact date, but it’d be nice if I could remember my French that well), The Space Between Us was released in the UK. It’s a romance film about a boy who moved to Earth from Mars to be with a girl. I’m a huge sucker for romance movies and I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten around to seeing it, but I plan on doing in the next month!

Fixed Heating?

Since Saturday, the boiler in my house has broken, so we have no radiator heat, no hot water, and I’m pretty dang cold. I’ve been sat under several blankets the majority of the time, since it’s currently the coldest it’s been in a few weeks here in the UK. Tomorrow, though, there’s someone coming to take a look at it to see if they can fix it. Fingers crossed!

That’s everything (I think?) for March 2017!



P.S. Let me know some of your favourite romance films!

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Monthly Look-Ahead: OCTOBER 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. You’ve probably already noticed, but just in case you haven’t – ItT’S OCTOBERRRRRRR! Also something you probably know, I quite dislike Summer, for various reasons. Now that it’s officially not Summer, I am incredibly excited for my favourite time of year to get into full blast!

A lot of this month’s exciting things will more than likely be seasonal based, but who doesn’t like a bit of autumnal excitement!?

Colder Weather

Being the not-so-summer person, I went through every hot day wishing that it was colder. As I write this, I’m wearing several layers (the outside layers are all black so I feel a bit like a ninja) to keep warm. The idea that warm weather is over is super exciting, especially because it means holiday season is just around the corner!

Darker Mornings and Evenings

Along with Autumn, comes darker skies. Aside from generally just looking nicer, and me preferring the dark anyway, it creates such a cosier atmosphere, where you can flick on some fairy lights – where they’ll actually make some form of difference – and snuggle up with a laptop. Without a doubt, a whole lot of my nights within the next few months will be like this!

Watching The OUAT Season 6 Plot Unfold

Just last Monday, I watched the very first episode of Season 6 of OUAT (Once Upon A Time). By now you’ll have noticed that it’s one of my all-time favourite TV shows, so there’s no denying that I was insanely excited for it! Not to mention impressed! It was so amazing, and exciting – everything that a first episode should be! I’m so incredibly excited to watch how the new stories play out!

Settling Into The School Year

With a month done with, it’s gotten to the point where we are almost completely used to being back at school. October is just the right time to make sure you remember your timetable, keep on top of the new levels of homework and the rest of that stuff.


Obviously, October means HALLOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! I never really do much for Halloween, or I haven’t done in the last few years, I still love at least having the pumpkins around; the smell is amazing, once they’ve got the candle inside them! ❤

Leaves Changing Colour

One of the prettiest things in Autumn, and mainly October is the changing leaves. There’s a huge tree I go by on my way home from school, and the last few years, it’s changed super gradually, so each day I’d see how yellow and orange it was.

That’s some of the stuff I’m excited about for October! What about you?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. My laptop is being a little laggy at the minute, so excuse the lack of thumbnail


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Monthly Look-Ahead – AUGUST 2016


I’m Just Average Teen Me. July has come to a close, which means we’re slowly getting closer to Christmas. Yep, this is how my brain works. Welcome to my innermost thoughts, where I constantly have Christmas songs playing and wish that I’m in the snow.


This month has actually been the polar opposite of Christmas, with the intense heat wave that we had in the UK. A literal billboard went up in flames. We aren’t prepared for this intensity. SEND HELP! 😀

I should really get on with this post now…

A Full Month Without School

At the moment, most (if not all) British schools are on their Summer break, including myself. I’ve been off for about two weeks already, and have about 5 weeks left. I’m back in on September 2nd, so I have all of August to do whatever I want, all day, everyday. Which, obviously, is awesome. XD

Finding Dory

I know that in other countries, Finding Dory is already out, and has been for quite a while, but it only just came out on 29th July in the UK. Being the huge Disney fan that I am, I’m super excited to find a time to see it, hopefully with Bob!


With school coming back in September, I need to buy a new concealer since my current one is almost gone. It’s likely that I won’t buy anything else, but I love how it feels in Superdrug, with all of the shades lined in order. I don’t know, it’s just really satisfying. In case you’re wondering, I’ll be getting another one of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealers. Maybe two so it lasts longer…

Stationery Shopping

After a year of school, most of my pens and pencils have disappeared into the land of people that ‘borrowed’ them and never returned them. Although this year, it was actually slightly more successful than previous years. Probably because I started off with a box of 50 pens… And then bought another little one with about 10 in May for exam season…. Anyways, I love going stationery shopping; it makes me really excited for the next school year!

Possibly getting my braces off??

I have an appointment with the orthodontist this month, and it should be my second to last one. Depending on how busy the schedule is, my braces could end up off in late August, or maybe even October. I’d love to get them off in the holidays so I don’t have to get used to it at school… Plus, everyone will notice and stuff will go craazy. I’ve had my brace on for almost three years, so people at school are just waiting and waiting for me to get them off. 😀

That’s everything I can think of for this month! What are you looking forward to in August?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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Monthly Look-Ahead: JULY


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Another month has whizzed by, and my brain has exploded with it. This year is going insanely quickly, and we’re already over half way through the year! HOW?! Anyways, obviously this calls for a Monthly Look-Ahead! Unlike other months, however, I already have a bunch of ideas, and I can tell this post is going to be quite long! Grab a snack, and enjoooooy! 😀


First and foremost, the one-year anniversary of my blog is in July, although it’s pretty much at the end… I haven’t yet planned how I’ll celebrate it, but maybe you have some ideas? I’ll save the cheesy writing for then, though, so you don’t have to deal with it in this post!

School Holidays

If you’re in America, then you’ll already be off school, right? Well, for us Brits, we have school right through to mid July. Usually it’s around the 17th that we end up leaving for the Summer holidays. Anyways, I can’t wait for that time to finally come, where I can sleep in every morning, and not have to worry about homework!

Getting Back Organised

As I mentioned in a previous post, A Fresh Start, I’ll be trying to get back on top of my blog, and making sure I A) get posts up on time and B) make sure that I read the posts in my reader. The Summer makes that a lot easier, because lately, school has definitely been getting in the way! I can’t wait! I was also thinking about starting a Summer series for my blog, but I’m not too sure yet. Let me know what you think!

Travel Day

At our school, we have an annual travel day, where every year group get on a coach (not all on one, obviously) and head out to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Being the rollercoaster fanatic that I am, this is one of my favourite days of the year, beside the awkward experience I had in year 7 when I had no friends… ANYWAYS, I’m super excited for that!

Lakota’s Birthday

If you don’t already know, I have a big sister – Lakota. Well, not really Lakota because that’s her codename on here… You get the idea. Anyway, It’ll be her 20th birthday next month, and a birthday is always something to look forward to, right? Although, fun fact: I don’t like my own birthday. It’s probably because I’m quite the introvert and don’t like all the attention being right on me… Hence why I prefer Christmas – or other peoples’ birthdays!

Very little (or no) Homework

The time of year has finally arrived, where teachers at last start to slack off a little, and let loose, rarely setting homework. Again, this means for more time doing whatever the hell I feel like doing, and getting more blog posts up and running! Actually, that time seems to have already started, because I’ve only had one or two homeworks to do over the last week…EXCITING!

Guitar Exam Results

As I write this post, I have yet to take this exam. However, I am currently on a break from practicing. Tomorrow will be my Grade 5 in guitar and yep, I’m starting to freak out  a little. By the time you’re reading this, I’ll have done the exam, and will probably be awaiting results, which is always the worst part! I’ll add in a little update on this post once I’ve done the exam.

UPDATE: I’ve done the exam. I guess it could have been worse… The pieces (songs) went  well, other than a slight muck-up at the very beginning of one of them. Scales were fine. Musical knowledge was alright-ish and Sight Reading was disastrous – but I already knew that would happen. I don’t think it will be quite top marks, or as good as my last, but I should have passed. I’ll let you know when I find out!

The Secret Life of Pets

So, the creators of Despicable Me have made another film, not related to the minions, as far as I know. Basically, it’s about what pets do when you aren’t at home. Since I’m both a Despicable Me and animal lover, it’s only logical for me to watch this film when I get the chance. I was thinking about maybe asking Bob if he’s up for an adventure to the cinema… We’ll see!

And there we have most of the things I’m hyped about for July! What are you looking forward to? Also, what are your thoughts on a Summer series?

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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Monthly Look Ahead: June


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Yes, I have made it back to my blog on time! What a shocker! Another shocker: We’re in June. June. It feels like a couple weeks ago that I was writing my February look ahead! Off the top of my head, I’m not completely sure what’ll end up in this post, but hey, let’s see!

Summery Food

If you knew me, you’d know that I don’t really like Summer, and that I much prefer the cold. I’m still in denial that it’s actually warming up, and am currently sitting here in my long sleeved Hogwarts shirt and full length skinny jeans. Clearly, I’m not one for Summery clothes. But I am definitely one for Summery FOOOOOOD! Over the school holidays (half term, which is 1 week for those of you in other countries), I’ve had several barbeques, and loved every single one of them! I’m a huge fan of burgers and have probably become slightly unhealthy due to eating so many 😉

Lighter Hair

No, I’m not dying my hair. The colour of my hair is kind of awkward to describe, but it’s somewhat blonde. In Summer, the sun enhances (I guess you could say) the blonde in it, and I just prefer it to what it normally is. It seems to suit me a little better too.

Getting my Braces Off!

After several reschedules, I am finally going to have my braces off! When the time comes, I might do a little post about it to let you know how it’s going! In one word, I would probably describe my emotions as ‘Terrified’ because I’ve had braces since about October of 2013. It’s almost been three whole years. For someone who isn’t a massive fan of change, it’s scary to think of not having these metal wires and brackets on my teeth. Of course, I’ll have a retainer during the night, too. If any of you guys have had any experience with braces, let me know in the comments! 😀

Guitar Exam

Something that a lot of you probably don’t know, is that I play guitar. I have lessons, and do exams. In the last week of June, I’ll have my Grade 5. For those of you who don’t understand music grading, I’ll give you a little explanation. Basically, you start on Grade 1, and work your way up to Grade 8. Each Grade typically takes around a year (give or take depending on how quick a learner you are, and how much you practice). During the exam, you play three music pieces and have to perform several scales (up and down the notes in rather pesky orders) and then a few other music knowledge stuff. I’ve been working on this one for just under a year, so it’ll be nice to get it over and done with (crossed fingers I keep up the standard of my Grade 4 results!)

Exploring the Realms of Tumblr

Recently, I installed the app for Tumblr. I’ve had an account for quite a while, actually, but never used it because I can’t be bothered signing in, and I didn’t really understand the computer layout. Both of those problems have been eliminated now, though, since I don’t have to sign in every time, and then because I do understand the phone layout. Unfortunately to some, I can’t give away my username, because that would kind of be leaking my identity, which kind of ruins the point of being anonymous.

That’s the main things I could think of! What are you excited for this June?

Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I am veryyyy happy with the thumbnail for this post ❤


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I’m Just Average Teen Me. After running a poll on twitter, the grand total of my votes flooded like waterfalls into my twitter account and decided that over half way into the month is not too late to write my monthly look-ahead. Just in case you were wondering, the extremely giant total was 2 votes if I’m not mistaken… I’ll check. Yup – 2 votes.

Better late than never? I feel like that should be my blog’s slogan or something 😀

Anyways, let’s get on with the post, shall we?


As a lot of you will know, I had a ‘practice GCSE exam’ week a couple weeks ago. Since then, I’ve only had Maths (or Math if you’re American) and English results back… I’m veeerry happy with those, and I can only hope that my other exams went just as well. Although, Spanish is probably going to be laughable. Let’s just say it did not go smoothly. Luckily, I haven’t chosen Spanish as a GCSE, though.

Once Upon a Time Season Finale

I will admit, this isn’t much of a look-ahead, because I did actually watch it earlier on today… Nevertheless, it was AMAZING AND I CAN’T DEAL WITH IT AT ALL. Frankly, I am not looking forward to the several month wait until September ish when season 6 starts…. :/

Finding some new bloggers!

Since I’m back from my little hiatus, I thought it would be a good idea to freshen up my reader, and follow a few new blogs. I have already started to do so, but I’d love it if you could leave a link to any of your blogs, or any other interesting blogs you might know of!

New Music

Along the lines of the last one, I’ve been on a few musical adventures with my Spotify. A new favourite of mine is Reggie and Bollie’s new single: New Girl. It’s sooooo catchy, and I’ve been singing it since last Friday. If you liked Cheerleader, by OMI, then you’ll probably like this because it has a similar summery vibe to it! Kind of gets me excited for summer!

Getting some use out of my sunglasses

As I mentioned in my last post, I bought some black jeans from Primark (which I am actually wearing right now). On my little shopping quest, I also picked up some sunglasses, because my eyes are hopeless in the light, and if I didn’t, I’d probably have terrible crow lines by 20 years old, which obviously, is not ideal. Hopefully, the sun will be out a little more, and I’ll be a bit less of a recluse and get out of the house and use them. In case you were wondering, they’re tinted brown/red, have nude frames and ‘handles’ and the metal is gold (obviously not real gold; this is Primark we’re talking about!). They were only £2 which is a baaarrgaaaain if I do say so myself! 🙂

Meeting up with Bob?

If you’re relatively new to my blog, you probably don’t know who Bob is. Basically, he’s my best friend, I’m convinced he’s my soul-brother, but we go to different schools so I don’t see him too much. It doesn’t help that we’re both really awkward and avoid outside, social situations, too. I’m not actually sure, but I’m guessing the school half-term is nearing? If our school holiday timetables line up, I’ll try and get a time where we can crash Costa for a bit. 😀

And that’s everything I can think of at the moment! What are you looking forward to this month?

Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I’m about to go write some Gothic Poetry for English which could either be amazing, or catastrophic

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Monthy Look-Ahead: April!


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Since today is the last day of March, it’s time for my monthly look-ahead! YAAAAY! Actually it’s the second to last day of March but this post goes up tomorrow. Check out me being organised with the blog! 😉

Although, now that I think about it April will definitely not be too eventful… We’ll see how that turns out! 😀

Buying Some New Jeans

So, recently, I’ve decided that I need some new jeans. At some point in the time off school that I have, I’ll probably head out to the town centre and into Primark for some new ones. But that does mean that some of my money is gone… *cries* I was thinking maybe some black ones? Since I haven’t ever owned black jeans, and I feel like all girls should do… If you’re into jeans. Plus that means I can finally wear my denim jacket! I’ve owned one for probably over a year and haven’t worn it because of the trauma of double denim… 😀

Finishing Easter Eggs

As I’m guessing you all know, it was Easter last Sunday, and I got four eggs. Two of which have been eaten. I love chocolate SO much so having loads is amazing and I love it very much. Although it does mean that in April I’ll have probably finished both those and my birthday chocolates… Unless I go on chocolate hiatus for a month! Which probably won’t happen! It’ll get eaten at some point anyway!

Clay Face Mask

I have a few face masks as of right now, and one of them is made of clay? You can feel how much harder it feels through the packaging, and I’m not sure how that’s going to work on my skin, but I must say, I’m very excited to try it out! Maybe at the weekend!

*1 hour later*

Okay so I just took a little break, had a shower and put on a facemask and I’m back now. And no, it isn’t the clay one; I thought I’d save that for April, so it can be in my monthly look ahead today. If you’re interested, this one is called the Passion Peel-Off and it smells amazing ❤

Penny’s Birthday

So, sometime in April is Penny’s birthday, kind of obvious, and as you may know, I really love other people’s birthdays, probably more so than my own because I don’t have to open presents and face the trauma of ‘Oh no what if I don’t like it’. But it does mean that I have to find a present, which I am useless at….

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate from Starbucks

If you know me, then you’ll know that I live for hazelnut chocolates. And I love Starbucks (not quite as much as Costa) and the hot chocolate from there. So, when I was away for a few days a few months ago, I was in a Starbucks, and noticed that they make Hazelnut Hot Chocolates. By that point, I had already paid for a plain one so I couldn’t change it, but hopefully I’ll get one next time! And I think we’ll be going soon! XD

That’s everything that I can think of from the top of my head. I know, not very eventful, but I guess we’ll see how it turns out? Here’s to April!

What are you looking forward to in April?

Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

P.S. I literally cannot move my face right now because the face mask has dried 😉


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Monthly Look Ahead – March!


I’m Just Average Teen Me. As a lot of you will know, today is the last day of the month (happy leap year!) which means I’ll be writing my monthly look ahead. My one for February was super boring, sorry about that, but I think this one will be much more eventful.

So let’s get on with it then!

That spot that I spoke about last time? Ha, yeahh it’s still there…

As I said in my last post, I had a spot (I’m sorry, it’s gross but I don’t know what to say) that I had co-existed with for over a week. Quoting myself, I said:


So, for the last week, if not more, I have been living with the most annoying spot on my face (I know, maybe a bit too much information but seriously). And it’s fairly big. I realised this morning, that it has finally started to go down, which means that in February, at some point, it won’t be there, and I won’t have to use a bucket of concealer to hide it. Or the redness at least.”

I had no clue, that a whole, entire, COMPLETE month later, that ‘freaking spot’ would still be on my face. As of right now, it’s just a pink circle. So I guess that look-ahead thing has rolled over to March.


Last time, I was excited about bagels, purely because my dad had just bought them from ASDA, but this time, my dad just announced he was making chocolate pancakes for tea. Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t the floppy, thin ones; they’re big fluffy American ones and they are HEAVEN! So there you have it, my food one. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another about food 😀 Who doesn’t love eating nice stuff, right?


So, on the 6th March, OUAT is back!!!!!! I literally can’t contain my excitement but I’m gonna have to because there’s still a week to go! I can watch it on the 7th, because I’m not in America and actually, as it’s on TV I’ll be sleeping. But I might wake up at 5 am to avoid spoilers… Hmmmm. Either way, it’s going to be amazing, I can’t wait. And yeah 😀

My Birthday

Haha, yeah, I’m an actual person, with a birthday, not this internet entity that floats around the blogsphere. It’s weird to think that we’re all real people. But anyways, I won’t give away the exact date of my birthday, because that would probably make it super easy to guess who I am, if you know me (not that it already is or anything). So I’m thinking my blog birthday can be 31st March, because then it’s happened already? What do you think?

Friends Birthday!

One of my friends also has a birthday coming up! Which is fun because me and my other friends can discuss birthday presents, who knows maybe she’ll have some form of party?


So, since my family is Catholic, we celebrate Easter, but I’m guessing other people do too? They have Easter Eggs right? But anyways, having all the Easter eggs is AMAZINGGGG! Who doesn’t love chocolate!!!? Plus, with my brace it takes forever for me to eat it all, so I can make everyone jealous with all the chocolate I have left. I know, I’m a terrible, evil person but it’s in a light-hearted way!


So, as much as I love the cold, wintery weather, it seems a bit pointless lately, because we haven’t even had snow. And it’s at this point that I just accept: We aren’t getting inches and inches of snow. At least not this winter. So, standing at the bus stop in the cold for however long the bus takes to arrive is not fun when I could be warmer. Spring will be a nice change! Plus there’s all of the daffodils on their way up!

School Holidays

Since Easter is coming around, we’ll be off for 2 weeks around the Sunday! As quick as this term has gone, I really can’t wait for another holiday! I’m getting tired! And I really miss not being able to sleep in every morning… I can’t even sleep in at the weekends, at least not for as long, because my brain decides to wake me up at 7 every morning now…

So there you have some of the things I’ll be looking forward to in March! There are probably more, but that’s all I can think of right now.

Thank you SO much for reading! Make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments!

BYE! 😀

Just Average Teen Me

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Monthly Look Ahead: January


I’m Just Average Teen Me. I’m a teeny bit late for this, because January has kind of already started, but I remember being really late for October, right? Anyways, let’s get on with it!

Computing School Trip

This is happening later in January I think? But anyways, it’s me and my friends getting out of a few lessons and going on a trip! YAY! So, I’m quite excited for that. The only thing is, hopefully I’ll be fine on the journey there with my travel sickness and all… I don’t actually throw up (sorry, a bit graphic there) just feel sick… But who want’s to feel sick? Not Me!

Decisions, Decisions

I’m not going to actually say what these decisions are, but I’m quite excited to make them!

Laying off the Chocolate

So, now that Christmas is kind of over *cries* – Actually, we still have the 12 days of Christmas that haven’t finished yet! What day are we on? Well, it’s been (intense counting going on here 😉 ) 9? Around the 9th Day of Christmas! But anyways, it means that I don’t have a bunch of chocolate (I still have some but it’ll be gone within a week) and so it’s probably a good thing that I’m not constantly eating chocolate anymore

New Year Resolutions

I’m quite excited to see if I can actually keep mine this year… I don’t actually remember having a real New Year Resolution before, yeah I’m a lazy person and I really cannot be bothered to keep anything like that but this year I’m trying! So, we’ll see how that goes! I’ll probably keep you updated on it

Blogging in 2016!

As for the whole year, I can’t wait to see where blogging in 2016 will take me! No, I don’t mean going on tours and publishing books 😀 I mean, meeting new bloggers, and making new posts, taking part in new features etc. It’s going to be amazing!

That’s all I can think of at the moment, so yeah, January probably isn’t going to be too eventful, but it should be good!

What are you excited for?

And what are your New Years Resolutions?

 Or why don’t you have any?

Thanks SO much for reading. Make sure to like and follow if you enjoy my blog and leave any thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.


Just Average Teen Me

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Monthly Look Ahead


I’m Just Average Teen Me. Today is August, and tomorrow is September so it’s time for my monthly look-ahead organised by Coolbeans4  🙂 Most of these things I’m looking forward to will be to do with school because of Back to School… So… Let’s start!

  • Using my new stationery

In my house we have a rule, that nobody uses any of the new stationery until we have gone back to school because we have some eager children who would probably wreck all of their stuff by the time they actually even need to use it… But I think that makes going back to school a bit better. Because nobody wants to get up at 6:45am instead of 9! So having new stuff to use is great! 🙂

  • New Toilets!

Ok… Our school has had the most disgusting toilets you could imagine… Most of them didn’t flush, some didn’t lock, some had no toilet seats, there were fizzy drink cans in the sink… etc… you get the point 😀 . So this year (during the holidays) the toilets are being knocked down, and rebuilt! I can’t wait! I usually don’t go to the toilet all day because I hate the toilets that much and have to leg it up the stairs when I get home so I don’t wet myself… But now they will be clean! And I won’t have to worry that the toilet won’t flush, or that someone will let go of the door they were supposed to be holding…

  • Darcy Oake Tour!

First of all, if you don’t know who Darcy Oake is, he’s a magician who was on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014. I think he came 2nd or something? Anyways, he’s going on tour and my mum bought tickets for her, me, and 2 of my sisters. I can’t wait! Hoping he doesn’t do anything like this though. I think I’d die from just being terrified…. 😀

  • New Timetable!

Every year, at school, we are given a new timetable (guessing that happens in all schools?) and new teachers. It’s quite exciting because we get given them on the first day back. Usually, me and my friends all compare timetables and see what lessons we’re in together or if we have good teachers. Most  of the time though, I’m in a few lessons without any of the squad.. 😦 Maths has always been one of them. I usually seem to be alone, in the top set. But that’s ok. I have some of my other friends in there 🙂

  • New Beginnings!

I know it’s really cheesy and stuff, but a new school year means new chances. Chances to change your attitude. Chances to make new friends. Chances to make sure you do your homework properly. This year, I’m going to try and talk to more people. I find that if a few of my friends are off school, or I can’t find them, I have nowhere to go… But if I try to talk to more people and make more friends, maybe I won’t have to worry about being alone. Plus it would probably help with confidence.

  • ONCE UPON A TIME SEASON 5!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

I will admit, out of all of these things, I’m definitely most excited for this! I won’t give any spoilers but what happened RIGHT at the end of season 4 was so huge! ARGH I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all for right now, but what are some of the things you look forward to in September? I’d love to hear them in the comments! 🙂

Oh and just a quick question… Do you think online quizzes work for anxiety? I took a few and some of them said I have some social anxiety… I thought I was just socially awkward… But that’s a possibility too.

Thank you for reading! I’ve probably missed out some stuff… Nevermind… 🙂 As usual, make sure to like and follow if you like my blog and  leave any comments or suggestions in the comments below!

BYE! 🙂

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